Saturday, January 28, 2012

LHSimulations Pécs-Pogány Airport (LHPP) V2.0 Release Date

LHSimulations has announced the release date of Pécs-Pogány Airport (LHPP) version 2.0 for FSX and FS2004.

KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee for FSX Released

KC Flight Shop has released the Republic RC-3 Seabee for FSX. Details and purchase at the KC FlightShop.

The KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee for Flight Simulator X features:
- HD quality textures (2048 x 2048).
- 3D gauges.
- Authentic HQ digital stereo sounds.
- Fully animated pilot
- Kneeboard checklist with performance tables.
- Realistic night lights effect in the virtual cockpit..
- FSX features: external dynamic shadows, internal dynamic shadows on VC,
- volumetric normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights.
- FPS. friendly model
- Interactive virtual cockpit.
- Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels and trim tab
- Animated Doors
- Lights:Panel Lights, Navigation lights, landing and cabin lights.
- Fully normal mapped interior.
- Compatible with Addon Hardware and Shared Cockpit Functions
- Easy to use paintkit
- Realistic behavior, pilot tested to match the real airplane.
- Addon GPS Compatibility.
- Help from many pilot and owners of real Seabee’s for accuracy and authenticity.
Included in the package:
- 5 HD paint schemes.
- Layered Photoshop Paint Kit available as a seperate download. *2
- 1 Republic RC-3 Seabee model (one male pilot).
- 57 page Owners Manual.
- Scanned original Pilots Check List.
- 27 page Parts Catalog.

New Previews from the Basler BT-67 Project for FSX

Daniel Furnkas has posted new preview screenshots from the upcoming freeware Basler BT-67 for FSX.

FSAddon Real Earth Dolomiti X - Pieve di Cadore Released

FSAddon has released Real Earth Dolomiti X - Pieve di Cadore for FSX. Details and purchase at the FSAddon Store.

FranceVFR Rhone-Alpes PHOTO HD Vol.1 for FSX Released

FranceVFR has released Rhone-Alpes PHOTO HD Vol.1 for FSX. More information at the FranceVFR Website.

Scenery Features:
- High resolution photoreal scenery covering a French region.
- 0.85 to 1 meter resolution ground texture made from aerial photography (IGN) retreated for an optimal visual rendition in FSX® (summer only).
- High resolution real 19 meter (LOD11) optimized custom mesh incuded.
- All lakes and rivers have been entirely cut out and faithfully represented, reworked with bodies of landable water.
- Water transparency effects for the whole scenery coverage.
- Optional Waterclass and original water texture provided.
- Extremely precise geo-referenced texture positionning is carried out in order to ensure a maximal compatibility with scenery add-ons for this region.
- Process development is fully conform to the Microsoft FSX® SDK, ensuring a maximal compatibility with future versions of Flight Simulator.
- Open scenery concept allows an easy integration of scenery add-ons from other editors.

EasyNavs Version 2.40 for FSX and FS2004 Available

Hervé Sors has released EasyNavs version 2.40 for FSX and FS2004 on his website. Flight Simulator Navaids Page
"EasyNavs FS9/FSX is an utility that can extract VOR and NDB data from any FS9 and FSX BGL file (with associated Scenery objects), edit and save them (via a dedicated database manager) and rebuild an updated XML file that can be compiled with the BGLComp Microsoft compiler. This utility will allow an update of all default FS Navaids files (FS9 and FSX), including associated scenery objects and recalculation of updated magnetic variation. Direct navaid changes inside BGL files and ILS inspection are also provided."

Changes in Version 2.40:
- Enables automatic update
- Few changes in menu
- Adds display of FSX zone
- Corrects a few other minor display bugs

Freeware Sheppard Air Force Base (KSPS) for FSX

Jim Dhaenens has released the freeware Sheppard Air Force Base (KSPS) for FSX. Download at

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Saab 2000 for X-Plane Development Renders

Kieran has posted new development renders from the Saab 2000 project for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10.

Miami International Airport (KMIA) for X-Plane 9 & 10 Released

Miami International Airport (KMIA) for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10 is now available to purchase at the Store.

KMIA Miami Scenery features:
- Accurate runways
- All Terminals
- All gates
- Night and day textures
Detailed Airport and gates:
- 111 gates modeled
- 55 Static aircraft
- Modeled terminal interiors
- Animated people on ramps

FlightGear Version 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 Available

The FlightGear version 2.6.0 RC1 for Windows is now available to download at the FlightGear Website.

Khamsin North American B-25 Mitchell for X-Plane 10 Screenshot

Khamsin Studio has posted another preview screenshot from the upcoming North American B-25 Mitchell for X-Plane.

Orbx Lancair IV-P Version 1.3 Patch Now Available

Orbx has updated the Lancair IV-P for FSX to version 1.3. Available to download at the Orbx Support Website.

Fixes and enhancements:
- Corrected airport frequencies page of gns430's
- Improved rain animation and optimized
- Corrected ec100 click spots disappearing behind lighting polygons
- Corrected radio popup click spots
- Minor modeling optimization
New features:
- Added cabin fog parameters
- Added windscreen icing effect (only apparent during extreme structural ice)

Orbx FTX Australia Traffic Pack Updated to Verison 3.22

Orbx has updated the FTX Australia Traffic Pack for FSX to version 3.22. Download at the Orbx Website.

Changes in version 3.22:
- Australia’s newest Airline, Air Australia has been added using their latest schedules and brightly painted Airbus aircraft.
- New Jetstar ‘Powderfinger’, ‘Quicksilver’ and ‘Telstra’ special liveries added.
- Royal Brunei schedules updated.
- Air New Zealand’s newest B777-300 (delivered Jan 2012) in All Blacks Livery added.
- 3 of Air new Zealands subsidiary, Eagle Airways, B1900s in All Blacks Livery added.
- Beechcraft 76 Duchess aircraft and repaints added.
- Lots of new Cessna liveries including some of the more colourful Oxford Academy paints added.
- The problem with a Green tinge visible on some aircraft when viewed from afar has been fixed.
- Flight dynamics for the Piper Cherokee range updated to provide a smoother landing.
- A number of other small anomolies fixed.

CR1-Software Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing for FS2004

CR1-Software has released the donation-ware Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing for FS2004. Available Here

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 Failure Simulation Preview

Coolsky has posted an article on the failure simulation system in the upcoming Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

Ant's Airplanes Tecnam P92 Eaglet for FSX Released

Ant's Airplanes has released the Tecnam P92 Eaglet for FSX. Details and purchase links at the product page.

- Native FSX model
- Incredibly detailed model with full animations and completely clickable virtual cockpit
- Super sexy chicky babe passenger.
- Silky smooth 3D gauges
- Custom gauges including radios, GPS and autopilot
- Two different models with different panel setups, EFIS and analog gauge
- Lovely Lotus style landing lights
- Realistic Prop Torque effects
- Genuine engine sounds
- Animations for tiedowns, wheel chocks and pitot covers
- Animated pilot and passenger models which can be displayed or hidden
- In game Animation Manager
- Separate Eaglet Setup program to set preferences

Aerosoft Rockwell OV-10 Bronco - More Full Version Previews

Aerosoft has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming 'Full Version' of the Rockwell OV-10 Bronco for FSX.

Aerosoft Friedrichshafen Airport (EDNY) - New FS2004 Previews

The German Airports Team has posted new preview pictures from Friedrichshafen Airport (EDNY) for FS2004.

Airport Enhancement Services (AES) Version 2.21 Released

Oliver Pabst has released version 2.21 of Airport Enhancement Services (AES) for FSX and FS2004. Download Here

Changes in version 2.21:
- New detailed vehicle models
- Changed ramp agent movements and pushback process
- More realistic driving animations of the vehicles
- New operational human objects
Added Support for:
EDFH Aerosoft Frankfurt Hahn X - FSX
EGNX UK2000 East Midlands xtreme - FS9 FSX
EHBK Aerosoft Maastrich-Aachen X - FSX
ENZV Aerosoft Stavanger X - FSX
EPKK Aerosoft/Drzewiecki Krakow Balice 2012 - FS9
KLAX FSDreamTeam Los Angeles - FS9 FSX
KMIA LatinVFR Miami - FS9 FSX
LSZH FreeZ Zuerich X Live 1.10 - FSX

FSDG Djerba X (DTTJ) for FSX and FS2004 Released

FSDG Djerba X (DTTJ) for FSX and FS2004 is now available to purchase at the Aerosoft Shop and SimMarket.

- Complete island scenery (FSX only)
- Custom landclass and photorealistic coastlines (FSX only)
- Extremely detailed airport scenery of DTTJ Djerba-Zarzis
- Realistic night effects
- Custom vegetation
- Performance-friendly (adjustable scenery density)
- Additional VFR airfield (FSX only)
- Aerosoft Launcher optional, no online registration necessary

Freeware Ice Pilots NWT - McKenzie Valley Run Scenery for FSX

Trieng-Trieng has released freeware Ice Pilots NWT - McKenzie Valley Run scenery for FSX.  AVSIM -

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane - First In-Sim Screenshots

SoulMade Simulations has posted the first in-sim screenshots from the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane.

DreamFoil Creations Aero Boero for X-Plane Announced

DreamFoil Creations and Lidimar have announced development of the Aero Boero for X-Plane.

TSS Boeing 707 P&W JT3D HD Sound Package Released

Turbine Sound Studios has released the Boeing 707 Pratt & Whitney JT3D HD Sound Packages for FSX and FS2004.

Ground Environment X Africa and the Middle East at SimMarket

Ground Environment X (GEX) Africa and the Middle East for FSX is now also available to purchase at SimMarket.

- Complete coverage of the Middle East and Africa from Pakistan to Cape Town.
- Enhanced textures to assist in rendering clear visuals as low as 250-500ft.
- High volume autogen layout with optimizations for maximum performance.
- Updates GEX Europe in the southern regions when installed with GEX EU.
- Major upgrade for GEX North America users when installed with GEX NA.
- Synchronizes all GEX regions. No texture switching between regions.
- 1m/pixel - 1024x1024 Textures - No excessive resolution to render.
- Full texture support for SceneryTech and Xclass landclass products.
- Automated file backup system with merged region backup storage.
- Sync patches provided for UTX USACanadaUT Alaska and Europe.
- 2D enhancements produce simulated 3D depth in textures.
- Textures derived from licensed Arial and Satellite imagery.
- All seasons including snowy winters and mountain terrain.
- FSX tree render issue addressed in autogen annotation.
- Realistic custom designed night lighting textures.
- Improved default FSX road night lighting.
- Highly detailed aerial views.
- Natural seasonal blending.

Aeroplane Heaven Vickers Viscount for FSX - Now at SimMarket

The Aeroplane Heaven Vickers Viscount for FSX is now also available at SimMarket.  Boxed Version - Download Version

Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon for X-Plane Released

Carenado has released the Cessna C185F Skywagon for X-Plane.  Carenado - Store - SimMarket

- 300A Navomatic autopilot.
- Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded from the original aircraft.
- Polygon optimized model. Friendly FPS.
- Eye candies (wheel chocks, pitot cover, sights prop and tiedown ropes).
- Nightlight effects on panel and plane exterior.
- Separate switches for instrument lights and dome light.
- Toggle yoke at VC.
- Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Accurately reproduced flight characteristics.
- Realistic weight and balance.
- Realistic textures.
- Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels.
- Animated sections such as: doors, sun visor and copilot seat.

Blue Sky Scenery - San Simeon, Santa Lucia Range Photo Scenery

Blue Sky Scenery has released the freeware San Simeon, Santa Lucia Range photo scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Aerosoft Maastricht Aachen Airport (EHBK) - Coming to FS2004

Aerosoft has announced development of Maastricht Aachen Airport (EHBK) for FS2004. Details Here

Aerosoft Rockwell OV-10 Bronco for FSX - Full Version Announced

Aerosoft has announced the upcoming 'Full Version' of the Rockwell OV-10 Bronco for FSX. Details Here

There will be 11 additional models:
- California Dept. of Forestry & Fire Protection
- Long Range Variant: 1 X Center Tank 230 gal + 2x Wing Tank 100 gal (Army,Marines similar)
- Close Air Support Marines: 1 X Center Tank 150 gal(Marines) + 4xLAU32 (4x7 Rocket tubes)
- Close Air Support Air Force: 1 X Center Tank 230 gal, + 4xLAU32 (4x7 Rocket tubes)
- Close Air Support Marines: 4 X MK82
- Close Air Support Air Force: 4 X MK82
- Patrol Marines : 1 X Center Tank 150 gal
- Patrol Air Force : 1 X Center Tank 230 gal
- Clean Marines
- Clean Air Force

FS Flight Keeper - Version 3.30 Update Available

FS Flight Keeper for FSX and FS2004 has been updated to version 3.30. Available at the Product Page.

3.3 Minor Update:
- Added Active Sky 2012 Support
- Some events not recorded if iFly 737 is installed
- Fixed some typos in Airlines.cfg
- Updated to FSUIPC v3.998 and v4.758
- Active WMO station list (as of January 2012)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

X-Plane 10 - What’s Next After 10.03

Ben Supnik has posted an article concerning upcoming X-Plane 10 development on the X-Plane Developer Blog.

IXEG Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane - CATIIIA Approach Video

The International X-Plane Engineering Group has posted this CATIIIA approach video from the Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane.

More Previews from the Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Bell 222

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming Bell 222 for FSX.

Aerowinx PSX Boeing 747 Simulator Alpha Video

Aerowinx has posted this alpha video from the PSX Boeing 747 simulator currently under development.

New Pacific Islands Simulation Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) Previews

Pacific Islands Simulation has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) scenery for FSX.

More McPhat Studios ATR 72-500 for X-Plane Screenshots

McPhat Studios has more preview screenshots from the upcoming ATR 72-500 for X-Plane.

More Lockheed Martin F-35A Project News

Dino Cattaneo has posted more information on the Lockheed Martin F-35A project currently under development.

Aerosoft Robin DR400-140B - New Screenshots

The developer of the upcoming Aerosoft Robin DR.400-140B for FSX has posted new preview screenshots.

Freeware RIVA Super Ariston for X-Plane

The freeware RIVA Super Ariston for X-Plane is now available to download at the XPFR Website.