Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Flight - Boxed Classics Summer Sale

747-200 Ready For Pushback (for FS2004)
Was: £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45
NOW ONLY: £3.99 / €4.95 / $5.99

DC9-30 Professional (for FS2002 & FS2004)
Was: £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45
NOW ONLY: £2.99 / €3.75 / $4.49

Roads & Rivers of Europe (for FS2004)
Was: £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45
NOW ONLY: £2.99 / €3.75 / $4.49

707 Professional (for FS2004)
Was: £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45
NOW ONLY: £2.99 / €3.75 / $4.49

Pearl Harbor (for CFS2)
Was: £9.99 / €12.95 / $14.99
NOW ONLY: £2.99 / €3.75 / $4.49

Emma Field (for FS2002)
Was: £9.99 / €12.95 / $14.99
NOW ONLY: £1.99 / €2.45 / $2.99

VFR Airfields (for FS2002 & FS2004)
Vol. 1 -Black Forest, Vol. 2 & Bavarian Alps & Vol. 3 - Northern Bavaria

Was: £10.20 / €13.25 / $15.30
NOW ONLY: £1.99 / €2.45 / $2.99

GB Airports (for FS2002)
Was: £9.99 / €12.95 / $14.99
NOW ONLY: £1.99 / €2.45 / $2.99

World Airliners 747-400 & 777-200 Pro (for FS2000 & FS2002)
Was: £14.99 / €18.95 / $21.99
NOW ONLY: £2.99 / €3.75 / $4.49

World Airliners + 747 Video PAL (for FS2000 & FS2002)
Was:£19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99
NOW ONLY: £3.99/ €4.95 / $5.99

Onet Valley - Phnom Penh Intl. Airport (VDPP) Released

Onet Valley has released Phnom Penh Intl. Airport (VDPP) for FS2004. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

The airport It has one runway designed 05/23 with an asphalt surface measuring 3,000 by 44 metres
Fully GMAX model detail texture and gound polygon
Main terminal and concourses
Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse.
Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights
Custom Gmax ground texture
Extremely detailed taxiways and runways.

QualityWings BAe146/Avro RJ Virtual Cockpit Previews

QualityWings has posted new virtual cockpit previews from the BAe146/Avro RJ for FSX and FS2004.

McPhat Studios Boeing 747 World Airliners 1 Promo Video

McPhat Studios posted a promotional video for the PMDG Boeing 747 World Airliners 1 High Definition Textures (HDT).

Orbx CityScape Canberra Simulator Video

Another video has been posted of Orbx CityScape Canberra for FSX in the R-22 simulator.

Freeware Ljubljana Airport (LJLJ) for X-Plane

Christer Häberli has released the freeware Ljubljana Airport (LJLJ) for X-Plane. Download at

Friday, August 26, 2011

IXEG Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane W.I.P. Cockpit Picture

The International X-Plane Engineering Group (IXEG) has posted this W.I.P. picture from the Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane.

Airbus A340-300 for X-Plane Preview Screenshots

Several new preview screenshots have been posted from the Airbus A340-300 for X-Plane.

More Preview Pictures from the Dreamfoil Creations Robinson R22

Dreamfoil Creations has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming Robinson R22 for X-Plane.

Take On Helicopters - Community Preview Build 84010

Take On Helicopters Community Preview build 84010 is available. Note: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is required.

Flysimware 1947 Cessna 120 3D for FSX Now at SimMarket

The Flysimware 1947 Cessna 120 3D for FSX is now available to purchase at SimMarket.

X-Plane 10 Release Date set at Christmas 2011

Laminar Research has set the release date for X-Plane 10 at Christmas 2011. Read the announcement.

McPhat Studios Boeing 767 World Airliners 5 Promo Video

McPhat Studios posted a promotional video for the Level-D Boeing 767 World Airliners 5 High Definition Textures (HDT).

IRIS Alenia C-27J Spartan for FSX Announced

IRIS Flight Simulation Software has announced the Alenia C-27J Spartan for FSX. View previews here.

New Previews from the Bangkok City Scenery for FS2004

New preview pictures has been posted from the upcoming Bangkok City Scenery for FS2004.

Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) BAe 146 for FSX Preview

Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) has posted the first preview pictures from the BAe 146 for FSX.

FSX & FS2004 Navaids Update 1109 by Hervé Sors

Hervé Sors has released Navaids Update 1109 for FSX and FS2004 on his website. Flight Simulator Navaids Page

First Eiresim London Luton (EGGW) for FSX Previews

Eiresim has posted the first preview pictures from the upcoming London Luton Airport (EGGW) for FSX.

CaptainSim 737-100 Lufthansa Preview Picture

CaptainSim has posted another screenshot of the upcoming Boeing B737-100 for FSX in Lufthansa livery.

Aerosoft Keflavik Airport (BIKF) Version 1.01 Now Available

Aerosoft has updated Keflavik Airport (BIKF) for FSX and FS2004 to version 1.01. View Product Page.

Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco Preview Picture and Status Update

Aerosoft has posted another preview pictures and status update on the OV-10 Bronco for FSX.

Aerosoft 20% Off German Airports Weekend Sale

Aerosoft is holding a 20% off on all German Airports weekend sale. Valid thru August 29th 2011.

Freeware Sabiha Gökçen Intl. Airport (LTFJ) for FS2004

Neil Wing has released the freeware Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (LTFJ) for FS2004. Download at AVSIM.

Freeware Randall Airport (06N) for FSX

Freeware Randall Airport (06N) Middletown, New York for FSX is available to download at Simviation.

Freeware Privolzhskiy Airbase (UPWA) for X-Plane

The freeware Privolzhskiy Airbase (UPWA) scenery for X-Plane is now available to download at AVSIMrus.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aeroplane Heaven Vickers Viscount Preview Pictures

Aeroplane Heaven is developing the Vickers Viscount for FSX. Preview screenshots at the Just Flight product page.

Carenado Cessna C337 Skymaster Cockpit Lighting Previews

Carenado has posted several cockpit lighting previews from the Cessna C337 Skymaster for FSX.

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1109

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1109 is now available for purchase at Navigraph or SimMarket.

First Orbx PNW Anacortes Airport (74S) Preview Images

Orbx has posted the first preview images from the upcoming Anacortes Airport (74S) for FSX.

New Orbx FTX New Zealand South Texture Previews

Orbx has posted new texture previews from the upcoming FTX New Zealand South for FSX.

Freeware RSDT Romania VFR Prahova Valley for FS2004

The Romania Scenery Design Team (RSDT) has released freeware Romania VFR Prahova Valley for FS2004.

New Baja Sim - La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) Previews

Baja Sim has posted new preview pictures from La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) for FSX and FS2004.

Aerosoft Approaching Innsbruck for FSX and Maldives X Updated

Aerosoft has updated Approaching Innsbruck for FSX to version 1.20 and Maldives X to version 1.02. Details Here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boeing 757-200 for X-Plane Livery Preview 5

Ramzzess has posted more livery previews from the Boeing 757-200 for X-Plane in the Forums.

MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane HEMS Interior Previews

New HEMS interior previews from the MD Helicopters MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane.

New Learjet 23 for X-Plane Preview Screenshots

The developer of the Learjet 23 for X-Plane has posted new preview screenshots in the Forums.

FranceVFR Pays-de-Loire Photo HD Now at SimMarket

FranceVFR Pays-de-Loire Photo HD for FSX is now also available to purchase at SimMarket.

High resolution photoreal scenery covering a French region.
0.85 to 1 meter resolution ground texture made from aerial photography (IGN) retreated for an optimal visual rendition in FSX (summer only).
High resolution real 19 meter (LOD11) optimized custom mesh incuded.
All lakes and rivers have been entirely cut out and faithfully represented, reworked with bodies of landable water.
Water transparency effects for the whole scenery coverage.
Optional Waterclass and original water texture provided.
Extremely precise geo-referenced texture positionning is carried out in order to ensure a maximal compatibility with scenery add-ons for this region.
Process development is fully conform to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X® SDK, ensuring a maximal compatibility with future versions of Flight Simulator.
Open scenery concept allows an easy integration of scenery add-ons from other editors.

Active Sky Evolution Service Pack 3 Released

HiFi Technologies has released Active Sky Evolution Service Pack 3 for FSX and FS2004.

Changes in Service Pack 3:
- Reduced sensitivity of location change detection which was previously activating improperly while using the SLEW function, 

  causing unnecessary resets and refreshes.
- Improved interpolation of precipitation types snow/rain, so that rain will not be improperly depicted when temperatures indicate freezing.
- Added new “Force ATC Wind Lock” option. When enabled, surface winds will not change, and ATC runway assignment conflicts should be avoided.

  The locked wind will be “reset” when you cross the 80nm threshold to your destination, if using a flightplan, or within 3000ft AGL of the surface otherwise, 
  in order to allow the wind to update to the latest conditions before arrival, but only once.
- Fixed problem on server relating to 116 “lingering” stations that were providing stale aloft data.
- Fixed problem with aloft interpolation logic that would cause improper wind directions in some cases.

New Previews from the Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Bell 222

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming Bell 222 for FSX.

Orbx FTX Pacific Northwest Demo Version 2 Released

Orbx has updated the FTX Pacific Northwest Demo to version 2, now includes freeware Bowerman Airport (KHQM).

Freeware Orbx Bowerman Airport (KHQM) Now Available

Orbx has released the freeware Bowerman Airport (KHQM) scenery for FSX.
Available as stand-alone download (PNW.004 required) or with the updated FTX Pacific Northwest Demo V2.

Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 Virtual Cockpit Lighting Previews

Samdim has posted several virtual cockpit lighting previews from the upcoming Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 for FSX.

Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' Updated to V1.02

Aerosoft has updated the Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X to version 1.02. View Product Page.

California Classic Propliners Lockheed L-188 Electra for FS2004

California Classic Propliners has updated the freeware Lockheed L-188 Electra for FS2004.