Saturday, March 31, 2012

Leading Edge Simulations Douglas DC-3 - Buffalo Previews

Leading Edge Simulations has posted more official in-sim previews from the upcoming Douglas DC-3 for X-Plane 10.

FS2Crew for the PMDG Boeing 737NGX Service Pack 1 Available

FS2Crew has released service pack 1 to the PMDG Boeing 737NGX Edition for FSX. Available at the FS2Crew Online Store.

FSPilot Magazine - Issue 2 Now Available

FSPilot Magazine has released issue number 2, available to download for subscribers at the FSPilot Website.

SKY DANCER - McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

Pacific Islands Simulation - Nauru Intl. Airport (ANYN) - New Previews

Pacific Islands Simulation has posted new previews from the upcoming Nauru International Airport (ANYN) for FSX.

QualityWings Ultimate 146 Collection Pricing Announced

QualityWings has announced USD 47.99 pricing of the upcoming Ultimate 146 Collection for FSX and FS2004.

First stage Avro RJ70, RJ85 and RJ100 for FS9 only:
- three exterior models (RJ70, RJ85, RJ100)
- a full 2D Panel (widescreen and normal aspect ratio)
- Autopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Level Change and Autoland
- FMC, capable of SIDS, STARS, Altitude Restrictions, Holdings, Fixes, etc.
- fully simulated Electric, Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
- Virtual Cockpit with parallel functionality as the 2D and advanced multi-stage night lighting
- full ALF507 soundset
- full flightdynamics suite for each variant
- QualityWings Dispatcher to manage your repaints and aircraft load
- large selection of high quality repaints
Second stage as a FREE update:
- FSX Product compatibility
- native FSX models including QWHDT High Resolution Textures (utilizing FSX’s advanced materials such as Spec- and Bump-Maps)
- updated Virtual Cockpit with High Resolution Textures
- high quality repaints in standard definition and QWHDT (not ALL repaints might get available in QWHDT, but the popular ones will for sure)
Third stage FREE update:
- BAe146-100 and -200 aircraft models with full analogue flightdeck
- BAe146-300 aircraft model with an early EFIS style flightdeck

Nemeth Designs Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 Beta Screenshots

Nemeth Designs has posted the first beta screenshots from the upcoming Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 for FSX.

Interview with Austin Meyer at Aerosoft Dev Meeting - Part Two

LHSimulations 04-12 Library Base Pack Update Available

LHSimulations has updated the Library Base Pack for FSX and FS2004 to cycle 04-12. Available to download here.

GEFS Online (GE Flight Simulator) Version 0.8 Released

GEFS Online (formerly Google Earth Flight Simulator) has been updated to version 0.8. GEFS Online Webite

New Features:
- Dynamic suspension on all aircraft
- Runway lighting at night
- Concorde, Cessna 152 and Zlin 50
- Aircraft lights
- An aircraft carrier you can take-off from and land onto.
- Reworked flight models - prop wash
- Reworked multiplayer
- Mach indicator
- Flight Path utility in map (thanks to Gustav)
- Gear, flaps, brakes and spoiler indicators
- Smoke effects on touch down
- Multimonitor support (experimental)
- Performance and stability improvements (hopefully)
- Many other little things you probably will not notice but I worked very hard on ;)

Last Ever Orbx Sale - 44% Discount During the Month of April

Orbx is holding their last ever sales event with 44% off on all download products (except 2W3 Swanson) during April 2012.

Orbx Free SBSLs and Migrator Tool for Prepar3D

Orbx is now offering free SBSLs (Side by Side Licenses) and Migrator Tool for Prepar3D. Read Announcement

FSDG Djerba X (DTTJ) Version 1.1 Update Available

FlightSim Development Group has updated Djerba X (DTTJ) for FSX and FS2004 to V1.1.  Aerosoft Shop - SimMarket

Carenado King Air C90 - Final Interior Previews

Carenado has posted final interior previews from the soon to be released Beechcraft King Air C90 for FSX.

CaptainSim Boeing 737-200 Version 0.7 Available

CaptainSim has updated the Boeing 737-200 for FSX to beta version 0.7. More information and Changelog

FlightPort Freeware Bad Dürkheim X (EDRF) V1.1 for X-Plane

The freeware FlightPort Bad Dürkheim X (EDRF) scenery V1.1 is now also available for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10.

Freeware Real New Zealand Wellington City and Airport for FS2004

The Godzone Virtual Flight Real New Zealand Wellington City and Airport for FS2004 is now available as freeware.

Freeware St-Valery Vittefleur Aerodrome (LFOS) for X-Plane

The freeware St-Valery Vittefleur Aerodrome (LFOS) for X-Plane is now available to download at the XPFR Website.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mil Helicopters Mi-2 for X-Plane - Autorotation Video

Pavel Pranov has posted this autorotation video from the upcoming Mil Helicopters Mi-2 for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10.

Classic Jet Simulations CF-104 V2.1 for X-Plane 10 Available

Classic Jet Simulations has updated the Lockheed/Canadair CF-104 to version 2.1 for X-Plane 10. Details Here

XPFR Freeware Xtreme Air Sbach 300 for X-Plane

XPFR has released the freeware Xtreme Air Sbach 300 aerobatic aircraft for X-Plane. Available at the XPFR Website.

Virtavia North American F-86 Sabre 50% Discount

The Virtavia North American F-86 Sabre for FSX and FS2004 is now 50% off at PC Aviator. Valid until April 6th 2012.

Twentynine Palms Scenery Design - Updated Roadmap

Twentynine Palms Scenery Design has updated the roadmap of upcoming scenery projects for FSX and FS2004.

TAG Myrtle Beach Intl. Airport (KMYR) - More Previews

The Airport Guys have added more previews from the upcoming Myrtle Beach International Airport (KMYR) for FSX.

Synchro-Soft Mooney M20 Soundset for FSX Released

Synchro-Soft has released the Mooney M20 Lycoming IO-360-A Soundset for FSX. Available at SimMarket.

Ant's Airplanes Freeware Swamp Wallaby - Beta Version Available

Ant's Airplanes has released beta version 0.50 of the upcoming freeware Swamp Wallaby for FSX.  Download Here

LatinVFR Simón Bolívar Intl. Airport (SVMI) for FSX Released

LatinVFR has released Caracas Simón Bolívar International Airport (SVMI) for FSX (FS2004 version in the following weeks).

Scenery Features:
- SVMI (CCS) airport completely modeled with significant attention to detail.
- Sloped runways, aprons and taxiways.
- numerous high detailed Static aircraft (installed with user preference)
- Surroundings extremely detailed.
- More than 420 sq Kilometers of photo scenery with thousands of hand placed autogen.
- Mesh for the entire area of Maiquetia
- High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
- Revised land classes for surrounding photo scenery.
- Fully AI traffic compatible.
- Excellent night effects.
- Excellent frame rates.
- Inclusion of manual in PDF format and charts.
- Birds (FSX)
- Native vehicle animations FSX.
- Planned FS2004 version free for those who purchase the initial release.

Khamsin North American B-25 Mitchell - New Render

Khamsin Studio has posted another preview render from the upcoming North American B-25 Mitchell for X-Plane.

Orbx Monroe Firstair Field (W16) - A Moody Day

Orbx has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming Monroe Firstair Field (W16) scenery in the PNW region.

SM1 Airpark Project for FSX - Terminal Previews

GrandSurf has posted previews of the terminal from the fictional SM1 Airpark near Brownsville Oregon for FSX.

Blue Sky Scenery - Palmdale (KPMD), Lake Rosamond

Blue Sky Scenery has released the freeware Palmdale (KPMD), Lake Rosamond photo scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Freeware Lübeck Blankensee Airport (EDHL) for X-Plane

The freeware Lübeck Blankensee Airport (EDHL) scenery for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10 is now available at

STMA Rockwell OV-10 Bronco for X-Plane Released

Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) has released the North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10.

3 distinctly different versions of the OV-10 Bronco
- USAF in United States Air Forces Europe livery
- CALFIRE Current California Forestry Division
- US Marines in Desert Storm livery
Advanced Flight Model
- Enhanced accuracy of flight operations
- Over 100 hours of flight test by Command Pilot/CFII/MEI/ATP builder
- Fighter pilot designed, built, tested, and documented
- Rear cockpit instrumentation for instructor back seat landing practice
- Both version for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10 included
Beautiful 3D Model
- Fully modeled 3D aircraft and high-visibility cockpit. Animated pilots in both crew positions
- Expandable situation awareness panels for GPS/FMS and moving map
- Expandable access panels to make switch changes and data entry easier
- Mouse friendly enlarged hotspots for easy switch activation
- Frame rate friendly plugin to drive the unique Bronco operations
Weapon systems
- Accurately modeled weapons used by the actual aircraft
- 7.62 NATO Sponson Guns (USAF)
- 20mm Mark 4 Gun (USMC)
- 2.75” Forward Firing Aircraft Rockets (FFAR)
- Mk-82 500lb General Purpose Bombs (USAF and USMC)
- Improved AIM-9M Sidewinder
- Fully functional adjustable weapons delivery sight in combining glass - accurate weapons control panels
- Weapons functions created and tested by USAF weapons expert

Thai Creation Paro Intl. Airport (VQPR) - First FSX DEV Pictures

Thai Creation has posted the first development pictures from the upcoming FSX version of Paro Intl. Airport (VQPR).

Aérodrome de Bordeaux Saucats-Léognan (LFCS) for FSX

GSnext has released Aérodrome de Bordeaux Saucats-Léognan (LFCS) for FSX. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

Scenery Features: 
- Photorealistic ground, snapped in 25cm by pixel!
- Photorealistic aprons, taxiway and runways, to match as close as possible the reality,
- Realistic aircrafts (DR400 120&180Hp, D120, ASH25, C34C Alliance, C101 Pégase) with real codes and colour schemes,
- Photorealistic hangars, restaurant and facilities
- Photorealistic fences, to match the real airfield as close as possible
- Realistic gates, accurately placed on photorealistic apron markings
- Custom and accurate taxi-signs
- Accurate placards, accurate items all over the scenery,
- Accurate car placement

FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and Some News...

FSBreak Episode 109: Super Review Episode, and Some News... is now available at the FSBreak Website.

QualityWings BAe146/Avro RJ - New Beta Testing Video

QualityWings has posted this beta testing video from the upcoming BAe146/Avro RJ for FSX and FS2004.

MilViz Boeing 737-200 - New Virtual Cockpit Images

MilViz has added new virtual cockpit previews from the upcoming Boeing 737-200 for FSX to the Facebook album.

LatinVFR Simón Bolívar Intl. Airport (SVMI) - Development Preview 2

LatinVFR has posted more development previews from Caracas Simón Bolívar Intl. Airport (SVMI) for FSX and FS2004.

Orbx Swanson Airport (2W3) for FSX Released

Orbx has released Swanson Airport (2W3) for the FTX North America PNW region. Details at the Product Page.

Scenery Features:
- Ground imagery at 60cm and 15cm per pixel
- Fully custom modeled airport and houses
- FSX gmax poly runway, aprons and lights
- Large photoreal coverage incl. Lake Ohop
- Custom modeled static aircraft
- Based on actual photos taken on-site
- Entire town of Eatonville is modeled
- NEW! SnowFlow tech on buildings in winter
- Includes custom GA AI Traffic movements
- Includes amazing new PeopleFlow 2!
- Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery

Baja Sim - ATC4Real - KSEA Video

Carenado King Air C90 - Final Preview Screenshots

Carenado has posted final preview screenshots from the soon to be released Beechcraft King Air C90 for FSX.