Saturday, June 23, 2012

IXEG Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane - Development Update

Jan from the International X-Plane Engineering Group has posted another development update from the 737-300 for X-Plane.

Flight Replicas Messerschmitt Bf-109K - Details and Previews

Flight Replicas has posted more details and preview screenshots from the upcoming Messerschmitt Bf-109K for FSX.

Terra Brasilis - Rio de Janeiro 2012 - More Preview Screenshots

Paulo Ricardo has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Rio de Janeiro 2012 photo scenery for FSX.

FlightZone 02 Portland Intl. Airport (KPDX) - FSX Convertion Pictures

The FlightZone 02 Portland Intl. Airport (KPDX) scenery is being converted for use in FSX. Details and Pictures.

Taburet - Dresden Photorealistic for X-Plane 10 Released

Taburet has released the Dresden Photorealistic scenery for X-Plane 10. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

SunSkyJet Philadelphia (KPHL) for FSX - More Previews

SunSkyJet has posted more previews from the soon to be released Philadelphia Intl. Airport (KPHL) scenery for FSX.

Marcel Felde - Pilatus PC-6 Porter - Another Teaser

Marcel Felde has posted another teaser screenshot from the Pilatus PC-6 Porter currently under development for FSX.

Freeware Boryspil International Airport (UKBB) for FSX and FS2004

InterSkyStudio has released the freeware Kiev Boryspil International Airport (UKBB) scenery for FSX and FS2004.
AVSIMrus FSX Version Mirror

LatinVFR Cozumel International Airport (MMCZ) - FSX Preview 2

LatinVFR has posted more FSX preview screenshots from the upcoming Cozumel International Airport (MMCZ) scenery.

FSDreamTeam (FSDT) - 30% Discount Coupon

FSDreamTeam is offering 30% discounts on all sceneries for current Ground Services X customers. Until July 4th 2012.

Flight! Magazine - Issue 06 2012 - Now Available

Flight! Magazine - Issue 06 2012 (german language only) is now available at the Flight! Magazine Website and SimMarket.

Drzewiecki Design - Warsaw City 2012 - Seasons and Night

Drzewiecki Design has posted more development screenshots from the Warsaw City 2012 scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Classics Hangar - Eurocup-Special - 40% Discounts

Classics Hangar is holding a Eurocup-Special sales event with 10% off for every win by the German Team. Details Here

Carenado Cessna C208B Grand Caravan for X-Plane - New Previews

Carenado has posted more previews screenshots from the upcoming Cessna C208B Grand Caravan for X-Plane.

CaptainSim Boeing 777-200 Base Pack V0.4 Beta Available

CaptainSim has updated the experimental Boeing 777-200 Base Pack for FSX to version 0.4 beta. Details Here

- 2D Display Select Panel added
- 2D CDU panel added
- Spoiler sections #3 animation fix
- Center VHF panel fix
- MCP knobs and switches shape improved
- EFIS knobs and switches shape improved
- A/P improved
- FLAP OVRD, GEAR OVRD, TERR OVRD switches covers transparency fix

Blue Sky Scenery Freeware Baker (0O2) Photo Scenery

Blue Sky Scenery has released the freeware Baker (0O2) photo scenery for FSX and FS2004. Download Here

Freeware Polk City (FA08) Fantasy of Flight Airport for FSX

Vassilios Dimoulas has released the freeware Polk City (FA08) Fantasy of Flight Airport for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Freeware PhotoReal Oakland Intl. Airport (KOAK) for FSX

Glenn Johnson has released the freeware Oakland International Airport (KOAK) scenery for FSX. AVSIM -

Aviation Multimedia Studios - Cancun 2012 (MMUN) - FSX Previews

Aviation Multimedia Studios (AVS) has posted details and screenshots from the upcoming Cancun 2012 (MMUN) for FSX.

Aerosoft Midsummer Sale

Aerosoft is offering 20% discounts on select sceneries during the Midsummer Sale. Valid through June 25th 2012.

FS Recorder 2.18 Alpha for FSX and FS2004 Available

FS Recorder 2.18 alpha for FSX and FS2004 is now available for download in the FS Recorder Forums.

Changes Since v2.17 Alpha:
- Recording of FS Recorder cameras
- Custom data recording (FSX variables and LVars, see below)
- Recording of engine parameters, fuel levels and payloads
- Saving of .frc file after recording a long flight with short recording interval and/or lots of AI traffic should be faster now, progress is shown
- Added keyboard shortcuts for FS Recorder cameras
- Added reverse mouse panning options to camera settings
- Added LVars for recording, playback and rendering state (see below)
- Split "Extended Data" option into Control Surfaces, Flap Positions and Gear Position

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Microsoft Flight - Title Update Now Available

The Microsoft Flight Team has released another update to Microsoft Flight. Changelog is available in this previous post.

XPFR Freeware Robin DR.221 Dauphin for X-Plane 10

The freeware Robin DR.221 Dauphin for X-Plane 10 is now available to download at the XPFR Website.

XPFR Freeware L'Aigle St-Michel Airport (LFOL) for X-Plane 9 & 10

The freeware L'Aigle St-Michel Airport (LFOL) scenery for X-Plane 9 & 10 is now available to download at XPFR.

STMA TrackerXP Version 1.17 Available

Shade Tree Micro Aviation has released version 1.17 of the Tracker XP headtracking software for X-Plane 9 & 10.

- TrackerXP will automatically detect the CameraID for Windows in most cases.
- A new view with realistic "out the window" parallax effects. Great for small GA aircraft and heli's.
- Arrow keys move POV in all TrackerXP views.
- Assigned 'w' key to reset POV to startup position.
- Custom commands to access all X-Plane V9 and V10 view functions.
- Turn the Zoom OFF, if desired, from the TXP Preferences Menu.
- Run TrackerXP "wide open" with a Null Zone of 0.
- Many performance enhancements.

Freeware Copalis State Airport (S16) Scenery for Orbx PNW

Freeware Copalis State Airport (S16) scenery for Orbx FTX North America PNW or PNW Demo at Simviation.

Synchro-Soft Vintage Cessna C172 Soundset V2 for FSX Released

Synchro-Soft has released the Vintage Cessna C172 Soundset Version 2 for FSX. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

Taxi2Gate Toncontín Intl. Airport (MHTG) for FS2004 Released

Taxi2Gate Toncontín International Airport (MHTG) is now also available for FS2004. Details and purchase at SimMarket.

Scenery Features:
- Custom Ground Textures
- Custom Photo Scenery (All Tegucigalpa city included)
- Custom mesh
- Hand placed Autogen
- Basilica de Suyapa
- Cristo del Picacho
- Monumento a la Paz
- Carefully detailed 3d objects
- Full detail Buildings
- Realistic Ground Markings
- Numerous static objects
- Fencing
- Realistic ground textures
- Night ilumination
- Volumetric Grass
- FPS friendly
- Charts included

France Touristique Scenery - Mayotte Airport (FMCZ) for FSX

France Touristique Scenery has released the Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport (FMCZ) scenery for FSX.

- More than 90 3D objects, modelizing in detail the infrastructures and other purposes of the aeronautical - environment of the grounds concerned.
- Night textures and light effects.
- Full DX 10.
- Many starting situations.
- Virtual traffic general aviation.
- AI traffic compatible with the paying and free products such as WOAI.
- Maps of the SIA: VAC - IAC - ARRDEP - ENROUTE.

X-Plane 10 Ultra High Quality Scenery Video

Pacific Islands Simulation - Xiamen Intl. Airport (ZSAM) - Promo Video

Pacific Islands Simulation has posted this promotional video of Xiamen International Airport (ZSAM) for FSX.

PC Pilot - Issue 80 - July/August 2012 Available

PC Pilot - Issue 80 - July/August 2012 is now available to purchase at the PC Pilot Website.

Outerra - Head Inertial Movement Simulation and Progress Update

Outerra has posted a progress update from the Outerra Terrain Engine currently under development.

New Features:
- Physically based lighting model (realistic speculars, simpler material definition)
- Normal mapping
- Sky color reflections (this will be replaced by real-time generated environment map)
- New cessna interior
- Fixed camera vs terrain collisions
- Improved follow camera (video is coming)
- Frustum culling is working for all objects dynamic and static

Freeware McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk V2.20 Released

Dino Cattaneo has released the freeware McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk version 2.20 for FSX. AVSIM -

- Changed external model canopy glass reflection to get rid of separate DX9/DX10 models. New glass material (textured) looks OK in both modes.
- Fixed texture folder cfg for texture aliasing
- Added all the repaints from Jiri Soukup (including the outstanding Centennial Of Naval Aviation schemes that were missing from the original package)
- Minor fixes to virtual cockpit (mainly misalignment of some switches)
- Improved HUD symbol generator modeling (should look slightly better now)
- Redone all thumbnails for visual consistency in FSX menu
- Fixed launch bar retraction animation sequence
- Fixed UVW mapping texture in tailhook pivot area

Orbx Freeware West Wind Airport (7WA3) - First Previews

Orbx has posted first previews from the upcoming freeware West Wind Airport (7WA3) for the FTX PNW region.

A_A Sceneries - Macau Intl. Airport (VMMC) - FSX Night Previews

A_A Sceneries has posted more previews from the upcoming Macau International Airport (VMMC) scenery for FSX.

GrandSurf Oakridge State Airport (5S0) - New Screenshots

GrandSurf has posted new screenshots from the upcoming Oakridge State Airport (5S0) scenery for FSX and P3D.

Flight One Software Weekly Special - $20.00 off FS Global 2010 X

Flight One Software is currently offering $20.00 off FS Global 2010 X for FSX as the Weekly Special.

Ground Environment X Europe V2.3 - More Previews

More preview screenshots have been posted from version 2.3 update to Ground Environment X (GEX) Europe.

Drzewiecki Design - Warsaw City 2012 - More Screenshots

Drzewiecki Design has posted more development screenshots from the Warsaw City 2012 scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Aerosoft Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport (USSS) - FSX Previews

Aerosoft has posted preview screenshots from the upcoming FSX version of Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport (USSS).

Alabeo Cessna 188 Crop Duster for FSX Released

Alabeo has released the long-awaited Cessna 188 Crop Duster for FSX. Details and purchase at the Product Page.

Aircraft Features:
- Chemical fumigation liquid effect.
- Chemical loader interface.
- Dynamic weight.
- Real weight reduction as you drop chemical liquid.
- Professional flight dynamics.
- Material shines and reflections.
- Custom 3D sounds.
- High quality 3D model, textures and sounds.
- Blank texture for creating your own designs.

Aerosoft Freeware Mitchell Wing for FSX Announced

Aerosoft has announced the upcoming freeware Mitchell Wing for FSX. Details and previews in the Aerosoft Forums.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Panavia Tornado for X-Plane 10 Announced

X-Trident has announced development of the Panavia Tornado multirole fighter aircraft for X-Plane 10. Preview Video

Microsoft Flight - Another Look at Alaska

The Microsoft Flight Team has posted more screenshots from the upcoming Alaska DLC package for Microsoft Flight.

UK2000 Glasgow Xtreme (EGPF) V3 for FSX and FS2004 at SimMarket

The recently released UK2000 Glasgow Xtreme (EGPF) V3 for FSX and FS2004 is now also available at SimMarket.

Changes in Version 3:
- New High res ground images.
- New ground polygons and markings to match image, using 3-4 times more detail
- New changes to actual airport buildings.
- Latest UK2000 model set and lighting
- Existing building textures touched up with shading effects.
- Ambient shadow effect added to ground
- Animation realigned
- FSX now uses purpose made jetways
- New static model set, including GA and Biz-jets
- More airport buildings like hotels and industrial sheds
- Some north road farm buildings
- FS9 VTP roads and terrain
- Better FSX terrain
- Autumn/winter ground image that blend with default
- Blends with Getmapping Scotland photo scenery

Flysimware Cessna 195 for FSX - Now at SimMarket

The recently released Flysimware Cessna 195 for FSX is now also available to purchase at SimMarket.

Aircraft Features:
- Real world high quality 3D gauges
- Bones animation
- 2 custom control panels
- High quality textures (Bump / World Reflections / Skin Mesh)
- Over 100 custom xml gauges
- Flysimware's virtual cockpit sound module adds 44 bonus sounds
- Speed controlled sounds for windows, doors and heater vents
- 4 paint themes, 3 high quality models
- Animated water floats
- Dual analog clock / digital (Tracks flight time)
- Transponder squawk codes to Vatsim and Gamespy
- Magnetic compass
- DME digital display: time, distance, freq and ete
- 2D GPS & 3D GPS
- Retractable left & right landing light
- Over stress sounds
- Amazing 3D HSI gauge with animated flags
- Primer system

FlightGear World Scenery V2.6.0 (SVN 19902) Available

FlightGear has has updated the world scenery database to version 19902. Details at the FlightGear Website.