Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shade Tree Micro Aviation 25% Off Weekend Sale

Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) is offering 25% off on all their X-Plane aircraft, this weekend only.

VRS TacPack Status Update and Screenshots

Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) has posted a status update and several screenshots from TacPack for FSX.

New UK2000 Newcastle Intl. Airport (EGNT) Preview Images

UK2000 has posted new preview images from Newcastle Intl. Airport (EGNT) for FSX and FS2004.

Orbx Diamond Point (2WA1) and Olympic Field (WA45) Beta Video

View the video from Orbx Diamond Point Airport (2WA1) and Olympic Field (WA45) for FSX on YouTube.

More Orbx Diamond Point Airport (2WA1) Previews

Orbx has posted a few more preview screenshots from the upcoming Diamond Point Airport (2WA1) for FSX.

More Baja Sim San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) for FSX Previews

Baja Sim has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) for FSX.

Classics Hangar Messerschmitt BF-108 'Taifun' Patch 1.0d

Classics Hangar has patched the Messerschmitt BF-108 'Taifun' for FSX to version 1.0d. Classics Hangar Forums

V 1.0d
- Pilot can become visible when the aircraft is parked in a stiff headwind: fixed.
- erratic fuel lever animation when aircraft is over-throttled with a cold engine: fixed.

Friday, June 17, 2011

ImagineSim Denver Intl. Airport (KDEN) Version 2 Released

ImagineSim has released Denver Intl. Airport (KDEN) version 2 for FS2004 (for FSX coming soon).

Supression Flight - Ultimate Live Effects

Supression Flight has released 'Ultimate Live Effects' for FSX and FS2004, now available at SimMarket.

New Beacon Light’s
New Navigation Light’s
New Rotorcraft Water Effect
New Rotorcraft Surface Effect
New Non Prepared Runway Roll Effect
New Window Rain Effect
New Coast Waves
New Aurora Borealis!(This Is Beautiful!)
Improved Effects for Plane’s Crashing on Surface & Water
New Star’s For a Complete Night Flight X-Perience
No FP’s Impact!

Just Flight - de Havilland DH 106 Comet for FS2004 in Development

Just Flight has announced development of the de Havilland DH 106 Comet for FS2004. Just Flight Website

Nemerth Designs Agusta A109 for FSX Patch 1.01

Nemerth Designs has updated the Agusta A109 for FSX to version 1.01. Download at Nemeth Designs.

- The manual startup sequence can now be performed correctly in accordance to the Operation Manual.
- The XFEED function on the fuel system now works correctly.
- The measure on the DME now shows MHz instead of KHz.
- NR doesn't drop below zero after shutdown.

Mauritius Intl. Airport (FIMP) for FS2004 Previews

Max Kraus has posted several preview screenshots from his freeware Mauritius Intl. Airport (FIMP) for FS2004.

AivlaSoft Electronic Flight Bag Version 1.31 SP3

AivlaSoft has updated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to version 1.31 SP3. More information at the AivlaSoft Website.

Version 1.3.1 SP3 FIXED:
Sunrise and Sunset calculation raises an exception when the sun remains visible
FIXED: No installation logfile available if index creation is not successful
FIXED: Coordinate waypoints like N4530E01045 are not recognized as a valid waypoint
FIXED: Exception raised if BGL-file has a length of 0 bytes

More Aerosoft Keflavik Airport (BIKF) Previews

Aerosoft has posted more preview renders from the upcoming Keflavik Airport (BIKF) for FSX and FS2004.

New Skysoft Beijing Capital Intl. Airport (ZBAA) Dev. Pictures

Skysoft Simulation has posted new development pictures from Beijing Capital Intl. Airport (ZBAA) for FSX and FS2004.

Freeware CASA C-295AEW for FSX and FS2004

Premier Aircraft Design has released the freeware CASA C-295AEW twin-turboprop military aircraft for FSX and FS2004.

Freeware Fallon Naval Range South, Gabbs (KGAB)

Blue Sky Scenery has released the freeware Fallon Naval Range South, Gabbs (KGAB) photo scenery for FSX and FS2004.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ilyushin IL-76 Antarctica Operations Video

Gavin Melgaard has posted his Ilyushin IL-76 Antarctica Operations Video on AVSIMrus.

X-Scenery Mitsubishi MU-2B V1.5 for X-Plane Overhead Video

X-Scenery has posted another screenshot and development video from the Mitsubishi MU-2B X-Plane version 1.5 update.

Classic Jet Simulations F-16 for X-Plane Test Video

Classic Jet Simulations has posted another test video from the upcoming F-16 for X-Plane on Vimeo.

X-Plane Flight School - X-IFR3 - VOR Tracking

X-Plane Flight School has added the lesson "X-IFR3 - VOR Tracking" in the Forums.

RLaborie Dassault Rafale for FSX Released

Roland Laborie has released the Dassault Rafale multirole fighter aircraft for FSX. Purchase at SimMarket.

More Orbx CityScape Canberra Screenshots

Orbx has posted more screenshots from the upcoming CityScape Canberra for FSX in the Orbx Forums.

New Thai Creation Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS) Screenshots

Thai Creation has posted new screenshots from Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS) for FS2004 in the FSDeveloper Forums.

Latest Carenado Cessna CT210M Centurion II Previews

Carenado has posted the more previews from the soon to be released Cessna CT210M Centurion II for FSX.

Aerofiles Billund Airport (EKBI) for X-Plane Beta Video

Aerofiles has posted a video from the beta of Billund Airport (EKBI) for X-Plane on YouTube.

Freeware Kobe X (RJBE) Airport for FSX Service Pack 1

Sagga Toure has released SP1 to his Freeware Kobe X (RJBE) Airport for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Fixes in SP1:
-Flickering objects by adding LOD.
-Tower specular level reduced.
-Flickering Fuel reservoir top.
-Airport fence Z-alpha test causing to see the objects through it.
-Airport Altitude to match the real charts.
-Approachlights pylon missing texture.
-Fuel reservoir building to ground level.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More PMDG Boeing 737NGX Livery Previews

Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) has posted more livery previews from the upcoming 737NGX for FSX.

First Coolsky Douglas DC-9 Cockpit Pictures

Coolsky has posted the first pictures from the cockpit of the upcoming Douglas DC-9 for FSX.

New Orbx Libraries 110614 Now Available

Orbx has updated their scenery libraries to version 110614. Download at the Orbx Support Website.

- Updated Vegetation library
- Many new objects to be used in CRM, 2WA1, YPMQ, NZSI etc.
- Other minor bug fixes

FSDT Zurich Airport (LSZH) Version 2.0 Upgrade Announced

FSDreamTeam has announced development of the version 2.0 upgrade to Zurich Airport (LSZH) for FSX and FS2004.

Step 1:
Better Textures
Better Night rendition
ParkMe and YouControl
Increased LOD and Visibility ranges
Fixed Autogen exclusion
Improved Crosswind AFCAD
Step 2:
New Schengen Pier B
Step 3:
New technology Ground with Shaders

New Eiresim London Luton (EGGW) Preview Pictures

Eiresim has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming London Luton (EGGW) for FSX and FS2004.

More Baja Sim San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) for FSX Previews

Baja Sim has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming San Jose del Cabo (MMSD) for FSX.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aerosoft Mega Airport Zurich 2012 (LSZH) Released

Aerosoft has released Mega Airport Zurich 2012 (LSZH) for FSX (FS2004 version coming soon). Aerosoft Webshop

MilViz Cessna C310R for FSX at SimMarket

The MilViz Cessna C310R for FSX is now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Engine Sound Creations - Pilatus PC-12 PW Canada PT6 Soundset

Engine Sound Creations has released the Pilatus PC-12 PW Canada PT6 Soundset for FSX and FS2004 at SimMarket.

OZx - Freeware for Australia and the World Video

A promo video dedicated to OZx freeware sceneries for Australia and around the World has been posted on YouTube.

Orbx Diamond Point (2WA1) Pre-Pay Special

Orbx is offering a 15% off pre-pay special on Diamond Point (2WA1) and Olympic Field (WA45) for FSX.

New FSDreamTeam Los Angeles (KLAX) Previews

FSDreamTeam has posted more preview screenshots from Los Angeles Intl. Airport (KLAX) in the FSDT Forums.

Classics Hangar Messerschmitt BF-108 'Taifun' Patch 1.0c

Classics Hangar has patched the Messerschmitt BF-108 'Taifun' for FSX to version 1.0c. Classics Hangar Forums

Revision History:
V 1.0c 2011-06-13

- bug in fuel consumtion fixed that caused the fuel to not burn correctly when either of the 5 tanks is empty.
- extended gear angle corrected.
V 1.0b 2011-06-11
- roll on rudder input corrected/reduced.
- slat interaction/ low speed handling and stalls improved.
V 1.0a 2011-06-09
- parser error in RTM version caused an over-sensitive rudder response: fixed.
- reversed propeller blade animation: fixed.
- aux tank fuel content too low: fixed.
- static aileron and rudder trim dissabled. Aileron and rudder trim can now be performed with the keyboard or other controller devices. Some users experienced roll issues with certain controller hardware. However, for a realistic experience we still recommend to fly with neutral aileron und rudder trim settings.

More Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco Preview Screenshots

Aerosoft has released more preview screenshots from the upcoming OV-10 Bronco for FSX in the Aerosoft Forums.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Freeware Soesterberg Air Base (EHSB) for X-Plane

Michel van de Mheen has released his freeware Soesterberg Air Base/Camp New Amsterdam (EHSB) for X-Plane.

More Simulation Data TRUElandscape France Previews

Simulation Data has posted more preview comparison screenshots of TRUElandscape France for FSX in the Forums.

LatinVFR Lima Jorge Chavez Intl. (SPIM) Update 1.2 for FS2004

LatinVFR has updated the Lima Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport (SPIM) scenery for FS2004 to version 1.2.

First LatinVFR Key West (KEYW) Preview Pictures

LatinVFR has posted the first preview images from the upcoming Key West Airport (KEYW) for FSX and FS2004.

First A_A Sceneries Samui Intl. Aiport (VTSM) for FSX Image

A_A Sceneries has posted the first image from Samui Intl. Aiport (VTSM) for FSX on the A_A Sceneries Facebook Page.

Freeware Ant's Aussie Brisbane Airport (YBBN) V1.01 for FSX

Freeware Ant's Aussie Brisbane Intl. Airport (YBBN) version 1.01 for FSX has been released at OZx.

Freeware Ioannina City and Surroundings for FSX

Angelo Tassoglou has released his Ioannina City and Surroundings photo scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.