Saturday, March 19, 2011

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 Project Revealed

Coolsky has taken the wraps off their newest project, the Douglas DC-9, developed in cooperation with Flight1 and McPhat Studios. Further details in the official announcement on the Coolsky Website.

VRS TacPack Interview at SimHQ

SimHQ David Tessier has posted a interview with Jon "Varmint" Blum from Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS), discussing the upcoming VRS TacPack for FSX. SimHQ Interview

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Coming in April

Ubisoft is putting the finishing touches on IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover, due to be released in April. Official Website
Cliffs of Dover Preview Trailer

X-Plane Version 10 Release Date Mania

Chris Serio has made a post in the X-Plane Developer Blog in order to clarify confusion regarding the release date of X-Plane 10. Read the full article on the X-Plane Developer Blog.

LHSimulations Debrecen Airport (LHDC) Preview

LHSimulations has released more preview screenshots of the upcoming Debrecen Airport (LHDC). LHSimulations Forums

Friday, March 18, 2011

LHSimulations Pécs Pogány Airport (LHPP)

LHSimulations has posted a video of their freeware Pécs Pogány Airport (LHPP) scenery for FS2004, with the FSX version under development. View the video on YouTube - Download LHPP for FS2004

Douglas B-66 Destroyer unleashed at Simviation

The formerly payware Douglas B-66 Destroyer from AlphaSim/Virtavia has been unleashed at Simviation.

FSAddon Releases DolomitiX – Alpago

FSAddon has released DolomitiX - Alpago for FSX photographic scenery, further details at the FSAddon Store. 
"Dolomiti X is a series of small but VERY highly detailed sceneries of the Italian part of the Alps.
Each product covers an area of about 20x20 kilometers and features extraordinary high-level mesh and textures, 

showing the mountains as they really are! Check out some of the screenshots to illustrate this!
Alpago region is a small part of the Italian Alps, the mountain area in the north of Italy, and to the south of the Austrian border.

These mountains are called the Dolomiti, hence the title of our series."

Carenado Commander 114 and Cessna CT210M Teasers

Carenado has release a couple of teaser screenshots from their Rockwell Commander 114 and Cessna CT210M Centurion II projects currently in development for FSX. Carenado Website

Orbx Canberra (YSCB) 50% Off Sale

Orbx is celebrating the arrival of version 1.1 of Caberra Airport (YSCB) with a 50 percent off sale, but for one week only. More information and purchase on the Orbx Website.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

RealAir Turbine Duke + Piston Duke Package Deal

RealAir is offering a Turbine Duke + Piston Duke Package Deal. Find out more at the RealAir Website.

Pacific Islands Simulations Marshall Islands Preview

Pacific Islands Simulations has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Marshall Islands scenery for FSX - Featuring Majuro, Tinak and Utirik Atolls. Pacific Islands Simulations Forum

X-Plane 10 Taxilines and Skyscrapers

Taxilines and Skyscrapers, Ben Supnik has been busy working on X-Plane 10 and updating the X-Plane Developer Blog.

Orbx Canberra (YSCB) Version 1.1 Patch

Orbx has released the version 1.1 patch for the Canberra Airport (YSCB). Orbx FTX Support Website.

More CaptainSim 737-100 WIP Previews

CaptainSim has posted three new preview screenshots of the Boeing 737-100. Full details at the CaptainSim Website.

New Microsoft Flight Screenshots

The Microsoft Flight Team has posted five new screenshots of the upcoming simulator at the Microsoft Flight Website.

ScanSim Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) Texture Update

Niclas Andersson has posted a texture update for the ScanSim Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (EKCH). It is available for free download at AVSIM. Texture Update for FSX Texture Update for FS2004

Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X Preview Video

Marcel Felde has posted preview videos of the upcoming Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X for FSX on YouTube.

Enigma Simulations Boeing B737-300SP Preview

Preview screenshots of the Enigma Simulations Boeing B737-300SP have been posted in the Enigma Simulations Forum.

Air Hauler for X-Plane available for Pre-Order

Just Flight has made Air Hauler for X-Plane available for pre-order. More information on the Just Flight Website.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

McPhat Studios LDS 767 High Definition Textures

McPhat Studios has released the first package of High Definition Textures (HDT) for the Level-D 767. McPhat Studios

LAN Cargo
Florida West (bare metal)
JAL Cargo (bare metal)
MAS Air Cargo

Enigma Simulations British Aerospace ATP Preview

Enigma Simulations has posted work in progress screenshots form the virtual cockpit of their upcoming British Aerospace ATP for FSX in the Enigma Simulations Forums.

Orbx Australia SP4.001 Patch and Orbx Libraries 110315

Orbx has released a patch for FTX Australia SP4 and also made available an updated version of the Orbx Libraries.
Orbx Support Website AU SP4.001 Direct Link Orbx Libraries 110315 Direct Link

CR1 Software Ford Trimotor

CR1 Software has released the Ford Trimotor for FSX. More information can be found at SimMarket.

Features include:
3DMax model
Multi-layer textures with enhanced shading
Animated pilot and co-pilot
Full exterior animation suite, including gear flex and shock absorbers
Full interior cockpit animation suite
Land version models
Float version models
Passenger carrier models
Cargo carrier models
Airline pilots
Civilian pilots
Fully modeled cargo load – float cargo and land cargo versions
Excellent air file that represents the real Ford Trimotor flying characteristics
Opening passenger door
Opening emergency exit
Opening luggage compartment- underside of wings
Click and open interior window
Full interior and exterior VC lighting and nav lighting
Painters kit
Excellent sound suite
XML 3D gauge suite
7 models
Nine liveries
Full Documentation suite – historical, knee pad and reference manuals
Easy and robust installer software to get you going

Victoria International Airport CYYJ (2011) Version 5.05-1

Don Grovestine has updated Victoria International Airport CYYJ (2011) to version 5.05-1 for FSX and FS2004. AVSIM
"CYYJ (2011) portrays the Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) International Airport (CYYJ) and surrounding area as it appeared in early 2011, including the Coast Guard station at Pat Bay and the nearby industrial park. It is fully compatible with Victoria+ (both FS2004 and FSX versions), Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska for FS2004 and Ultimate Terrain X - Canada for FSX, ORBX's FTX NA Blue and other FS9 road and shoreline upgrades for the area. CYYJ (2011) includes aircraft, flight plan and traffic files for a realistic AI scenario other than scheduled airline operations. (Use BC Regional AI - also available from this file library - for scheduled traffic). CYYJ (2011) updates CYYJ in Victoria+ FSX and all earlier versions of standalone CYYJ. Version 5.05 incorporates all earlier patches, adds the recently-installed wig-wags at the intersections with Runway 09/27, includes animated jetways (FSX only) and much more detailed airfield lighting and replaces the earlier static AI with identical but more-efficient SAMM_generated static models."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Embraer ERJ 140 v2 by Dan Klaue

Dan Klaue has released version 2 of the Embraer ERJ 140 for X-Plane. More information at

Detailed virtual cockpit in high resolution
Ultra high resolution displays
Multi-page functionality
Detailed Radio and Autopilot, too many animations to list!
Many systems simulated - Very intuitive to use
Unique dynamic lightning
Full control of the cockpit, panel and flood lights
Amazing night effects (in and out)
Glossy skin (a first in x-plane)
Amazing model with custom systems
Accurate flight model and performance
Use of custom system to simulate the real ERJ 140
Many Liveries in high resolution and with normal maps

New Screenshots of Mauritius Airport (FIMP)

New screenshots of Mauritius International Airport for FSX have been posted in the FSDeveloper Forums.

Carenado releases the Beech Baron 58

Carenado has released the long awaited Beechcraft Baron 58 for FSX, more information on the Carenado Website.

-3D gauges.
-Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, 3D knobs, windows tinted and static elements such as wheel chocks,
pitot cover and sights props.
-Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft.
-Two original GNS 430.
-Bendix/King KFC225 autopilot installed.
-Pop up B58 manual with normal, emergency checklist and performance tables.
-Tested by real B58 pilots.
-Realistic night lights effect on virtual cockpit.
-FSX features: external dynamic shadows, internal dynamic shadows on VC, volumetric normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights.
-Polygon optimized model.
-Friendly FPS.
-Interactive virtual cockpit.
-Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels and trim tab.
-Animated sections such as: propeller, doors, windows, sun visors, passenger table, copilot seat and pilot.
-Lights: Navigation lights, landing and taxi lights.
-3D modeled pilots, cockpit area and passenger cabin area.
-Separate switches for instruments lights and cabin light.
-Toggle yoke.
-Real behavior compared to the real airplane.
-Real weight and balance.

Mega Airport Copenhagen Confirmed

Thorsten Reichert, developer of the Mega Airport series recently confirmed plans for Copenhagen (EKCH).
"At the moment plans for MegaAirport Copenhagen (note that this does of course not include Copenhagen downtown or any other airport) are not abandoned but not top priority as well. We already put a lot of money into it, but it's still very far from being developed."

AW Meteor NF14 by Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson has released his freeware AW Meteor NF14 for FSX. Now available for download at BritSim.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Plan-G Version 2.0.5 Released

Plan-G has been updated to version 2.0.5, more information and download in the TASoftware Forums.

Fixed error decoding region ID for intersections
Fixed error reading FSX plan if LLA string had extra spaces
Fixed various errors with KML dialog
Added ability to specify additional folders to search for airports etc to be added to the db
Fixed rounding error writing lat/lon coordinates to FSX PLN could result in navaids plotted on equator or Greenwich meridian.
Fixed owner not set on several dialogs, so they were not correctly positioned on opening
Added checkbox to toggle Orbx kmz links
OZx kmz links added to the list
Fixed red line drawn from the equator (0,0) if approach added to alternate airport
Fixed unable to delete entries from the cfg locations dialog
Fixed various minor dialog glitches
Version number synchronised with manual

Zurich X Live Patch in the works

"We're already working on improvements for our scenery. The main target for the next update is to solve the problems with the shadows and the disappearing autogen. We made some screenshots with autogen working, even if the problem is only partially solved yet." Zurich X Live Forums

Sunday, March 13, 2011

X-Plane Flight School - Maximum Rate Turns

Lesson 15 from the X-Plane Flight School titled "Maximum Rate Turns" has been posted in the Forums.

Just Flight Tornado by First Class Simulations

Just Flight has released the First Class Simulations Tornado for FSX and FS2004. More information on the Product Page

Detailed exterior and interior, including a fully animated virtual cockpit
High-resolution textures with reflective surfaces
Comprehensive lighting, including navigation landing lights)
Numerous animations - access hatch, retractable undercarriage with shock absorber animation etc.
Realistic flight dynamics
Formation flight model with three Tornados
Refuelling probe for air-to-air refuelling
Fully functioning autopilot
Functioning flight navigation avionics
Engine animations with reverse thrust and afterburners

UK2000 Liverpool Xtreme (EGGP) Preview

Gary Summons has posted preview screenshots of Liverpool Xtreme (EGGP) for FSX and FS2004 in the UK2000 Forums.