Saturday, December 3, 2011

X-Plane 10 - Tips for better frame rates Pt #1

Chris Serio has posted another article concerning frame rates in X-Plane 10 on the X-Plane Developer Blog.

British Aerospace Avro RJ70 Beta 3 for X-Plane Available

The Avroliner Project has released beta 3 of the British Aerospace Avro RJ70 for X-Plane. Details at the Website

FSBreak 102: Austin Meyer talks X-Plane 10

FSBreak episode 102: Austin Meyer talks X-Plane 10 is now available at the FSBreak Website.

LLH Créations Annecy Meythet Airport (LFLP) Released

LLH Créations has released the long awaited Annecy Meythet Airport (LFLP) for FSX. Details at the LLH Website.

Main features of the scene :
- Hyper detailed objects and building modelised in high definition 3d under Gmax.
- All the new buildings of the airport airport are represented.
- Textures completely reworked in high resolution from photographs..
- Optimized exploitation of the effects of textures permitted by the SDK of FSX.
- Summer and winter seasons.
- Night textures for terrain and buildings
- 100% Integrated with the “basepack Alpe du nord” of France VFR.
- 100% Integrated with the high resolution “Nextmesh”.

New LatinVFR Miami Intl. Airport (KMIA) Preview Screenshots

LatinVFR has posted new previews screenshots from Miami International Airport (KMIA) for FSX and FS2004.

IRIS Simulations F-15E Strike Eagle Preview Video

IRIS Simulations has posted another preview video from the upcoming F-15E Strike Eagle for FSX.

More Orbx FTX New Zealand South Preview Pictures

Orbx has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming FTX New Zealand South region for FSX.  PicSet 1 - PicSet 2

New Freeware Sceneries for New Zealand from FS-Creations

FS-Creations has released more freeware sceneries for New Zealand over the past few weeks. Download Here

de Havilland DH 106 Comet - X-Plane 10 Test Previews

DH-Aircraft has posted several test previews from the upcoming de Havilland DH 106 Comet in X-Plane 10.

New Devinci Design San Diego Intl. Airport (KSAN) Previews

Devinci Design has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming San Diego Intl. Airport (KSAN) for FSX.

PMDG Boeing 737NGX SP1b and SDK Status Update

Robert S. Randazzo from PMDG has posted status updates on the upcoming Boeing 737NGX SDK and Service Pack 1b.

New Carenado Piper P46T Malibu Preview Screenshots

Carenado has posted new preview screenshots from the soon to be released Piper P46T Malibu for FSX.

AivlaSoft Electronic Flight Bag - Christmas Discount

AivlaSoft Electronic is offering a 25% Christmas discount on Electronic Flight Bag. Valid until December 31st 2011.

Freeware Frankfurt am Main Airport (EDDF) V5.1 for FSX

Mark Aldridge has released version 5.1 of the freeware Frankfurt am Main Airport (EDDF) for FSX at AVSIM.

Freeware Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) for FSX

Tim Durham has released the freeware Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Leading Edge Simulations Douglas DC-3 Panel Texture Preview

Leading Edge Simulations has posted the first picture of panel textures from the upcoming Douglas DC-3 for X-Plane.

Freeware WhiteKnightOne for X-Plane

The freeware Scaled Composites Model 318 White Knight One for X-Plane is now available to download at

FS2Crew PMDG 737NGX Edition Contest

FS2Crew is offering a chance to win the upcoming PMDG 737NGX Edition of FS2Crew. Enter the contest here.

Nemeth Designs Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil Enters Beta

Nemeth Designs has announced the start of beta testing on the upcoming Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil for FSX.

Take On Helicopters - Playable Demo Available

Bohemia Interactive has released the playable demo of Take On Helicopters. Available at the TOH Website.

Eaglesoft Development Group - Christmas Discount

Eaglesoft Development Group is offering 10% off with use of the Christmas Discount Coupon. Expires Dec 31st 2011.

More Orbx Moorabbin Airport (YMMB) Preview Screenshots

Orbx has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Moorabbin Airport (YMMB) scenery for FSX.

New CLS Airbus A330 Update Previews

Commercial Level Simulations has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming Airbus A330 update and expansion.

The 12 Days of Sky Blue Radio

Sky Blue Radio has announced the "12 Days of Sky Blue Radio" giveaway contest, details at the SBR Website.

Aerosoft Christmas Special on Hardware

Aerosoft is offering a 20% discount on hardware from Saitek, GoFlight, CH and Thrustmaster. Valid until Dec 5th 2011.

Freeware Chișinău International Airport (LUKK) for FS2004

The freeware Chișinău International Airport (LUKK) for FS2004 is now available to download at AVSIMrus.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ramzzess Beriev Be-200 for X-Plane Released

Ramzzess has released the Beriev Be-200 for X-Plane. More information and purchase at the Store.

Awesome Virtual Cockpit and Detailed 3D Model
- Fully functional controls on the panel
- Highly detailed model throughout. Wingflex. All controls fully animated
- many Liveries in high resolution
Amphibious operations
- Can take-off and land on ground or water
- Can be used as a water bomber
- Water scoop and water dump
3D Custom Sounds
- 50 custom sounds
Custom Systems and Fly by wire systems
- Plugin driven system to emulate the real behavior of the aircraft
- Realistic failures and manual procedures
- Fully custom fly by wire system
System Requirements
- X-Plane 9 or 10. Windows - Mac and Linux Compatible
- Core-duo processor with 2Ghz or higher, 8800GT 512Mb Video Card or higher

Another Khamsin de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk Development Render

Khamsin Studio has posted another preview render from the de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk project for X-Plane.

New ERS "The Skyhawk Xperience" Preview Renders

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has posted new preview renders from "The Skyhawk Xperience" Cessna 172 Skyhawk for FSX.

Onet Valley - Surat Thani Airport (VTSB) Released

Onet Valley has released Surat Thani Airport (VTSB) for FS2004. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

- Scenery made with Gmax for better performance,
- Fully GMAX model detail texture and gound polygon
- Main terminal and concourses
- Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse.
- Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights
- Custom Gmax ground texture
- Extremely detailed taxiways and runways.

aeroflyFS Flight Simulator Announced

IKARUS has announced the aeroflyFS Flight Simulator. More information at the aeroflyFS Website.

- All Aircraft with very high detail and accurate flight dynamics

- Fly in realistic surroundings with up to 1m resolution.
- Wind, visibility, clouds and thermals freely configurable
- Control with joystick, gamepad, keyboard or mouse
- Extremely detailed recreated aircraft with RealSound technology
- Fully functional instruments in all cockpits
- Many special functions such as retractable gear, flaps and more
- Moving map in the cockpit and in separate window
- Autopilot
- Winch-start for Gliders
- Many detailed airports with hangars and buildings
- Very accurate flight physics
- Support for TrackIR

First McPhat Studios ATR 72-500 - X-Plane 10 Screenshot

McPhat Studios has posted the first screenshot of the ATR 72-500 in X-Plane 10. McPhat Studios on Google+

Microsoft Flight Beta Program Now Accepting Applications

The Microsoft Flight Team is looking for Beta Program Applicants, more information at the MS Flight Website.

Flight Unlimited for iOS Released

TAS Games has released Flight Unlimited for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Details at the iTunes Store.

- Pilot the beautiful Cesna 172 aircraft, complete with spectacular glass and metallic reflections.
- Discover an expansive city with detail never before seen in a Flight Simulator on any platform
- Explore an expansive lake and buzz the various boats in the water
- Fly from any camera angle you desire

FlightSim Developers (FSD) GLV2000 Announced

FlightSim Developers (FSD) has announced development of the GLV2000 avionics system for FSX and FS2004.

FS2004 Navaids Update 1112 for North America by Hervé Sors

Hervé Sors has added the North American Navaids Update 1112 for FS2004 on his website. Flight Simulator Navaids Page

Carenado Piper P46T Malibu Avionics Screenshots

Carenado has posted several new screenshots of the interior and the avionics from the Piper P46T Malibu for FSX.

Aerosoft German Airports 2 - 2012 Edition Released

Aerosoft has released the updated German Airports 2 - 2012 Edition for FSX and FS2004. Details at the Product Page.

Included airports are:
- Cologne/Bonn (EDDK)
- Hanover (EDDV)
- Dortmund (EDLW)
- Munster/Osnabruck (EDDG)
- Leipzig/Halle (EDDP)

NEW in version 2012:
- Every airport has 3d runway lights and 3d approach lights according to the current DFS charts.
We have also considered the varying distances of the centerline lights (as in EDDV North/South runway)
- Each airport now has animated windsocks
- AES-Lite comes with new vehicles which now have ground-shadow-textures
- Autogen for FS9 and FSX-Version has been optimized at every airport
- Compatibility optimization for AI-Traffic of WOAI. Shadows in FSX for WOAI models are now visible
- Cologne/Bonn (EDDK): New Germanwings apron, FedEx Cargo Area and Cologne Cargo Center with new buildings
- Hanover (EDDV) changes:
- The jetways have been updated; old red jetways have been replaced by new jetways
- The old tower has been painted with the currently visible “Germanwings” advert.
On the Terminal B between Gate 7/8 and 11/12 bus entrances have been added
- Cat I holding positions and runway 09C/27C holding positions are now equipped with “RWY guard lights”
according to the current DFS Charts Holding positions at the relevant taxiways have been updated with markings and TWY signs
- New Hangar 16 north of the car park. ACC-Columbia Jet-Services including an apron entrance
- Dortmund (EDLW), terminal expansion west

Aerosoft December 2011 Christmas Card Competition

Aerosoft is holding the annual December Christmas Card Competition, more information in the Aerosoft Forums.

Freeware Summer Replacement Textures for FSX

Aime Leclercq has released the freeware Summer replacement textures for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone for X-Plane Previews

First preview renders of the Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone variant from the Sikorsky S-92 project for X-Plane.

Default X-Plane 10 Boeing 747-400 for X-Plane 9

Matthew Huerta has back-ported the default Boeing 747-400 from X-Plane 10 for use in X-Plane 9. Download at

FSAddon Fieseler Fi 156 Storch and Ben Gurion X V2 at SimMarket

FSAddon Fieseler Fi 156 Storch and Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG) V2.0 for FSX are now also available at SimMarket.

PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X Status Update

The makers of TOPCAT have posted another status update from the upcoming PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X.

LatinVFR Miami Intl. Airport (KMIA) Release Imminent

LatinVFR has announced the imminent release of Miami International Airport (KMIA) for FSX and FS2004.

More Orbx Alice Springs Airport (YBAS) Preview Images

Orbx has posted more preview images from the upcoming Alice Springs Airport (YBAS) scenery for FSX.