Saturday, August 6, 2011

Freeware OZx Idaho Dirt Gold 1.0 for FSX

OZx has released the freeware Idaho Dirt Gold 1.0 scenery for FSX. Real world videos here and here.

Airfields Featured
Seven Devils ID17 - 3900 x 60 feet
Landmark 0U0 - 4000 x 100 feet
Johnson Creek 3U2 - 3400 x 150 feet
Copper Basin 0U2 - 4700 x 100 feet

Freeware McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk V2.10 Update

Dino Cattaneo has updated his freeware McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk for FSX to version 2.10.

Changes are as follows:
-Added instructor cockpit
-Changed glass material reflection for DirectX 10 compatibility (less realistic material, but 100% DX10 compatible)
-Changed landing gear animation sequence to have a lower stance
-Added VT-86 repaint courtesy of Russel R. Smith
-Changed minor texturing flaws
-Minor fixes to the flight manual, added aft cockpit diagram and ejection seat details
-Activated "Bitching Betty" sounds by default GPWS, Over G, Low Fuel, albeit voice warningsare not currently linked to DEP data. GPWS Voice is set to 300 ft regardless of DEP and Low Fuel is not linked to BINGO value (Voice activates when fuel is 300lbs or less).

TSS Dash 8 Q400 HD Sound Package Promo Video

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) has posted a promotional video from the Dash 8 Q400 HD Sound Package for FS2004.

Orbx Introduces NatureFlow

Orbx has announced the introduction of NatureFlow to debut with the release of Fall City Airport (1WA6) for FSX.

More Aerosoft Antarctica X Previews

More preview pictures have been posted from the upcoming Antarctica X for FSX by Aerosoft.

Friday, August 5, 2011

PMDG Boeing 737NGX for FSX Released

Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) has released the long-awaited Boeing 737NGX for FSX.

Features Include:
  • FMC/AFDS - An all new flight management computer (FMC) and autopilot simulation that contains numerous features never before seen in an MSFS addon including Required Navigation Performance (RNP), LNAV leg bypasses, extremely accurate VNAV speed and altitude predictions, Integrated Approach Navigation (IAN) and the full complement of scratchpad warning messages that a real crew could see.
  • Flight Model - Engine and flight modeling that is within 5% of the actual Boeing aircraft performance charts, including single-engine operations..
  • 3D Models - Exterior and virtual cockpit models textures created from the actual Boeing engineering diagrams and thousands of photos taken onboard the real aircraft. We have used our vast experience in FSX development to create models and textures that are extremely high quality while still maintaining good system performance.
  • Sounds - An uncompromisingly realistic soundset. Every aspect of the 737NG’s CFM56-7B engines is represented here, exactly pitch matched to real life recordings made at every 10% over the engine’s power range. Over 500 individual sounds exist in the product, all recorded with professional audio equipment in the real cockpit. Every switch and lever is unique and there is a separate “passenger view” sound set that is called up in the wing views and features sounds such as the flap motors and hydraulic pumps.
  • User Interface - We’ve spared no effort in making the PMDG 737NGX easy to use in terms of its user interface. The aircraft’s fuel, payload and more than 75 airframe and cockpit options are adjustable on the fly without ever touching the FSX menus or pausing the sim.
  • HUGS - The first optically collimated Head-up Guidance System (HGS) ever built in an MSFS airliner addon. You can move your head position realistically and the conformal HGS symbology maintains its orientation to the world outside, projected at infinity.
  • Exterior Lighting - 3D volumetric exterior lighting that lights up the FS scenery. You can even see the flash from the strobe lights when looking out the cockpit side windows.
  • Liveries - Free downloadable liveries for numerous world airlines, easily installable using our new PMDG Livery Manager app.
  • Documentation - Full documentation that includes the real life 737NG manuals, consisting of the Flight Crew Operating Manuals Vol. 1 & 2, the Flight Crew Training Manual and the Quick Reference Handbook. We’ve also included a 130 page introduction manual specific to the simulation and a 97 page tutorial flight, with a second on the way after release.

Just Flight - de Havilland DH 106 Comet for FS2004 Released

The Just Flight de Havilland DH 106 Comet Airliner is now been released for FS2004. Just Flight

Features overview:
Highly detailed exterior model
High-quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit
Nine highly detailed liveries
Accurate animations
High quality sound set
Accurate flight model
Special effects including smoke trails and night lighting
Highly accurate flight dynamics replicate the performance envelope of the real Comet, making it possible to fly 'by the numbers’
High fidelity sound set showcasing the distinctive Rolls-Royce engines.
A layered, tiled paint-kit is supplied
Comprehensive manual

Take On Helicopters - Community Preview Build 83450

Take On Helicopters Community Preview build 83450 is available. Note: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is required.

Freeware OZx Moruya Airport (YMRY) 1.0 for FSX

OZx has released the freeware Moruya Airport (YMRY) verison 1.0 for FSX.

TSS Airbus 340 CFM HD Sound Package Preview Video

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) has posted a preview video from the upcoming Airbus 340 CFM HD Sound Package.

More Aerosoft Antarctica X Previews

More preview pictures have been posted from the upcoming Antarctica X for FSX by Aerosoft.

Aerosoft 20% Off US-Cities Weekend Sale

Aerosoft is holding a 20% off on all US-Cities products weekend sale. Expires on Monday, 8th August 2011.

Freeware Coro Airport (SVCR) for FSX

David Maldonado has released his freeware Coro Airport (SVCR) for FSX. Download at or AVSIM.

Freeware Larisa-Volos Photo Scenery for FSX

Angelo Tassoglou has released his freeware Larisa-Volos photo scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Warbirdsim P-51D Mustang 'Little Friends' Promo Video

Warbirdsim has posted another promotional video from the P-51D Mustang 'Little Friends' for FSX.

Flying Stations Martin B-57A/RB-57A Canberra Pack for FS2004

Flying Stations has released the Martin B-57A/RB-57A Canberra Pack for FS2004.

Autopilot 2D panel: Toggle with Shift-6.
Improved red-tint night-lighting on all 2D panels.
Port side battery hatch and rear equipment bay hatch open: set to default wing fold command.
Animated variable incidence tailplane: set to elevator trim controls, and watch it move!
Rotating bomb bay door: set to default main exit command.
Parked configuration: engage parking brakes to see a range of features.
Jettisonable canopy: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Working ejector seat (pilot only): located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Jettisonable drop tanks and payloads: Control via Stores Release panel (Shift-7). Also located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled, click once to arm, then stores/drop tank release switches to drop.
Opening DV window: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Animated pilot head: turns with rudder.
Smoky cartridge starts: will fire on engine startup.
Crew hatch: Exit-2 command or use handle release above hatch in VC.

Virtualcol - Island of San Andres (SKSP) Released

Virtualcol has released the Island of San Andres (SKSP) for FSX and FS2004. Purchase at SimMarket.

The product includes:
Center, shopping, banking and detailed hotel.
2 Airports and detailed operational: Int. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla of the island and EL EMBRUJO, 

airport of the island of Providencia, which can travel seamlessly from San Andres and complete the course.
One boat that allows you to scroll through the Keys JOHNNY KAY an ACUARIUM primarily.
Possibility of land tour around the island (only for FSX, FS2004 does not have that option).
Guide the location and actual photos so you can compare the realism of the site with the stage in the user manual.

TSS Boeing 767 GE HD Sound Package for FSX Now Available

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) has released the Boeing 767 GE HD Sound Package for FSX.

More MD Helicopters MD 600N for FSX Preview Renders

More preview renders from the MD Helicopters MD 600N for FSX can be viewed here.

First Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco Virtual Cockpit Pictures

Aerosoft has posted the first virtual cockpit preview pictures from the OV-10 Bronco for FSX.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ant's Airplanes Tecnam P2002 Sierra Version 1.2 for FSX

Ant's Airplanes Tecnam P2002 Sierra Version 1.2 for FSX is now available to purchase at SimMarket.

New in V1.2
- New custom 296 GPS gauge.
- New Trutrak autopilot.
- Reworked lighting system for gauges and panel.
- Hot switchable RPM gauge (displays either engine RPM or prop RPM).
- Hot switchable airspeed gauge (displays either Knots or km/h).
- New Sierra Setup program to set user preferences.
- Adjusted animation range of ailerons and rudder.
- 3 new liveries
- Native FSX model with bump and specular maps
- Highly detailed Virtual Cockpit with full animations and mouse control (you can even open and close the air vents)
- Virtual Cockpit rain effects (with exterior rain effects on canopy)
- Silky smooth 3D gauges
- Custom radios package (note: uses default 295 GPS)
- Custom engine startup and temperature logic
- 10 Liveries included. 2 Australian, 2 New Zealand and 1 UK plus 5 that allow the user to set the registration number
- Animation Manager controls display of pilot, passenger, joystick, wheel covers, tiedowns, pitot covers. 

- You can even control whether the pilot or passenger wears sunglasses.
- Special model that provides compatibility with the Reality XP 530 or 430 GPS (RXP GPS not included) as well as allowing -additional avionics to be installed
- Full lighting including Instrument, Strobe, Nav and Landing lights
- Tested by genuine Sierra pilots
- High quality realistic sounds
- Pilot's Handbook and Quick Start guide included
- Paintkit available

FSDreamTeam Hawaii Airports Vol2. Version 1.1 Update

FSDreamTeam has updated Hawaii Airports Volume 2 for FSX and FS2004 to version 1.1.

Changes in Version 1.1:

- Vertical signs problems fixed
- Taxiway signs problems
- Problems with some Gate numbers fixed
- Problem with Roofs textures at night fixed
- Jetways fixed
- Ground Bleeding fixed
- Improved AFCAD
- AFCAD Improved
- Added new buildings in the South area

IRIS Simulations Christen Eagle Version 1.2 for FSX

IRIS Simulations Christen Eagle Version 1.2 for FSX is now available to purchase at SimMarket.

New in V1.2:
Updated Contact Points for more stable ground handling.
Brand new soundpack based on Christen recordings for a more authentic sounding experience.
Autopilot added to Virtual Cockpit on Christen Eagle I and II models.
New Garmin 1000 fitted Christen Eagle IG model added.
Loads of additional skins added courtesy of Chris Brisland at
Custom soundpack including new supersonic prop tip effects.
All new 3D gauges designed from the Christen blueprints.
Two visual models contracted by Frank Christensen and polished by IRIS for full FSX functionality!
A superb flight model for the Eagle I and Eagle II aircraft, allowing users to try out both the kit sports biplane or the competition aerobatic aircraft.
A wide variety of paintschemes and two paintkits aimed at ease of repainting by users.

IRIS Simulations Website Restored under Old Domain Name

The IRIS Simulations Website has been restored under the old domain name at

FlyTampa Seattle (KSEA) Orbx PNW Merge for FSX Updated

The unofficial FlyTampa Seattle Intl. Airport (KSEA) and Orbx PNW Merge for FSX has been updated.

New Aerosoft Antarctica X Preview Pictures

Aerosoft has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming Antarctica X for FSX.

Freeware Nanaimo Airport (CYCD) 2011 V1.10 for FSX and FS2004

Don Grovestine and Ken Peters have updated the freeware Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport 2011 for FSX and FS2004.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

X-Plane NavData AIRAC 2011.08 Now Available

Free X-Plane NavData AIRAC 2011.08 is now available to download here.

Bonus KLAX with Aircraft Purchase of $40 or More at is offering bonus Los Angeles Intl. Airport (KLAX) scenery with the purchase of any aircraft at $40 or more.

SkyDemon Mobile MD GPS Unit Now Shipping

SkyDemon is now shipping the SkyDemon Mobile MD GPS Unit to all pre-order customers.

FlySimWare 1966 Old School Skylane Cessna 182K

FlySimWare has released the updated 1966 Old School Skylane Cessna 182K for FSX. SimMarket

Over135 animations
High Quality virtual cockpit (no 2d panel)
Real world high quality gauges
Switches, Radio knobs and levers are 3d
Accurate auto pilot system
Fully working 300A Navomatic ( Working Pull Turn knob)
Engine caughs if excessive drop in rpm
Removable default GPS with a swivel platform
GPS bootup screen
Glass reflective glare, bugs and rain effect
Textures are used with rust and seagle shit
The rear gear has 4 feet of travel
Includes a parked mode scenery
DME has a real world 3 way selector mode
Amazing night lighting effects
All lights are 3D and coded into the model
All lights work for other players in multiplayer
3D Compass with back lighting (animated 3d ball)
4 types of air vents with sounds (speed controlled)
Left and right open window sounds (speed controlled)
Adjustable and removeable right door and seats
Removealble pilot, yoke and the right door
Animated Pilots Hand Book
UPDATED Features:
Bump Textures
World refelctions
Real world Ammeter updated
Real world DME updated
Real world ADF gauge added
Real world 3D eng hours counter
Real world transponder
Updated flight dynamics / fuel
Updated eng air intake
Updated 3D yokes
Updated seats / Pilot / windows
Added fresh air vents on main wing
Added a skydiver that jumps
Added animated cowl flaps
Added some 3D gauges
Windows have support arms
Many more Updates

PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X Status Update

The makers of TOPCAT have posted a status update and new pictures from PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X.

Two More McPhat Studios PMDG 747-400 HDT Previews

McPhat Studios has posted more Northwest Airlines previews from the PMDG 747-400 High Definition Textures for FSX.

Greek Airports Project (GAP) H.A.S. Peloponnese Preview

The Greek Airports Project (GAP) has posted previews from the upcoming H.A.S. Peloponnese scenery for FS2004.

FlyTampa Athens Intl. Airport (LGAV) Released

FlyTampa has released Athens Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport (LGAV) for FSX and FS2004.

- Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV) airport scenery.
- 3D Terrain and Taxiway bridges.
- Pre-rendered Self-Shadowing and custom reflection maps.
- Animated apron Vehicles, Trains and highway Traffic.
- Unique terrain and pavement rendition techniques.
- Custom Specular and Reflection maps (FSX only).
- Surrounding Photoscenery with hand placed Autogen.
- Volumetric Grass (FSX only).

Enigma Simulations 737-300 DAL Livery Preview

Enigma Simulations has posted a Delta Air Lines livery preview from the upcoming Boeing 737-300 for FSX.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Boeing 747-100/200F for X-Plane Update X3 Released

Update X3 to the 747-200 Classic Freighter & 747-100 Classic Passenger for X-Plane is now available.

More MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane Interior Previews

Aubrey has posted more interior previews from the MD Helicopters MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane.

New MD 600N for X-Plane Progress Pictures

New pictures from the MD Helicopters MD 600N project for X-Plane have been posted in the Forums.

VertigoStudios Grumman TBF Avenger Patch 1.1 Released

VertigoStudios has released patch version 1.1 to the Grumman TBF Avenger for FSX.

1, Corrected the attitude indicator Snags when rolling, it snags when going through level flight.
2, Removed the Ball turret animation.
3, Corrected the Altitude Gauge.
4, Corrected the Slip Gauge.
5, Increased the cockpit glass slightly.
6, Corrected the altitude Gauge (3000′ and so on)
7, Corrected the Glass on the fuselage windows.
8, Made the Battery Generator sound less intrusive.
9, Added more bump and spec to the Fuselage and Wings.
10, BONUS Added a new additional FDE, now theres ’2′ FDE files, Advanced Flight Dynamics and Easy Flight Dynamics.
11, Corrected the VC light.
12, BONUS added a new paint-scheme 66, VT(N)-90, CV-6, USS Enterprise, ca.1945

DCS A-10C Warthog and DCS Black Shark 33% Off Sale

Digital Combat Simulation (DCS) is holding a two-week 33% off sale on DCS A-10C Warthog and DCS Black Shark.

Premier Aircraft Design Freeware Fokker 100 Released

Premier Aircraft Design has released the freeware Fokker 100 for FSX and FS2004.

OZx Hamilton Aerodrome (YHML) Preview Pictures

New preview pictures from Hamilton Aerodrome (YHML) for FSX have been posted in the OZx Forums.