Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baja Sim San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) for FS2004 released

Baja Sim San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) for FS2004 was released at Baja Sim .

· Realistic buildings placement
· Extreme detail
· Advanced render techniques
· Texture & poly optimization
· High resolution textures
· Smooth taxiway lines every where
· Photoreal ground textures
· Main buildings 3D interiors
· The most amazing and realistic night textures
· Our design system gives high detail with low FPS impact
· Reworked Landclass
· Ultra realistic glass textures
· Breathtaking ground textures
· Custom vehicles, vegetation, signs, etc!
· Landmarks and hotel area modeled
· Reworked shore
· For FS9 (FSX version coming soon)
· The best scenery for a mexican airport available!!!

UK Photo Scenery for X-Plane 9

RC Simulations UK Photo Scenery for X-Plane 9 is now available for shipping from

"This new scenery is the best photographic scenery ever published for X-Plane 9 "
Covers the entire England and Wales
An amazing resolution of 1 meter / pixel
A total of 15 DVDs in 4 packages

Tecnam P92 by DMAX for X-Plane

Tecnam P92 by DMAX for X-Plane has been released at

"The P92 is an advanced microlight, two-seater side by side, single strut braced, high wing aircraft. The plane outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs, easy piloting and maintenance, make of this aircraft an excellent solution for the flying-schools and training activity and also for many other mission as touring, territory surveillance, patrol, etc."

The TECNAM P92 package includes three versions:
the new Eaglet version
the certified version JS
the float version SeaSky

Now with the "dummy" GPS-moving-map on all the three versions.

All planes include:
Virtual cockpits (3D)
Detailed interior and exterior
Lots of fun

Pacific Islands Simulation VFR Appalachia for FSX

Pacific Islands Simulation VFR Appalachia for FSX has been released. Pacific Islands Simulation .

"VFR Appalachia is first in our series of highly detailed east coast USA airports meant for pilots who prefer to fly the mid-Atlantic region. As the product title suggests, our aim was to recreate real-world airports in FSX for those who prefer low and slow short hops between airports. The eight airports in this series were developed from our on-site visits and birds-eye-view shots from our pilot - Jay, so what is rendered in FSX is what was captured realistically from real-world."

· 30/15cm photoreal ground poly/textures
· custom runway/apron ground poly.
· voluminous 3d grass
· multitude of custom 3d objects (eye candies) pertinent and regional to each airport. What you see in the sim is based on actual photographs from our on-site visits/photographs.
· landclass/waterclass seasonal textures with added/readjusted custom coloration typical of east coast region's 4 seasons
· night textures and lighting effects
· airport charts with facilities directory where applicable
· animation
· sounds/nature ambience
· and more...
All airports are compatible with following 3rd party addons (where applicable):
· FSGenesis USA/World 76m mesh
· LCSim's WV 4m mesh
· Any other 76m mesh freeware or payware
· MyTraffic X and default AI Traffic
· Tileproxy photoreal landclass

Akesoft Valencia X (LEVC) Freeware for FSX and FS2004

Akesoft Valencia X (LEVC) Freeware for FSX and FS2004 is available for download at Akesoft .

RealAir Beech Duke B60 Turbine announced

RealAir Beech Duke B60 Turbine Version has been announced, more information at RealAir Simulations .

Aerosoft GAP 1 - Stuttgart X has been released

Aerosoft German Airports 1 Stuttgart X for FSX & FS2004 has been released. Aerosoft Website

Detailed representation of the airport and close surroundings, incl. important objects
High resolution photorealistic ground textures, based on aerial images
Authentic 3D models of all airport buildings and facilities
Aicraft Parking and Information System (APIS)
Including all navaids (ILS,VOR/DME,NDB,ATIS)
Amazing night effects
Fully acurate runway and taxiway lights
Dynamic vehicles on the aprons and motorways by AESLite
Many scenery effects
Seasonal ground textures
FSX- and FS2004 version included
Complete manual (German, English) with additional information about the airport
Original airport charts

    Canadian Rockies for X-Plane by Tom Curtis Updated to V1.20

    Canadian Rockies for X-Plane by Tom Curtis has been updated to version 1.20.

    "From the farmlands and forests of eastern Alberta to the rugged snow capped peaks of British Columbia you’ll find a scenic paradise for all types of pilots. CANADIAN ROCKIES 66+ airports and seaplane bases are ready for your next X-Plane adventure, be it IFR or VFR. Take a tour of the entire front range of Alberta, enjoying over 700 miles of uninterrupted custom scenery from the United States border in the south to Fort Smith in the north. If bush flying is your thing, challenge yourself to some of the packages more demanding destinations, from high mountain lakes to glacier runways. Heavy metal pilots will find both Calgary and Edmonton International Airports faithfully reproduced, as well as numerous smaller regional hubs stretching all the way to the Yukon Territories. Military pilots can take part in Maple Flag, the multi-national war games hosted at CFB Cold Lake"

    66+ airports (many more to come as free updates)
    Includes Calgary and Edmonton International
    Includes lakes, Mountains and land
    Optimized for X-Plane 9 and 10
    700+ miles of uninterrupted custom scenery

    Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1101

    Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1101 is now available at Navigraph.

    iFly 737 Service Pack 1 Revision 3 has been released

    iFly 737 Service Pack 1 Revision 3 has been released. More information in the iFly Forums.

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    SimCheck Airbus A300 B4-200 Service Pack 2

    SimCheck Airbus A300 B4-200 Service Pack 2 is available. SimCheck Flight Simulation Software

    -Switched from FSUIPC to SimConnect, this will hopefully resolve some small issues
    -We added an extra lighting intensity to the VC, so now we will have dark - normal - storm. What used to be "normal" is now considered "storm"
    -Added a more elaborate algorythm for the brake cooling and reduced the warming sensitivity of the brakes. They will only warm up of the brake pressure is more than 50% of maximum pressure
    -Small fix to the INS code so it can read minimalistic flightplans in FSX format
    -Updated the "aircraft.cfg" with the correct fuel tank size, also update the Configurator so it also includes these numbers. Note that fuel tank size in FSX is based on gallons not lbs and in FSX fuel weight is relatively high so although the volume is correct the weight will be a bit too high.
    -Disabled F1-F4 when the autothrottle is armed and in SPD or N1 mode
    -Disabled mixture axis from joysticks
    -Changed the whoop whoop sound logic for the trims, they will only sound when flaps are 8° or more
    -Trims will work faster when the flaps are down, this closer reflects the real situation
    -We have created a small add-on program that allows users to assign keyboard shortcuts to each of the buttons and settings in the autopilot and autothrottle. This will allow to connect external hardware to the SimCheck A300 to control the autopilot
    -We have changed the way the autopilot heading mode interacts with the FSX engine. This new way of working allows external programs like vasFMC or the SimuFly INS to control the heading of the aircraft
    -We have completely rewritten the engine indications during engine start-up so that the indicators show the correct values based on real life start-up sequence and no longer the incorrect sequence that FSX uses in reality. The start-up sequence now takes approximately 1 minute per engine instead of the default 32 seconds in FSX. Note that the start-up itself is what it is so we have no control over that unfortunately
    -The settings panel now contains an option to select lbs versus kg on the displays in the aircraft (weight indicator and fuel gauges)
    -There where some issues with the livery installer, these have been resolved
    -We have added an MSU for each of the INS units, alignment of the INS will be necessary although we will have the option to get automatic alignment. The INS will drift slighly, but as we wil not have VOR updating the drift will be limited
    -"Airline options" where added to the Settings dialog, with 2 options available:
    -> The VSPD selector will follow the current vertical speed except when VSPD mode is active
    -> The autothrottle SPD mode will automatically engage when ALT ACQ turns green and when the autothrottle is armed
    -A repetitive warning sound was added when cabin altitude is too high or cabin pressure is too high
    -Low and all speed ailerons have been switched in the external model
    -Engine reverser animation is all or nothing instead of percentage reverser set
    -Left/Right mouse clicks are enabled in the VC for multi-position switches and rotary knobs
    -Avionics ventilation sound updated with newly recorded sound
    -Add right runway turnoff light to external model
    -Make the F/E panel completely 3D in the VC. Based on our test results we'll see if we implement this, if the effect on framerates is too big we will not include this
    -APU standby light goes on when APU is spooling down, flap light goes on while APU inlet flap is in transit
    -LLZ tracking is enhanced, even in heavy crosswind situations

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    VRS F/A-18E Superbug X Service Pack 1

    VRS F/A-18E Superbug X Service Pack 1 is available. Vertical Reality Simulations

    "VRS today released Service Pack 1 for their award-winning F/A-18E Super Hornet simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. SP1 contains over 200 changes, features and fixes spanning 10 incremental point releases over approximately 4 months. SP1 will be automatically delivered via the VRS Aircraft Manager for any version. Customers wishing to download the SP1 update manually, or to review the changelog, may do so via the VRS Support forums at"

    Note that all third-party liveries should be exported via the ACM and then deleted (also via the ACM) before performing this update. They may then be re-imported normally after the update is completed.

    Major Changes and Additions:

    Dozens of avionics changes based on recently obtained data and first-hand actual simulator time.
    Complete fuel system rewrite.
    Dedicated multiplayer model options (available via ACM preferences) which offer higher performance through LODs and now accurately reflect other player's loadouts.
    Improved master caution logic.
    Improved Autothrottle response and accuracy.
    Improved Autopilot function, particularly RALT and BALT.
    Rewritten radar backend will now display all simulated aircraft, including those in FSHost/SquawkBox/IVAO sessions and those created by FS Recorder.
    YCAS rewritten to deal with the uncorrected oscillatory nature of FSX wind gusts. The YCAS controller is more responsive and significantly stronger.
    Frame rate improvements in the external model (should help in SP when in an external view, and help greatly in MP).
    VC gauge resolution increased.
    Enhanced HUD appearance and more closely matched geometry.
    HUD masked to HUD frame for TrackIR users.
    Refined DDI appearance and higher resolution symbology, particularly in radar displays.
    Introducing RapidRaster (WIP). A new map rendering technique (ACM settable) which will eventually allow streaming sectionals and SRTM data

    ActiveSky 6.5 update available

    ASv6.5 B554 is now available. This update solves a problem with historical weather downloads when the date requested is in 2011. This is a recommended update for all ASv6.5 users. This update does not apply to ASX, ASA and/or ASE users. To download the free update, visit the Support and Downloads section.

    FSBuild version 2.4 Beta

    FSBuild version 2.4 adding support for Navigraph NavData, iFly 737, Google Maps and many other fixes is available in the FSBuild Support Forums.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    VRS TacPack announced

    VRS TacPack has been announced, more info at Vertical Reality Simulations .

    It's been quite a year for us here at VRS. After completing our FSX version of the Superbug, we spent many months working on service pack 1 and we'll be releasing it any day now. We want to thank everyone who participated in the open beta. Thanks to your efforts, we've got an extremely tight release with over 200 changes/additions and fixes.

    Before we started working on SP1 in earnest, we were tinkering away in the laboratory concocting something that's turned out to be nothing short of revolutionary for FSX. We've got a little way to go before release, but it's almost here and when it arrives it's going to rock your FSX experience in a way that's never been done before. We call it the TacPack, and it was conceived and developed by our resident evil scientist. The TacPack is a complete single and multi-player combat system for FSX, featuring true lethality in both air-to-air and air-to-ground roles. The TacPack will initially be deployed for the Superbug, followed by SDK and drop-in support for third-party aircraft in subsequent release phases.

    The TacPack will begin pre-ordering this month at a substantial discount for existing Superbug customers. Without further adieu, VRS and
    JaggyRoad films give you the debut video for VRS TacPack!

    A high resolution version of the TacPack video can be downloaded

    FlightBeam San Francisco Intl. Airport X Preview Screenshot

    FlightBeam San Francisco Intl. Airport X preview screenshots can be viewed in the FlightBeam Forums .

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    More X-Plane 10 Screenshots

    More X-Plane 10 screenshots have been released.

    An X-Plane 10 Neighborhood
    Here we have scenes from a suburban neighborhood in X-Plane 10. It features a variety of houses, trees, and cars, with the sort of sprawling, haphazard layout seen in suburbs across the US.
    The scenery here is still "in progress"--there are a few artifacts here and there, and it's a bit repetitive in places--but it does exemplify the kind of look we're going for in Version 10.
    These images were taken on a latest-generation iMac--a nice machine, but the specs on it are not spectacular for home use. Our (quite acheivable) goal is to have this level of detail (or near it) available on any moderately fast home computer. In practice, X-Plane 10 should be reasonably scalable, with nice graphics for high end machines and the ability to turn off resource-intense features on slower machines.