Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nemeth Design/MilViz Boeing CH-47D Chinook - Version 1.01 Update

Nemeth Design and MilViz have updated the Boeing CH-47D Chinook for FSX to version 1.01.  Download Patch Here

- HSI instruments
- Barometric altimeters
- Radio altimeters
- Co-pilot airspeed indicator
- Master caution warning lights
- Engine starter switch
- Added wheel ground hit sound
- Added bottom position light
- Added formation lights
- Cabin door animations
- Pilot tachometer markings
- Trim gauges
- Clocks
- Fire warning annunciators
- Added versions with virtual cockpit models where the bumpmaps are removed

FranceVFR Aquitaine Photo HD Vol.1 - More Preview Screenshots

FranceVFR has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Aquitaine Photo HD Vol.1 scenery for FSX.

Freeware vLSO V0.6.3.7 Beta for FSX Acceleration Pack Available

The freeware vLSO (Virtual Landing Signal Officer) for FSX Acceleration Pack has been updated to version Beta.

- New version numbering scheme
- Some little improvements

AFS Design - Airbus Industrie Collection for FSX and FS2004

AFS Design has released the Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350 and A380 package for FSX and FS2004.

These models all have the following features:
- Detailed external and internal model including Virtual Cockpit with a friendly co - pilot
- Animations in the external model: flaps, slats, spoilers, three cabin doors and two hatches, animate gear
- Extensive lighting effects of windows and exterior lighting
- Exterior lighting: Beacon-, Strobes-, Nav-, Landing- and Taxi- Lights
- Virtual Cockpit: panel light, window reflections, highly detailed, including avionics for radio navigation
- Panel with FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ) and GPS ( Global Positioning System )
- Engine thrust reverser including animation and realistic flight dynamics
- All models with ATC-ID sign in the cockpit and exterior models.
- New textures (1024*1024 px) with specular shine, night lighting and Alpha technology
- Record sound of original Rolls Royce TREND 900 engines and
- gangway stairs and logolight in the new A320neo
All models have a fully functional cockpit:
- 2 Primär-Flight-Displays and 2 Multifunctionsdisplays
- 2 switchable EICAS Displays
- Center console with FMC, radio controls with transponders, trim wheel, throttle and engine control
- Upper panel with about 100 real deposited switches
- "Seatbelt" and "no-Smoking" sign with acoustic sound
- Autopilot features: ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV, SpeeD, Mach, Loc, Autothrottle/ Master, QNH
FMC ( Flight Management Computer ):
- New FMC for the Airbus A320 Family
- 15 differents menus
- Gauge of miscellaneous flightparameter
- Use of flightplan
- Calculation of courses analogical wind, highlevel and aerodrome of destination
- Follow of waypoints
- Coursegauge and autopilotcontrol

Alabeo Extra 300S for FSX - Now at SimMarket

The recently released Alabeo Extra 300S aerobatic monoplane for FSX is now also available to purchase at SimMarket.

- NEW Aerobatic smoke effect.
- NEW professional flight dynamics developed by BERNT STOLLE.
- NEW material shines and reflections.
- NEW custom environment sounds.
- High quality 3D model, textures and sounds.
- Blank texture for creating your own designs.
- Detailed aerobatics maneuvers PDF.
- Get FREE Liveries after you buy it!

Sim Skunk Works AV-8B Harrier II for FSX - Coming Soon

Sim Skunk Works has posted the features list from the soon to be released McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II for FSX.

OpenVFR - New Version of Italy and More

OpenVFR has reworked Italy, Sardina & Malta, Isla Madeira, Islas de Canarias, Isla Saint Pierre and Miquelon for FSX.

Outerra - 3D Grass Test Videos

The developer of the Outerra terrain engine has posted two new 3D Grass test videos in the Outerra Development Forum.

LatinVFR Sale - Up to 25% Discount

LatinVFR is now offering up to 25% discounts on select products for FSX and FS2004. Sale ends May 31st 2012.

FlightGear World Scenery V2.6.0 (SVN 19892) Available

FlightGear has has updated the world scenery database to version 19892. Details at the FlightGear Website.

Orbx Stewart Aerodrome (CZST) for FSX Released

Orbx has released the Stewart Aerodrome (CZST) scenery for the FTX Pacific Fjords region in FSX. Product Page

Scenery Features:
- Insane ground imagery at 2cm per pixel!
- Absolutely the finest textures seen in FSX!
- FSX 3DS poly runway, aprons and more
- The most scenic location in all Pacific Fjords
- Includes Orbx "Flow" technologies
- A large photoreal area including mountains
- Town of Stewart and other POI buildings
- TextureFlow optimised and excellent FPS
- Unique new sharp edged burnt shadows
- Unbelievable level of object detail!
- Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
- Made by Russell White, master modeler

FSDreamTeam (FSDT) Ground Services X - Version 1.5 Available

FSDreamTeam (FSDT) has released version 1.5 of Ground Services X for FSX. Available at the Product Page.

Blue Sky Scenery - Los Angeles - Part 3: Southwest Photo Scenery

Blue Sky Scenery has released the freeware Los Angeles - Part 3: Southwest photo scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Aerosoft US Cities X - Los Angeles - New Previews

LimeSim has posted new preview screenshots from the upcoming Aerosoft US Cities X - Los Angeles scenery for FSX.

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended - Virtual Cockpit Previews

Aerosoft has posted several new preview screenshots of the cockpit from the upcoming Airbus X Extended for FSX.

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended - Virtual Cockpit Wireframe

Aerosoft has posted two 3DStudioMax model screenshots of the cockpit from the upcoming Airbus X Extended for FSX.

Aerosoft - Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition - 50% Discount

Aerosoft is offering a 50% discount on Rise of Flight - Iron Cross Edition. Offer valid through Monday May 14th 2012.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FSBreak 112: Computer Pilot Magazine, and getting started in FSX

FSBreak Episode 112: Computer Pilot Magazine, and getting started in FSX is now available at the FSBreak Website.

Just Flight Hawker 800 and F-111 Aardvark for FSX Announced

Just Flight has announced development of the BAe Hawker Beechcraft 800XP and General Dynaics F-111 Aardvark for FSX.

Newport Scenery PhotoReal Key West for FSX Released

Newport Scenery has released the PhotoReal Key West scenery for FSX. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Scenery Features:
- Photo real high resolution 1M per pixel textures
- Photo real water textures of Key West's surrounding coastal beaches and water
- Day, Night, Dawn, and Dusk island textures
- This scenery is designed to blend with the default water where the scenery border ends, to ensure a smooth transition back to default water
- Autogen-free/great on framerates

Netherlands 2000 Scenery Version 4.03 Screenshots

The NL2000 Team has added more screenshots from the upcoming version 4.03 update to Netherlands 2000 for FSX.

Pacific Islands Simulation Marshall Islands - On Sale

The Pacific Islands Simulation Marshall Islands scenery for FSX is on sale until May 17th 2012 at the PC Aviator Store.

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 - More Previews from McPhat Studios

McPhat Studios has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Coolsky Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

MilViz Beechcraft B55 Baron - More Preview Pictures

MilViz has added more preview pictures from the soon to be released Beechcraft B55 Baron for FSX.

Lionheart Creations Pasped W-1 Skylark Version 1.2 Released

Lionheart Creations has updated the Pasped W-1 Skylark for FSX to version 1.2 with Prepad3D compatibility.

IRIS Simulations F-15E Strike Eagle - Update Available

IRIS Simulation Software has updated the McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle for FSX.  Product Page

- New more accurate flight model.
- Updated visual models with improved afterburner and wing vapour effects.
- Improved audio elements.
- A choice of single seat cockpit and full high fidelity dual seat cockpits

Dino Cattaneo Lockheed Martin F-35C - Preview Screenshots

Dino Cattaneo has posted more previews from the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II V2.0 project for FSX.

IKARUS aeroflyFS Flight Simulator - Turn Off the Light

Users in the aerofyFS forum have discovered config settings to change the daytime settings of the flight simulator.

Flight1 Cessna 177B Cardinal II - Version 1.1 Update

Flight1 has updated the Cessna C177B Cardinal II for FSX to version 1.1. Details and download at the Product Page.

- Night lighting cockpit refinements
- Updated yoke textures
- Turn coordinator has now been fixed
- Various click spots refinements
- More realistic propeller shutdown animation

FSDG Sharm el-Sheikh 2012 (HESH) - Another Render

FlightSim Development Group has posted another preview render from Sharm el-Sheikh Intl. Airport 2012 (HESH).

Ground Environment X Europe V2.3 - More Screenshots

More preview screenshots have been posted from the upcoming version 2.3 update to Ground Environment X (GEX) Europe.

Carenado Cessna CT182T Skylane - More Fresnel Shader Previews

Carenado has posted more fresnel shader previews from the upcoming Cessna CT182T Skylane G1000 for FSX.

The AVSIM 2012 Demographic Survey

AVSIM has opened the 2012 Demographic Survey to measure the various facets of community members.

Alabeo Cessna 188 Crop Duster Announced

Alabeo has announced development of the Cessna 188 Crop Duster for FSX. Details and Previews Here

ASNews Interview with Espen Øijordsbakken from Coolsky - Part 1

ASNews has published the first part of their exclusive interview with Espen Øijordsbakken from Coolsky.

Aerosoft Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) for X-Plane 10 - More Previews

Aerosoft has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) scenery for X-Plane 10.

Flightsim Commander Version 9.2 Available

Flightsim Commander has been updated to version 9.2. Details and download at the Aerosoft Website.

New DataBase Manager 9.2
Now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
Creating additional waypoints based on existing airport
NEW Flight plan creation using airports as a User Waypoint
NEW Designation (name)of virtual waypoints change
NEW Flight plans can now be saved for the addon aircraft "Quality Wings"
NEW The change of color, for the design of the text in the GPS Window is possible

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

JCS Aircraft Northrop T-38 Talon for X-Plane 10 Released

JCS Aircraft has released the Northrop T-38 Talon Version 10 for X-Plane 10. Available at the Store.

Beautiful 3D Model
- Ultra detailed landing gear
- Ultra detailed canopy
- Accurate canopy animation
- Detailed throughout
Virtual Cockpit
- Features pilot and co-pilot panels
5 Paint Schemes
- High resolution paints
- includes Thunderbirds (by ddenn) and Nasa
Great flight model

- Fun to fly at low or supersonic speeds

FranceVFR Aquitaine Photo HD Vol.1 - First Preview Screenshots

FranceVFR has posted the first preview screenshots from the upcoming Aquitaine Photo HD Vol.1 scenery for FSX.

FranceVFR Alsace VFR - First Preview Screenshots

FranceVFR has posted the first preview screenshots from the upcoming Alsace VFR photo scenery for FSX.

Freeware McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Package V2 for FSX

Alejandro Rojas Lucena has released version 2 of the freeware McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Package for FSX. Simviation

Freeware Dragoneye Hong Kong Photo Scenery Announced

Jacky Wan and Alton Yeung have announced the freeware Dragoneye Hong Kong photo scenery for FSX.

Angle of Attack Secret Project Revealed - JetSet?

Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack has revealed JetSet. No further details or information is available at this time.

Samdim Freeware Antonov An-24/26/30 Version 3 for FS2004

Samdim has released version 3 of the freeware Antonov An-24/26/30 for FS2004. Available to download at AVSIMrus.