Saturday, April 16, 2011

New QualityWings BAe146/Avro RJ Livery Previews

Samy Fay has posted more livery previews for the upcoming QualityWings BAe146/Avro RJ in the QualityWings Forums.

Angle of Attack Aviator 90 Episodes in 720P HD

Angle of Attack is now offering all Aviator 90 Episodes in 720P HD. Details at the Angle of Attack Website.

SkyDemon Light Freeware Flight Planner for the UK

SkyDemon Light is a freeware browser-based Flight Planner covering the United Kingdom. SkyDemon Light Website.

More FlightDream Oakland (KOAK) Screenshots

FlightDream Studios has posted more preview screenshots of Oakland (KOAK) for FS2004 on the FlightDream Website.

Friday, April 15, 2011

McPhat Studios Level-D Boeing 767 World Airliners 3

McPhat Studios has released World Airliners 3 High Definition Textures (HDT) for the Level-D Boeing 767. McPhat Studios

Delta Air Lines (Deltaflot)
Qantas (Old Colours)
JAL (Rising Sun)

OZx is rejoining Orbx

Freeware development spinoff OZx is re-integrating with Orbx. Read the full announcement in the OZx Forums.

"Following discussions between Orbx and the OZx committee, a decision has been reached to re-integrate the OZx team back into the Orbx development team. For those who are not aware, the OZx team began life as the freeware development arm of the Orbx development team back in 2007, but was spun off due to the increasing management burden.

The freeware developers will continue to work completely autonomously within the Orbx infrastructure, and all decisions about projects and design will be left to the freeware committee. This move will place no additional burden on the current Orbx team since they won't have direct management input into freeware projects. Of course the advantage to the freeware developers is having the rich Orbx libraries at their disposal and access to the extensive technical expertise and resources of the payware development team.

There is another benefit in that budding young scenery developers who produce a high quality project may be offered the opportunity to publish their work as Orbx payware addons. OZx has in the past fostered many of the talented Orbx developers and this tradition will continue.

The OZx portal will continue to grow and evolve as it hosts one of the finest repaint collections on the net, and many other freeware projects will continue to be hosted as part of that popular community.

Signed, Ken, Ed, Jay and Orbx CEO John 'Koorby' Venema

Needless to say we are very excited and this development will bring so much to the development of freeware airfields, this in my honest opinion is the best thing we could have done to ensure freeware development with the shortest route available for years to come! "

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Cockpit Video

FlyJSim has posted a preview video of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane virtual cockpit on YouTube.

Wilco Harrier Jump Jet for FSX Pictures and Video

Wilco Publishing has set the release date of the Harrier Jump Jet for FSX at May 16th 2011. Preview pictures and video can be found on the Wilco Publishing Website.

Felis Team Yakovlev Yak-40 for X-Plane Patch 1.2.1

The Felis Team has updated the Yakovlev Yak-40 for X-Plane to version 1.2.1. Download patch at the Felis Team Website.

Changelog patch 1.2.1:
minor fixes in codes
fixed rudder pedals settings
some tunes for autopilot and dynamics

Lionheart Creations Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic Released

Lionheart Creations has released the Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic for FSX and FS2004. More details at Lionheart Creations.

* Multiple pilots; Male, Female. The FS2004 model also has 'couple' loadout.
* Complete high detail Virtual Cockpit with many popup panels and instruments
* Metric Aux. Instruments (3) for European pilots; actual Winter German gauges
* High detail Dynon D-100 PFD electronic screen flight system with sub menu's
and various selections and settings created exactly like the real Dynon D-100.
Also comes with the HS34 companion 'control' unit for D-100 HDG, CRS, and ALT
* FlyBox Prop Pitch Management Computer (easy to use and explained how it is worked in the manual).
* Comes with both versions of Retractable and Fixed Landing Gear; RG & FG.
* AVMap GPS Screen with HSI readout and various GPS Functions. This is not
a fully functioning GPS. The stock FS GPS 500 unit comes with the popup list for programming Direct To flights, etc.
* FS2004 model is the newest in FS9 technology; Unlimited Export. Where older FS9 models were restricted to Vertices being
4MM apart and no less, and a maximum of 65,000 Polygons for the entire model, this now features extremely precise small parts
and sports 564,000 Polygons!
* High detail Rotax 112UL Engine with remove-cowling command
* Detachable wings
* Selectable Wings; with or without wingtips
* Selectable fuselages; with or without rear windows
* Prop Mittens for keeping the prop safe after shutdown for storage
* Park Mode with wheel chauks. Luggage is also deployable
* Opening window vents with sound effects of wind
* LHC added Auto Pilot for those that love sight seeing
* Several paint schemes with several featuring metallic paint
* Wild STOL like flight capabilities that enable short field take-offs and fast, agile landings.
* Cruise airspeeds for the RG is 136 Knots; for the FG is 120 Knots (5200 RPM)

FSAddon Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Preview

FSAddon has released the first preview pictures of the upcoming Fieseler Fi 156 Storch for FSX on the FSAddon Website.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X Livery Previews

Marcel Felde has posted livery previews for the upcoming Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X in the Aerosoft Forums.

vasFMC Version 2.1 Released

Alex Wemmer has announced the update of vasFMC to version 2.1. More information on the vasFMC Website.

Some of the new features are:
- Custom Airbus like autopilot overriding the flightsim autopilot in many ways.
- New integrated FMS modul for fuel, thrust, speed and performance calculations with support for different Aircraft and Engine types.
- FS-X compatible gauge.
- SCS plugin for XPlane for better and faster access.
- Lower ECAM F/CTL page in A-style.
- A-style upper ECAM in old and new Airbus style.
- A-style upper ECAM for 2 and 4 engine models.
- Managed SPD/MACH mode with MCDU preselect feature.
- Enhanced MCDU INIT, PERF, F-PLN, FUEL PRED and DIR-TO pages.
- New MCDU DATA, POS monitor and A/C status pages.
- Exact character positioning in the MCDU.
- New vector font used by PFD, ND and ECAM screens.
- FMS system selection via MCDU MENU page: FMGC, ACARS, SBOX, PUSHBACK and CHECKLIST.
- The ECAM is rotatable via configuration, see vasfmc ECAM config files.
- Enhanced Fly by Wire pitch and bank controllers with low/high speed protection.
- Alpha Floor protection for vasFMC AIRBUS A/THR mode.

FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane

More previews of the FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Project for X-Plane can be viewed on the FlyJSim Website.

Freeware Kosrae Intl. Airport (PTSA) for X-Plane

Camilli De Bellis (CDB) has released Kosrae Intl. Airport (PTSA) for X-Plane as freeware download at

Chiang Mai Intl. Airport (VTCC) and City Freeware Scenery

The freeware FS2004 scenery of Chiang Mai Intl. Airport (VTCC) and City 2010 is now available for download at AVSIMrus.

Carenado PA28 Piper Archer for X-Plane First Pictures

Carenado has posted first preview pictures of their upcoming PA28 Piper Archer for X-Plane on the Carenado Website.

Aerosoft Stavanger X Preview Screenshots

The first preview screenshots of Stavanger X Airport (ENZV) for FSX have been posted in the Aerosoft Forums.

Aerosoft Dimona X Prop Physics Video

Aerosoft has posted a video demonstrating the propeller physics on the upcoming H36 Dimona X for FSX at YouTube.

G.E. (Google Earth) Flight Simulator Version 0.6 Released

Free G.E. (Google Earth) Flight Simulator has been updated to version 0.6. More information at G.E. Flight Simulator.

- Dynamic wind: terrain deflects wind to generate dynamic lift (now I just need to make the glider that goes with)
- Layered wind (different speed and direction at different altitudes) to be used with Major Tom.
- Added the McDonnell Douglas MD-11
- Introducing "Major Tom" a hot air balloon to drift along the country-side.

Greek Airports Project (GAP) Mega Corfu X

The Greek Airports Project (GAP) has released Mega Corfu X (LGKR) for FSX. Details and purchase at simMarket.

The scenery covers the following areas of Kerkyra (Corfu).
Kapodistrias airport of Corfu (LGKR)
The city of Corfu with its two castles and most major landmarks and buildings
The city port
The island is covered in its entirety with hi-res aerial imagery and carefully and realistically placed autogen objects.
Floating sea base & helipad at the NW of the island at Agios Georgios bay.

Monday, April 11, 2011

INTERSim Studios Varadero (MUVR) First Pictures

INTERSim Studios has posted the first preview pictures of Varadero (MUVR). More in the INTERSim Studios Forums.

New Thai Creation Paro Intl. Airport (VQPR) Picture

Thai Creation has posted a new screenshot of Paro Intl. Airport (VQPR) for FS2004 in the FSDeveloper Forums.

FSUIPC 4.70 for FSX, FSUIPC 3.99 for FS2004 and WideFS 6.86

Pete Dowson has updated FSUIPC to version 4.70 for FSX, version 3.99 for FS2004 and WideFS to version 6.86. More information and download links on the FSUIPC Website.

Drzewiecki Design Bornholm Island 2011 Project

Drzewiecki Design announces Bornholm Island for FSX and FS2004. More information in the Drzewiecki Design Forums.
"We are proud to officially announce that Drzewiecki Design's Bornholm Island 2011 project, the most realistic scenery of Bornholm Island for FS2004/FSX is currently in a very advanced phase of development and will be released in less than a month."

The scenery will include:
• The whole Island of Bornholm with high quality photoscenery (5 seasons + night), mesh, landmarks and autogen
• Bornholm Harbour with many custom buildings and ship AI traffic
• Rhonne EKRN airport in extreme detail; let me mention just tower, main hangar and the terminal with interior, static cars and airplanes, animated people (PeopleFlow technology similar to ORBX), AI plane traffic, all buildings, signs and other details. All those painted with the finest quality textures for both FS2004 and FSX.

Airport Enhancement Services (AES) Version 2.11

Oliver Pabst has released version 2.11 of Airport Enhancement Services (AES) for FSX and FS2004. Aerosoft Website

Added Support for:
EGGP UK2000 Liverpool xtreme V1.x
EIDW EIRESIM Dublin Intl. - Irland V1.3
FIMP Max Kraus Port Louis-Mauritius
KMDW FlyTampa Chicago Midway
LCLK Aerosoft Larnaca Intl Cyprus
LIRQ Aerosoft Florence X
LPPS Aerosoft Porto Santo (in Madeira for FSX)
MMMX Taxi2Gate Mexico City V2
SEGU B. Forero Guayaquil Intl Ecuador
SPIM LatinVFR Lima Jorge Chavez Intl

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Pacific Islands Simulation Marshall Islands Previews

Pacific Islands Simulation has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming Marshall Islands scenery for FSX. These latest screenshots show Amata Kabua International Airport (PKMJ). More in the Pacific Islands Simulations Forums.

Freeware Egletons Airport (LFDE) for X-Plane

Jean Barthet and Nickster have released the freeware Egletons Airport (LFDE) for X-Plane, available on the XPFR Website.

Aerosoft Dimona X Preview Screenshots

Nick Churchill has posted preview screenshots of the Aerosoft Dimona X for FSX in the Aerosoft Forums.

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Piaggio P180 Avanti

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations have released their freeware Piaggio P180 Avanti for FSX. Download at AVSIM.