Friday, July 27, 2012

FSBreak 115: Flight Sim for Real World use

Eric McClintock has posted FSBreak Episode 115: Flight Sim for Real World use at the FSBreak Website.

Panavia Tornado for X-Plane 10 - Teaser Screenshot

X-Trident has posted another teaser screenshot from the Panavia Tornado multirole fighter aircraft for X-Plane 10.

Ramzzess Boeing 777-200LR for X-Plane 10 - Livery Preview

Ramzzess has posted this livery preview video from the soon to be released Ramzzess Boeing 777-200LR for X-Plane 10.

Nemeth Designs AS350 Ecureuil - Expansion Pack Announced

Nemeth Designs has announced development of an expansion pack to the Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil for FSX.

Twentynine Palms Scenery Design - New Mykonos 2012 Teaser

Twentynine Palms Scenery Design has posted another teaser screenshot from the upcoming Mykonos Airport (LGMK).

ESC Sceneries Design - Road Vector Japan 2012 X Released

ESC Sceneries Design has released the Road Vector Japan 2012 X scenery for FSX. Now available at SimMarket.

Golden Age Simulations Ryan ST Package for FSX - Released

Golden Age Simulations has released the Ryan ST Package for FSX. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Aircraft Features:
- Detailed, fully animated, models featuring bump mapping, alpha, and dynamic shine; VC shadowing enabled.
- Detailed dual fully animated VC cockpits. 
- The ST-A and STM-S2; aircraft can be flown from either position. The ST-A Super 200 is a single seat model
- 2 gauge sets: weathered and standard with the following instruments: altimeter, tachometer, compass, air speed indicator, 

  oil temperate gauge, fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge and vertical speed indicator.
- The ST-M and ST-A Special have manifold pressure gauge installed.
- 3 panel styles: sport, custom, and military
- Hi-resolution 2048 x 2048 textures; 8 aircraft liveries included
- All models are equipped with a battery, electric start, cockpit lighting, emissive gauge lighting, and navigation lights
- Accurate flight dynamics based upon Ryan specifications
- Custom sound file
- SimCons to display GPS, Radio, Map, Kneeboard, and ATC are located in the map case to the right of the rear pilot’s position in all models.
- For those that wish a nostalgic return to simpler days, a 2D panel is provided.
- Pilots Operating Handbook and Checklist

Pacific Islands Simulation Marshall Islands - 60% Discount

The Pacific Islands Simulation Marshall Islands scenery for FSX is on sale until Aug 2nd 2012 at the PC Aviator Store.

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1208 Available

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1208 is now available. Purchase Credit Packs at Navigraph or SimMarket.

Active Sky 2012 - Service Pack 1 for FSX Released

HiFi Technologies has released the Active Sky 2012 Service Pack 1 for FSX. Available at the Downloads Page.

Orbx FTX New Zealand North Island - NZNI Released

Orbx has released the long-awaited FTX New Zealand North Island - NZNI Region for FSX. Product Page

Scenery Features:
- Over 113,750 sq km of FTX scenery!
- Brand new beautiful ground textures
- New trees made from local photographs
- Roads, rivers, coastlines, lakes, railways
- 10m Holgermesh for crisp definition
- All major and many minor airports upgraded
- Custom NZ airport objects and markings
- Photoreal mountains, volcanoes, mudflats
- Numerous polygon landclass areas
- Hand-crafted landclass for entire region
- Joins FTX Australia for tran-Tasman flights
- Hand placed super-accurate autogen

Bear Studios MiG-15 - Service Pack 5 - Now Available

The Bear Studios Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 for FSX, FS2004 and Prepar3D has been updated to Service Pack 5.

New Service Pack 5 Features:
- FSX All Versions, ESP (Prepar 3D) and FS2004 Compatible
- FSX and ESP (Prepar 3D) versions have FSX format models, DX10 Compatibility.
- High Detail Exterior and Cockpit Models, Canopy / Storage Jettisons Animation, Eject Seats. 
- Detailed cockpit with classic gauges, Commutation Navigation and Firing Control systems.
- Weapon system and deliverable weapons simulated.
- High Detail Texture, gauges with back light. 2 colors Cockpit flood light and console light effects, controlled by interior light system.
- Navigation / Beacon lights, Working Rocket smoke tail, Aero Effects and sound effects included
- Full 3D cockpit, Switchable Forward and Rear Cockpit both in FS2004 and FSX versions.
- Eight MiG-15 main variant with 10 models for different payload configuration.
- FSX VC model have shadow casting in SP5.

Flight1 Weekly Special - $10.00 off the Cessna 441 Conquest II

Flight One Software is currently offering $10.00 off the Cessna 441 Conquest II for FSX and FS2004 as the Weekly Special.

PMDG Boeing 777-200 for FSX - Let The Previews Begin

Robert S. Randazzo from PMDG has posted more external previews from the upcoming PMDG Boeing 777 for FSX.

Carenado Beechcraft B200 Super King Air - FSX Previews

Carenado has posted several external preview screenshots from the upcoming Beechcraft B200 Super King Air for FSX.

Blue Sky Scenery Borrego Valley (L08), Salton Sea Photo Scenery

Blue Sky Scenery has released the freeware Borrego Valley (L08), Salton Sea photo scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Alabeo WACO YMF - More Preview Pictures

Alabeo has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming WACO Classic YMF biplane for FSX.

Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended - Cockpit Renders

Aerosoft has posted cockpit renders from the upcoming de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter Extended for FSX.

Aerosoft London Olympics Sale

Aerosoft is currently offering 20% discounts on London sceneries for FSX and FS2004. Valid through July 30th 2012.

Freeware Vancouver Intl. Airport (CYVR) for FS2004 - Update Plans

Jonathan Gabbert has posted details on the upcoming update to the Vancouver Intl. Airport (CYVR) scenery for FS2004.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wilmington International Airport (KILM) for X-Plane 10 Released

Drawbridge Designs has released the Wilmington International Airport (KILM) scenery for X-Plane 10.

Scenery Features:
- Built for X-Plane by X-Plane dedicated developers.
- Use of global lights for insanely beautiful and realistic night scenes.
- Accurate placement of underlying orthoimagery, taxiways, runways, trees, power lines, and airport objects!
- Highly optimized to work on a very wide array of systems. We want everyone to enjoy this scenery!
- Shader technology to give it that extra edge of high quality feel. It makes a "world" of difference!
- An airport for all types of pilots, including airliners!

Virtavia Boeing C-17 Globemaster III for X-Plane - More Previews

Dawson Designs has posted more screenshots from the upcoming Virtavia Boeing C-17 Globemaster III for X-Plane.

Ramzzess Boeing 777-200LR for X-Plane 10 - FMS Preview Part 2

Philipp Münzel has posted FMS Preview Part 2 from the soon to be released Ramzzess Boeing 777-200LR for X-Plane 10.

JCS Aircraft Vought F4U Corsair for X-Plane 10 Available

JCS Aircraft has released an X-Plane 10 optimized version of the Vought F4U Corsair. Now Available at

- Virtual cockpit, animated controls, animated pilot
- Detailed landing gear, working canopy
- Working guns, Cowl Flaps
- Accurate airfoils
- The wings of the aircraft fold
- 5 High-Resolution liveries (+ Red Bull)
3 Versions
- Corsair F4U (Fully armed)
- Corsair F4-U 'Slick' (no bombs)
- Corsair F4-U Racer 'Red Bull'
For X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 9
- Both versions are included
- Optimized for X-Plane 10

Carbon Cub for Microsoft Flight Released

The Microsoft Flight Team has released the Carbon Cub DLC aircraft package for Microsoft Flight.

AST Tech Photo-Real Luxembourg for FSX

AST Tech has released the Photo-Real Luxembourg scenery for FSX. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

Pacific Islands Simulation Jeju Intl. Airport (RKPC) Announced

Pacific Islands Simulation has announced development Jeju International Airport (RKPC) for FSX and Prepar3D.

Dino Cattaneo Lockheed Martin F-35 V2.0 for FSX - Released

Dino Cattaneo has released the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II V2.0 for FSX. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

External visual model:
- High detail FSX:Acceleration native visual models, depicting F-35A, B and C in various configurations.
Virtual cockpit model:
- Accurate visual model based on publicly available images and information.
- Cockpit layout and textures based on high definition photos of the F-35 AA-1 prototype. Some canopy details based of F-35 BF-02.
- Custom, high fidelity, collimated Virtual HUD that closely replicates the real Head Mounted Display graphics and functionality.
Flight modeling:
- Custom flight model based on publicly available aircraft and engine performance data, test pilots reports and interviews.
- Where estimated had to be made, the rationale has been engineering judgment against F-16 performance.
- Custom STOVL module code provides full STOVL functionality, including accurate hovering behavior.

Godzone Virtual Flight - Marlborough and Supercity Auckland for $10

Godzone Virtual Flight is now offering Marlborough and Supercity Auckland for only $10 each. Valid until July 31st 2012.

Orbx FTX New Zealand North - New NZNI Previews

Orbx has posted many more preview screenshots from the upcoming FTX New Zealand North - NZNI Region for FSX.
Auckland Intl. Up Close - New Classes for NZNI - Favourite Haunts Pt1 - Favourite Haunts Pt1 - NZNI Airports

Classics Hangar Focke-Wulf Fw 190D Under Development

Classics Hangar has posted several early development screenshots from the upcoming Focke-Wulf Fw 190D for FSX.

Carenado Cessna CT182T Skylane for FSX - Coming Soon

Carenado has posted more preview screenshots from the soon to be released Cessna CT182T Skylane G1000 for FSX.

Carenado Cessna C208B Grand Caravan for FS2004 Announced

Carenado has announced development of the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan for FS2004. Preview Screenshots

RV-14 Virtual Demo Flight

Alabeo Pitts Special for X-Plane - Released

Alabeo has released the Pitts Special for X-Plane. Details and purchase at the Product Page and

Aircraft Features:
- Blank texture for creating your own designs.
- Real flight model.
- High quality 3D model, textures and sounds.
- Detailed aerobatics maneuvers PDF.

Aerosoft Varanasi Airport (VIBN) for FSX Announced

Aerosoft has announced development of Varanasi Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport (VIBN) for FSX.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramzzess Boeing 777-200LR for X-Plane 10 - FMS Preview Part 1

Philipp Münzel has posted FMS Preview Part 1 from the soon to be released Ramzzess Boeing 777-200LR for X-Plane 10.

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina for X-Plane - Version 1.2 Available has updated the Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina for X-Plane to version 1.2. Changelog in the Support Forum.

Tom Curtis - Juneau Intl. Airport (PAJN) for X-Plane 10 - Previews

Tom Curtis has posted preview screenshots from the upcoming Juneau International Airport (PAJN) update for X-Plane 10.

Flying Bear Studio - Da Nang International Airport (VVDN) for FS2004

Flying Bear Studio has released the Da Nang International Airport (VVDN) scenery for FS2004. Available at SimMarket.

Scenery Features:
- All major airport buildings included (day and night textures)
- Fully detail jetways.
- Detailed taxiways and runways.
- Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights.
- Custom Gmax ground texture from satellite photos will make you feel like being in the real airport
- Animated ground service vehicles
- Surrounding area objects created from Gmax

QualityWings Ultimate 146/Avro RJ Collection - SP1 Available

QualityWings has released Service Pack 1 to the Ultimate 146/Avro RJ Collection for FS2004. Details and Changelog

OZx & DDoS Protection - Donations Appreciated

OZx is holding another Donation Drive to help pay for DDoS Pretection services.  Click Here To Donate

McPhat Studios ATR 72-500 - American Eagle Livery Preview

McPhat Studios has added American Eagle livery previews from the upcoming ATR 72-500 for X-Plane.

Lionheart Creations Diamond DA40 for FSX & P3D Released

Lionheart Creations has released the Diamond DA40 for FSX and Prepar3D. Details and purchase at the Product Page.

Aircraft Features:
- High technology Garmin G1000 glass panel system with built in Auto Pilot
- New sound system that features clickable 'audible' sounds in the cabin area
- FSX and Prepar3D 'pure' models and textures for both simulators
- Fully animated control surfaces
- Wing Flex, where the wings slowly bend upwards as you increase airspeed
- Wing vibration when the engine is running
- Soft glow interior cabin/cockpit illumination, mimicking soft lit overhead lighting
- Fold down rear seats, click to flip down, as like the actual aircraft for added storage capabilites
- Smooth cabin modelling
- High resolution textures for extreme detail of interior, panel, and fuselage
- Animated pilot that feature 'roaming sight'
- 6 Different paint schemes
- Removeable / Hide-able wheel skirts