Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Screenshots of Cushman Meadows

Bill Womack has posted the first screenshots of the Cushman Meadows Project on his blog. IBlueYonder

New AVSIM Website is Live

AVSIM has updated their website with vast improvments, head over there and check it out. AVSIM

X-Plane 10 Preview Video

Laminar Research posted a preview video for the upcoming X-Plane 10 on YouTube.

TropicalSim Antigua V.C. Bird Intl. Airport (TAPA)

TropicalSim has released Antigua V.C. Bird International Airport (TAPA) for FSX and FS2004. Purchase Here.

99km² Photoscenery surrounding the airport area with night lighting and full autogen (4m/pixel FS9 version, 2m/pixel FSX version)
3-Arc terrain mesh
Full night illumination
FS9 version compatible with default and add-on FS9 scenery
FSX version compatible with default and add-on FSX scenery
Compatible with add-on mesh.
Compatible with add-on landclass
Compatible with add-on AI traffic
Usage of FS9 SDK for the FS9 version for best performance
Usage of FSX SDK for the FSX version for best performance
Animated traffic using custom models for FS9, animated traffic using stock FSX vehicles

FSAddon Alpago Preview Screenshots

FSAddon has released the first preview screenshots from the upcoming Alpago scenery for FSX. View Screenshots.

SimHangar PZL-130 TC-I Orlik

SimHangar is developing a PZL-130 TC-I Orlik for FSX, More information can be found at SimHangar and YouTube.

Friday, March 4, 2011

FlightDream Denver Intl. Airport (KDEN) First Preview

FlightDream has posted the first preview screenshots of Denver Intl. Airport (KDEN) for FS2004 in the FlightDream Forums.

FlightBeam KSFO X updated to 1.01

FlightBeam Studios has released update 1.01 for KSFO-X San Francisco Intl. Airport. FlightBeam Studios

1.0.1 Changes
- Runway crossings fixed
- missing ground textures after arrival now fixed
- AFCAD improvements
- Fixed tower view
- 28L and 28R approach lights and bridge fixed/alignment
- 19L MALSF approach lights fixed (they now appear)
- 28R ILS DME now showing up correctly
- Ground scenery now appears further away from airport
- Even more optimization for smoothness
- Default static vehicles blocking taxiways removed
- Night texture mipmap improvements (less glimmer)

Simon Smeiman’s Stingray Freeware

Simon Smeiman has released his Stingray amphibious plane for FSX as freeware, more information at FSAddon.

The Stingray is a small futuristic amphibious plane constructed with the latest available space age
composite and metallurgic materials making it a very light but sturdy and durable aircraft. Power is from
a special modified Lycoming six-cylinder engine, spinning a five bladed Thrustmaster prop at high
revolutions inside an innovative thrust-duct. The engine, propeller and thrust-duct combination deliver
an almost jet like stream of air pushing the Stingray forward at speeds exceeding 280 mph. At the same
time it also enables the Stingray to fly at very slow speeds.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sandon Lyon Real H2O Version 2

Sandon Lyon has released version 2 of Real H2O for FS2004, More information at Simmarket.

ImagineSim Denver Intl. Airport (KDEN) Version 2 Plans

"03 March 2011 KDEN Denver!

In-between waiting for VIDP design information we have been quietly working on a new version of KDEN Denver Intl. The slowness of the New Delhi project has enable us to bring forward plans for the release of a revamped KDEN. No firm release dates are available but we will be posting some screenshots in the very near future."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NaturalPoint TrackIR Software Version 5.1

NaturalPoint has released version 5.1 of the TrackIR software. Download here.

5.1 Final
* No changes from Beta 3
5.1 beta 3
* Fixed non-active profile hotkeys interfering with game hotkeys
5.1 beta 2
* Added support for 64-bit TrackIR Enhanced games
* Fixed jitter issue for some TrackIR 5 devices
* Fixed netKar PRO loading incorrect profile
5.1 beta 1
* Added TrackIR 3 support
* Added hotkey profile switching
* Added camera rotation support
* Added no-OpenGL mode for diagnosing OpenGL conflicts (add <NoGL>1</NoGL> tag to settings xml)
* Fixed restore from hibernate under Vista 64
* Fixed crash for some ATI Radeon cards with Catalyst 10.x+ drivers
* Fixed crash when pressing pause with no camera present
* Fixed Run at Startup for non-administrator users on Vista/Win7/Win2008
* Fixed TrackIR 5 software process fails to close
* Changed maximum speed value to 5x
* Changed maximum smoothing value to 50
* Improved precision mode to allow customization

FlightZone 02: Portland for FSX

Larry Robbins has created a patch for FlightZone 02: Portland, to use in conjunction with Orbx Pacific Northwest PNW on FSX. More information and detailed instructions plus the patch can be found at My FlightSim Blog. Download at AVSIM.

FlightBeam San Francisco KSFO X for FSX Released

Flightbeam has released San Francisco KSFO X for FSX, more information at FlightBeam Studios.

High Grade 3ds Max Models
Photoreal ground mesh with high res taxiways
Built-in shadows with no framerate loss
Moving trams and custom animations
Optimized for higher frame rates
Animated hold short lights
Reflective windows
Static aircrafts with realistic shadows
Detailed Cargo areas
AES development in progress

FlightBeam is developing KSFO X for FS2004

FlightBeam has released the first preview screenshots of KSFO X for FS2004, more in the FlightBeam Forum.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aviation Multimedia Studios (AVS) Cancun 2011

New Development House Aviation Multimedia Studios (AVS) is working hard on their maiden product Cancun 2011.

-An incredible and fantastic Cancun representation with all surround areas.
-Extremely detailed airport.
-Excellent optimization for best performance
-Smooth taxiways, lines and appron areas.
-High resolution re-digitalized photoreal textures.
-Fully operational Aircraft Bridge. (Is not a hole in the terrain, is above of it)
-Stunnings and the best Night effects.
-A whole representation of Hotel Zone.
-3D Surrounding areas with a re worked shore, Cancun city and ISLA MUJERES Airport and Island.
-A lot of airport vehicles animations.
-Ground Traffic animations.

SunSkyJet Philadelphia (KPHL) for FSX Screenshots

SunSkyJet has posted preview screenshots of Philadelphia Intl. Airport (KPHL) for FSX in the SunSkyJet Forums.

More FSDreamTeam Los Angeles (KLAX) Previews

More FSDreamTeam Los Angeles (KLAX) development screenshots can be found in the FSDT Forum.

FSDreamTeam Ground Services X Preview

FSDreamTeam has posted a preview video of their upcoming Ground Services X. FSDT Forum

Monday, February 28, 2011

FSAddon LHA-5 Landing Ship Freeware

FSAddon has released their LHA-5 Landing Ship for FSX to everyone as freeware. FSAddon

LatinVFR releases Lima (SPIM)

LatinVFR has released Jorge Chavez International Airport (SPIM) in Lima Peru for FSX and FS2004. LatinVFR

Sunday, February 27, 2011

RealAir Beech Duke B60 Turbine Released

RealAir has announced the release of the Beech Duke B60 Turbine for FSX, more information at RealAir.

Pilatus PC-6 Porter for FSX in development

First screenshots of the Pilatus PC-6 Porter have been made available by Marcel Felde on his website.

ImagineSim San Jose (KSJC) V2 for FSX

ImagineSim has released an updated version of San Jose (KSJC) for FSX. ImagineSim

Pacific Islands Simulation Majuro Atolls Preview

Pacific Islands Simulation has posted new screenshots of the upcoming Majuro Atolls scenery for FSX.
More information in the Pacific Islands Simulation Forum.