Friday, August 24, 2012

Sporty's Academy Webinar - Choosing the Right Portable GPS

AFS Design - F-4 Phantom II for FSX and FS2004 Released

AFS Design has released the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II for FSX and FS2004. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

TropicalSim 15 Caribbean Airports Pack for FSX Released

TropicalSim has released the 15 Caribbean Airports Pack for FSX. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Included Airports:
- Antigua VC Bird Intl' Airport TAPA
- Aruba Intl' Airport TNCA
- Bonaire Intl' Airport TNCB
- Cancún Intl' Airport MMUN
- Canefield Airport TDCF
- Curaçao - Hato Intl' Airport TNCC
- Melville Hall Airport TDPD
- Nassau Intl' Airport MYNN
- Punta Cana Intl' Airport MDPC
- Providenciales Intl' Airport MBPV
- Santiago Cibao Intl' Airport MDST
- St. Lucia Hewanorra TLPL
- St. Thomas Intl' Airport TIST
- Terrance B. Lettsome Airport TUPJ
- Tocumen Intl' Airport MPTO

RAZBAM AV-8B Harrier II for FSX and P3D Released

RAZBAM has released the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II for FSX and Prepar3D. Details and Purchase

Systems Features:
- Tactical Navigation Computer
- Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments
- Detailed representation of the aircraft?s Gunsight.
- Detailed MPCD (Multi Purpose Color Displays) with in-depth functionality.
- Fully operational Radar with A/A and A/G master modes, capable of locking and tracking a target into interception.
- Complete representation of the armament panel, with working armament stations, fuzing, selection, weapon delivery modes
- Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels
- Detailed fuel panel
- Simulated Oxigen system
- Detailed cockpit and exterior lights
- Accurate weapon loadouts including orndance weight.
Exterior Features:
- Highly detailed exterior representation of AV-8B Plus which include:
- Working engine nozzles.
- Working air refueling probe.
- Accurate external loadouts.
- Dropable ordnance in free flight?s with multiple ordnance release options
- Accurate aircraft lights

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 - More Previews from McPhat Studios

McPhat Studios has added more preview screenshots from the upcoming Coolsky Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

LHSimulations Hungary AI Traffic Pack - Version 1.1 Available

LHSimulations has updated the freeware Hungary AI Traffic Pack for FS2004 to version 1.1. More Information

Dino Cattaneo Lockheed Martin F-35 for FSX - Version 2.05 Available

Dino Cattaneo has updated the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II for FSX to version 2.05. Details Here

TSS - Pratt & Whitney PW4060 HD Sound Package Bundle Preview

Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) posted this preview video from the upcoming Pratt & Whitney PW4060 HD Sound Package.

Golden Age Simulations de Havilland DH.60 Moth Revealed

Golden Age Simulations has posted this teaser screenshot from the upcoming de Havilland DH.60 Moth for FSX.

Real New Zealand Supercity Auckland - Orbx NZNI Patch Available

Godzone Virtual Flight has posted this patch to resolve issues with Real New Zealand Supercity Auckland and Orbx NZNI.

Freeware Basler BT-67 for FSX - Version 3 Previews

Daniel Furnkas has posted first preview screenshots from the upcoming version 3 of the freeware Basler BT-67 for FSX.

Flightbeam Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. Airport (KPHX) for FSX Released

Flightbeam has released the long awaited Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. Airport (KPHX) scenery for FSX. Product Page

Scenery Features:
- Stunning 2048x2048 High Definition textures for terminals
- Active Jetways
- Native GSX Support, no GSX purchase required!
- Built-in shadows with no framerate loss
- Moving trams and custom animations
- Three highly detailed taxiway bridges
- Animated hold short lights
- Reflective windows
- Static aircrafts with realistic shadows
- High tech optimization for best performance
- .. and MUCH more

Ultimate Terrain X - Tropical America and Caribbean - Released

Scenery Solutions has released Ultimate Terrain X - Tropical America and Caribbean for FSX. Details at the Product Page.

Scenery Features:
- Accurate roads, with moving traffic on major roads.
- Extremely accurate water features and coastlines.
- Detailed ground polygons (parking lots, parks, grassy areas, etc).
- Enhanced vegetation landclass.
- Most accurate urban landclass available, with most textures hand selected using the most appropriate FSX landclass texture.
- Accurately placed bridges for roads and railroads.
- Scenery Solutions unique night lighting using light point models.
- Nearly 200 airports corrected from a location and elevation standpoint.
- Bonus: Over 30 enhanced coastal ports with accurately placed objects, including: piers, boats, buildings, clutter and more....

Flight1 Weekly Special - $10.00 off the Dodosim Bell 206 JetRanger

Flight One Software is currently offering $10.00 off the Dodosim Bell 206 JetRanger. Valid until August 29th 2012.

Alabeo WACO YMF - Almost Done

Alabeo has posted more preview pictures from the soon to be released WACO Classic YMF biplane for FSX.

Aerosoft - Saarbrücken Airport (EDDR) - New Teaser

Aerosoft has posted another teaser screenshot from the upcoming Saarbrücken Airport (EDDR) scenery for FSX.

Aerosoft - General Aviation Weekend Sale

Aerosoft is offering 20% discounts on the Katana, Wilga, Dimona, DO-27, and more. Valid through August 27th 2012.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Taxi2Gate Asunción Paraguay Airport (SGAS) for FSX Released

Taxi2Gate has released the Asunción Paraguay Airport (SGAS) scenery for FSX. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

Scenery Features:
- Custom Ground Textures
- Custom Photo Scenery (All Asuncion city included)
- Custom mesh
- Hand placed Autogen
- Carefully detailed 3d objects
- Full detail Buildings
- Realistic Ground Markings
- Numerous static objects
- Fencing
- Realistic ground textures
- Night ilumination
- Volumetric Grass
- FPS friendly

QualityWings Ultimate 146/Avro RJ Collection for FSX & P3D Released

QualityWings has released the Ultimate 146/Avro RJ Collection for FSX & P3D. Product Page - Flight1 Software

Key Features:
- Exceptional attention to detail and typical characteristics of the BAe146 and Avro RJ
- High resolution texturing
- Multi-Stage super detailed night lighting
- NAV lights and Strobes cast light splashes on the ground
- Over 100 realistic Animations, including:
- Shock Strut Compression controlled by XML (no tire sinking into the ground)
- Realistic XML controlled Wingflex, reacting to turbulences
- Realistic XML controlled Flap system
- XML controlled detailed Airbrake and Liftdumpers ( depending on Hydraulic Pressure )
- XML controlled rudder (locks at low speeds to simulate Tiller control)
- All primary and secondary Flight Controls including tab-controlled aileron and elevator
- Working two-speed wipers
- Super Smooth Gear animation
- Realistic Nose Wheel Steering
- Moving Pilots 
- Animated Airstair
- Entry/Cargo Doors with CORRECT animation (controllable by the Qualitywings Control Panel)
- AOA Sensor
- Wheel Chocks
- Engine Covers
- Remove Before Flight tags
- Ground Power Unit
- Detailed 2D Cockpit featuring both Widescreen (16:10 aspect ratio) and Standard (4:3 aspect ratio) resolution bitmaps
- Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit with parallel functionality as 2D environment. If it works in the 2D, it works in the 3D
- Autopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Flight Level Change and Autoland capability
- Thrust Rating Panel
- Full simulation of Electric, Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
- Transponder with FSINN / Squawkbox compatibility
- Traffic Collision Avoidance System with aural warning sounds
- Customizable Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with FULL Altitude Callout. You choose which callouts you want!
- Standard and LITE panel modes available on the fly via the QualityWings Control Panel. Standard mode balances realism and simplified approach. 
- Optional LITE mode available for those who REALLY want things SIMPLE.
- Options Galore (Available via Config file)
- Two different Flight Management Systems depending on variant selected (GNLU910 or GNS-XLS)
- Over 200 Annunciators
- Master Warning and Central Status Panel
- Selectable Landing Flap Datum
- Steep Approach mode (inhibits GPWS warnings)
- Speedcard giving you the correct reference speeds
- Realistic but balanced Flight Model
- Developed according to original documentation and under real life Avro pilot assistance
- Authentic Soundset for the Allied Signal LF-507 engine
- Optimized to eliminate phasing sounds
- Flightdeck Environment Sounds (Equipment Cooling, FSB/NS Signs, etc.)
- Aural Warnings (Chimes, Horns, etc.)
- Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
- Realistic Click-sounds in the Cockpit
- Characteristic Flap extension / retraction wind sounds (howl)
- Over 60 High Quality liveries to choose from. Every livery is created with exceptional attention to detail.
- Detailed but easy to use repaint kit

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1209 Available

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1209 is now available. Purchase Credit Packs at Navigraph or SimMarket.

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 - More Previews from McPhat Studios

McPhat Studios has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Coolsky Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

LHSimulations Győr-Pér Intl. Airport (LHPR) - X-Plane Teaser

LHSimulations has posted another teaser screenshot from the upcoming X-Plane version of Győr-Pér Intl. Airport (LHPR).

Bangkok Airports from A_A Sceneries

A_A Sceneries has announced development of the Suvarnabhumi (VTBS), Don Mueang (VTBD) airports and Bangkok City.

Freeware Lanyu Airport (RCLY) for FSX

Shigeru Tomino has released the freeware Lanyu Airport (RCLY) for FSX. Available to download at

Philadelphia Intl. Airport (KPHL) Add-On for Tower! 2011 Released

feelThere has released the Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL) add-on for Tower! 2011. Product Page

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports Vol.3 - Updates Available

Drzewiecki Design has updated Polish Airports Vol.3 to Version 1.1 for FSX and Version 1.6 for FS2004.

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 - Training Preview

Coolsky has posted a preview of the integrated cockpit training system on the Coolsky Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

Carenado Cessna C337 Skymaster for FS2004 Revealed

Carenado has revealed development of the Cessna C337 Skymaster for FS2004. Preview Screenshots Here

Carenado Cessna CT182T Skylane for FSX and P3D - SP1 (20120822)

Carenado has released Service Pack 1 (20120822) to the Cessna CT182T Skylane G1000 for FSX and P3D.

- Multiplayer flood issue
- Frozen compass
- Duplicated letter when typing airport identification in G1000
- STD BARO number setting
- Internal sounds
- Click spots areas of G1000
- STBY BATT switch operative for startup
 - Calibrated TIT and EGT readout
- 2D ADF (with the autopilot windows) for easiness manipulation.
- Wrong messages in the PFD when using autopilot.
Special feature added:
- One click spot added on the upper left corner of each PFD and MFD for turning on/off the 3D screen.
- This will improves performance if you fly using only 2D windows or not using the MFD in the VC.

Blue Sky Scenery - YNP, Part 4: Northeast, Beartooth Wilderness

Blue Sky Scenery has released Yellowstone National Park, Part 4: Northeast, Beartooth Wilderness for FSX.

Alabeo WACO YMF - Interior Pictures

Alabeo has posted several interior pictures from the soon to be released WACO Classic YMF biplane for FSX.

Monday, August 20, 2012

DMO Flight Design - Sikorsky S-92 for X-Plane - Released

DMO Flight Design has released the Sikorsky S-92 for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10. Available at the Store.

Aircraft Features:
- Custom Sounds, Featuring Real Interior and Exterior recordings of S-92 Engines, Rotors and APU.
- 22 Total Liveries
- Animated Flight Controls, Rotor Hubs and Control Surfaces
- 3 Variations of Animated Pilots
- Emergency Floats
- Detailed 3D Cockpit and Cabin with Animated Switches, Knobs and Levers
- Interactive Light Controls for the Cockpit and Cabin
- Animated Landing Gear Retraction and Strut Compression
- Custom Airfoils Based on Sikorsky Blade Design
- Realistic Flight Characteristics
- Anti-Ice Systems and Ice Build-up on Windows in 3D cockpit
- Animated Cargo Ramp
- Custom Instrument Panels
- FMS/GPS - Autopilot

Dreamfoil/Nemeth Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil - Medical Livery

DreamFoil Creations has posted more previews from the upcoming Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil for X-Plane 10.

FranceVFR Poitou-Charentes Photo HD - Preview Screenshots

FranceVFR has posted preview screenshots from the upcoming Poitou-Charentes Photo HD scenery for FSX.

UK2000 Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) V3 - Preview Screenshots

Gary Summons has posted preview screenshots from the upcoming version 3 of UK2000 Edinburgh Airport (EGPH).

TASoftware Plan-G Version Released

The freeware Plan-G VFR Flight Planer version has been released. Details and download at the Product Page.

New features in Version 3.0:
- OpenStreetMaps interface
- Supports X-Plane 9 and 10
- Insert Snippet files and QuickSnippets into a plan
- Show multiple VOR & NDB radials
- Local KML & KMZ file support
- Aircraft performance profiles
- PFD chart viewer
- COM/NAV Radio stack
- Autopilot
- Enhanced Quick Planner
- Online VATSIM controllers and aircraft shown on map
- Many more UI enhancements

Orbx FTX NZNI New Zealand North Island - Plan-G Data Files

Dieter Linde has posted Plan-G Data Files for the Orbx FTX NZNI - New Zealand North Island region.

Freeware Socata TB10 Tobago for FSX, FS2004 and P3D

The freeware Socata TB10 Tobago is now available to download at Rikoooo.  FSX/P3D Version - FS2004 Version

Lionheart Creations Robin DR.400-180 for FSX and P3D Released

Lionheart Creations has released the Robin DR.400-180 for FSX and Prepar3D. Details and Purchase at the Product Page.

Aircraft Features:
- 5 Aircraft liverie paint schemes
- Detailed instrument panel with all 3D switches and knobs, animated as well
- Sophisticated Garmin GNS-430 GPS nav system
- Authentic Robin fuel, tachometer, and air speed instruments including popup window modes
- High detail interior
- Authentic starter button at fuel selector
- Animated pilot that scans instruments and the horizon

LHSimulations Hungary Landmarks Pack - New FSX Previews

LHSimulations has posted previews from the next version of the freeware Hungary Landmarks Pack for FSX.

LatinVFR - L.F. Wade Intl. Airport (TXKF) for FS2004 Released

The recently released LatinVFR Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF) scenery is now also available for FS2004.

KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee Official Trailer

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 1.4 Released

Lockheed Martin has released version 1.4 of the Prepar3D flight simulator. Details and download at the P3D Website.

Verison 1.4 Highlights:
- Mooney Acclaim (from Lionheart Creations)
- T-6 Texan (from IRIS Flight Simulation Software)
- AMD Eyefinity technology support

Freeware Heringsdorf Airport (EDAH) for FS2004

The freeware Heringsdorf Airport (EDAH) scenery for FS2004 is now available to download at AVSIM and

Coolsky Douglas DC-9 - Auto Config Preview

Coolsky has posted a preview of the auto config function on the soon to be released Coolsky Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

Classics Hangar Focke-Wulf Fw 190D - Progress Pictures

Classics Hangar has posted new development screenshots from the upcoming Focke-Wulf Fw 190D for FSX.