Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dreamfoil Creations Robinson R22 for X-Plane Released

Dreamfoil Creations has released the long-awaited Robinson R22 for X-Plane. Details and purchase at the Store.

-Accurate Flight Dynamics (Tested by Real Pilots)
-Real Procedures - Realistic Autorotation
-Main Rotor inertia correctly done - Rotor stall simulated
-Low-G Mast Bumping - Accurate Manifold Pressure
-Balance/CG simulation
-Governor and Correlator fully simulated - Carb Ice simulation
-First to fully simulate Circuit Breakers
-Removable Copilot/Passenger controls
-Cyclic/Collective frictions - Realistic systems interaction
-Rotor Brake and Clutch simulation
-Blade Flex / Coning - Ground Handling Wheels
-Removable Doors - High quality 3D model for interior and exterior
-Instruments Reflections - Detailed 3D Main Rotor / Tail Rotor
-High quality 3D Pilot and weight representation.
-High definition textures
-Flexible landing skids with correct friction
-Low rpm resonance vibrations - Skids splitting with impact
-Mixture Guard - Windscreen Wool
-Compass and Climb vibrations
-Controls stability sliders for beginners
-Custom Camera views
-Cowl Doors for inspection/panel lights testing
-Hobbsmeter to count your total flight time (per livery/repaint)
-Config saving - Night lighting textures
-Interactive checklist accessible from cockpit 

Includes the unique DreamEngine Plugin for best sound experience
-High quality sounds - 3D Positional sound simulation
-Doppler Effect
-Environment Frequency Attenuation by distance
-HeadPhone simulation (High Frequencies Attenuation)
-Blade Slap simulation - Transmission sound
-Skids ground friction sound - Strobe light sound

DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane Development Announced

SoulMade Simulations has announced development of the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane.

The DHC-2 will feature:
- an accurate and detailed visual representation of the aircraft
- a 3D cockpit with all siwtches, lever, knobs working like in the real aircraft
- an accurate flight model
- custom systems simulation, by using plug-ins
- custom sound by using plug-ins, and not just the engine. You will hear much more!
- things I don't want to reveal yet

Lionheart Creations 50% Off Turboprop Weekend Sale

Lionheart Creations is offering 50% off on the Kodiak and Epic for FSX and FS2004. Sale Ends October 16th 2011.

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) Douglas DC-10 Development Video

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) has posted the first development video from the Douglas DC-10 Sound Package.

New Orbx Libraries 111014 Now Available

Orbx has updated their scenery libraries to version 111014. Download at the Orbx Support Website.

- Updated PeopleFlow object library V1.1
- Updated NatureFlow object library V1.1
- Updated Orbx Control Panel V2.1
- New blue line markings and lighting updates for NZ airports
- Other bug fixes and improvements

FSAddon Lockheed Hudson W.I.P. Screenshots

FSAddon has posted several work in progress screenshots from the upcoming Lockheed Hudson.

Devinci Design San Diego Intl. Airport (KSAN) Development Video

Devinci Design has posted the first development video from the upcoming San Diego Intl. Airport (KSAN) for FSX.

Carenado A36 Bonanza for FSX Service Pack 20111014

Carenado has released Service Pack 20111014 to the Beechcraft A36 Bonanza for FSX.

- Yaw damper activation fixed

- Problem with trim fixed
- Prop deice activation fixed
- Some autopilot improvements

New Aerosoft PZL-104 Wilga Preview Pictures

Aerosoft has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming PZL-104 Wilga for FSX.

Freeware Nord 3400 Norbarbe for FSX

Gilles Faulmeyer and the Restauravia Team have released the freeware Nord 3400 Norbarbe for FSX at AVSIM.

Freeware Nomos Irakliou and Lasithiou Photo Scenery for FSX

Angelo Tassoglou has released the freeware Nomos Irakliou and Lasithiou photo scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Updated Cirrus SR2X for X-Plane Released

Jason Chandler has updated the Cirrus SR2X series aircraft for X-Plane. Available at AIR.C74.NET.

Just Flight - Air Hauler for FSX and FS2004 Special Sale

Just Flight is now offering Air Hauler for FSX and FS2004 at the special price of £10.00/€12.50/$15.00. Until Oct 18th 2011

More San Francisco Intl. Aiport (KSFO) for X-Plane Screenshots

Tom Curtis has posted more screenshots from the San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) scenery for X-Plane.

Synchro-Soft Cessna 208 Caravan Soundset for FSX

Synchro-Soft has released the Cessna 208 Caravan Soundset for FSX. Details and purchase at SimMarket.

Pacific Islands Simulation - First Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) Teasers

Pacific Islands Simulation has posted the first preview teasers from the upcoming Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) scenery for FSX.

San Pedro de Atacama (SCPE) Night Lighting Preview Picture

Another preview picture has been posted from the San Pedro de Atacama (SCPE) project for FSX and FS2004.

McPhat PMDG 737NGX Freeware Ryanair Livery Preview

McPhat Studios has posted several previews from the upcoming freeware PMDG 737NGX Ryanair Livery for FSX.

First PMDG Boeing 737-600 Livery Preview

PMDG has has posted the first livery preview from the -600 variant of the Boeing 737NGX for FSX.

Orbx Skagit Regional & Anacortes Video

Another video has been released featuring the Orbx Skagit Regional (KBVS) and Anacortes (74S) sceneries for FSX.

More Orbx PNW Anacortes Airport (74S) Preview Images

Orbx has posted more preview images from the soon to be released Anacortes Airport (74S) scenery for FSX.

All Mike Ray E-Books 40% Off at feelThere

feelThere is offering a 40% discount on all Mike Ray e-books. Valid until October 22nd 2011.

New Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco W.I.P. Previews

Aerosoft has posted new development previews from the Rockwell OV-10 Bronco for FSX.

Freeware Head Up Display (HUD) for FSX

Dietmar Loleit has released the freeware Head Up Display (HUD) for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Freeware Sligo Airport (EISG) for FSX

George Keogh has released the Freeware Sligo Airport (EISG) for FSX.  Download Airport  -  Download Object Library

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Microsoft Flight October 2011 Preview Screenshots

The Microsoft Flight Team has posted several new preview screenshots from the upcoming simulator.

Boeing 757-200 for X-Plane Livery Preview 9

Ramzzess has posted more livery previews from the Boeing 757-200 for X-Plane in the Forums.

Onet Valley - Wattay Intl. Airport (VLVT) for FSX Released

Onet Valley has released Wattay Intl. Airport (VLVT) for FSX. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Fully GMAX model detail texture and gound polygon
Main terminal and concourses
Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse.
Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights
Custom Gmax ground texture
Extremely detailed taxiways and runways.

First PMDG Boeing 737-700 Livery Preview

PMDG has has posted the first livery preview from the -700 variant of the Boeing 737NGX for FSX.

A-Flight Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK) Night Lighting Previews

A-Flight has posted several night lighting previews from the upcoming Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK) for FSX.

FSD October Savings Discounts

FlightSim Developers (FSD) is offering October Savings Discounts with 25% off select items. Until October 31st 2011.

Freeware Toncontín Intl. Airport (MHTG) for X-Plane

The freeware Toncontín International Airport (MHTG) for X-Plane is now available to download at

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JRollon Remote CDU for the Canadair CRJ-200 Announced

JRollon has announced development of the HTML5 based Remote CDU update to the Canadair CRJ-200 for X-Plane.

New Agusta A109 for X-Plane Development Renders

New development renders from the Agusta A109 for X-Plane have been posted in the Forums.

MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane - Avionics Preview

Aubrey has posted previews of the avionics suite from the MD Helicopters MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane.

Take On Helicopters - Pre-Order Beta at SimMarket

The pre-order beta version of Take On Helicopters is now also available to purchase at SimMarket.

Main Features
Total Helicopter Experience - Both in the air & on the ground.
Authentic Flight Model - Incredibly realistic piloting experience.
Expansive Rich Environments - Two enormous terrains based upon real-world North American and South Asian data.
Range of Modern Helicopters - A variety of light, medium & heavy airframes & cockpits modelled with stunning detail.
Sandbox Single-Player Campaign - Offering a huge range of engaging helicopter gameplay.
Multiplayer Gameplay - Both cooperative & competitive scenarios available over LAN or internet; sling-load & winching physics.
Powerful Mission Editor - Design & create countless customisable scenarios using the intuitive & easy-to-use mission editor.
Detailed Weather Simulation - Dynamic time & weather affects flight model.
Completely extensible & moddable - Bring your own creations to life with advanced free-to-use tools.
Damage & Resource management - Accurate fuel & electrics simulation.
Detailed tutorials & carefully designed gameplay - Caters for new players & enthusiasts alike.

Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 Icing Simulation Video

Majestic Software has posted another video demonstrating the simulation of icing on the upcoming Dash 8 Q400 for FSX.

More McPhat Studios PMDG 737 NGX HDT Comparisons

McPhat Studios has posted more comparisons from the upcoming PMDG 737 NGX High Definition Textures.

More LHSimulations Pécs-Pogány Airport (LHPP) for FSX Previews

LHSimulations has posted more preview pictures from Pécs-Pogány International Airport (LHPP) for FSX.

TSS Boeing 737 CFM56-3B HD Sound Package - New Preview Video

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) has posted another preview video from the Boeing 737 CFM56-3B HD Sound Package.

FSAddon Real Earth Dolomiti X - Tre Cime - Update Available

FSAddon has released updated textures to Real Earth Dolomiti X - Tre Cime for FSX. More information here.

Freeware Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde 2011 - Final Version

Libardo Guzman has released the final version of the freeware Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde 2011 for FSX and FS2004.

Freeware Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (LFSB) - Updated Beta Available

The freeware Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport (LFSB) Beta for FSX has been updated to version 2.01. Download Here

Freeware Three Sisters Range Photo Scenery for FSX

Timothy Marson has released the freeware Three Sisters Range photo scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freeware Salzgitter-Druette Airport (EDVS) for X-Plane

Christer Häberli has released the freeware Salzgitter-Druette Airport (EDVS) for X-Plane. Download at

San Francisco Scenery for X-Plane by Tom Curtis Announced

Tom Curtis has announced development of the Golden Gate San Francisco scenery for X-Plane.

KSFO - San Francisco International
KOAK - Oakland
KSJC - San Jose International
KNUQ - Moffat Field
KHWD - Hayward
KSQL - San Carlos
KPAO - Palo Alto
KHAF - Half Moon Bay

Vitavia Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King for FSX at SimMarket

The Vitavia Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King for FSX is now available to purchase at SimMarket.

TEN model variations with TWENTY detailed texture sets :
full FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing etc)
authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
rear cabin area included in VC
night lighting effects in VC
separately switchable cabin/instrument lighting
working windscreen wipers
special custom-made gauges for Hover Control, CDI and GVI (drift)
stunning realistic texturing with highly detailed weathering
high quality TSS Sea King soundset included
togglable realistic pilot figures with animations
researched and authnetic (with FSX limitations) flight dynamics
animated entry door, side door
side winch supported
note - no 2D panel provided
21 -page PDF illustrated user manual in .pdf format