Saturday, July 30, 2011

FSGenesis Everything 50% Off Weekend Sale

FSGenesis is offering 50% off everything at the FSGenesis Online Store.

FS simVFR Asturias & Cantabria for FS2004

FS simVFR Asturias & Cantabria photo scenery and terrain mesh for FS2004 is now availalble to purchase at SimMarket.

feelThere Call! 50% Off Special

feelThere is offering 50% off on all Call! products. This weekend only, offer is valid until July 31st 2011.

Carenado Cessna C172N Skyhawk II for X-Plane Released

Carenado has released the Cessna C172N Skyhawk II for X-Plane. Details at the Carenado Website.
Updated: Now also available at SimMarket and

Polygon optimized model.
Interactive virtual cockpit.
Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels.
Animated sections such as: doors, pilots window, copilot seat, sun visor and fresh air control.
Realistic lights: Navigation lights, beacons, landing lights.
3D modeled pilot and cockpit area.
Many details, such as: pitot pressure chamber, antennas, chocks, pitot tube cover.
Custom panel and gauges. Realistic textures and original paint designs.
Realistic light effects on gauges.
Similar behavior compared to the real airplane.
Real weight and balance.

Akesoft Foronda-X Airport (LEVT) Preview Page Updated

Akesoft has updated the preview page to the upcoming Foronda-X Airport (LEVT) for FSX and FS2004.

Duxford Aerodrome (EGSU) Previews

The Airfield Construction Group has posted preview pictures from Duxford Aerodrome (EGSU) for FSX and FS2004.

A2A Simulations Boeing 377 Weathered Cockpit Textures

Jigsaw has created weathered cockpit textures to the A2A Simulations Boeing 377 for FSX.

Freeware Kozani-Kastoria Photo Scenery for FSX

Angelo Tassoglou has released his freeware Kozani-Kastoria photo scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wilco Publishing Guess and Win

Guess and Win the next Wilco Publishing Flight Simulator Title. Details at the Wilco Publishing Website.

1. GUESS the next Wilco Publishing title for Flight Simulator by looking at the 'work-in-progress' pictures below.
2. FILL IN our Contact Form with 'GUESS & WIN' as SUBJECT. The content must ONLY state G&W1 and your proposal (only one proposal per e-mail). 
    No e-mail confirmation will come, no reply to questions. 
3. Few days before the official announcement, the DRAWING will select 5 WINNERS among the right answers received.
    Winners' names will be stated on this site, product page.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover 50% Off at Just Flight

Just Flight is offering the download version of IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover at Half-Price. Valid until 9am on 1st Aug 2011.

Just Flight - August Sale

These Sale prices are valid until Monday 22nd August.

Airbus Collection (for FSX & FS2004)
Download & Boxed 
Was: £30.60 / €38.75 / $45.95
NOW ONLY: £15 / €19 / $22

DC-10 Collection (for FSX & FS2004)
Download & Boxed 
Was: £25.50 / €31.60 / $38.80
NOW ONLY: £12 / €15 / $19

A340-500/600 (for FSX & FS2004)
Download & Boxed 
Was: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £10 / €13 / $15

747-200/300 Series (for FSX & FS2004)
Download & Boxed
 Was: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £15 / €19 / $22

757 Professional (for FS2004)
Download & Boxed 
Was: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £15 / €19 / $22

Airbus Collection Long Haul (for FSX & FS2004)
Download & Boxed 
Was: £30.60 / €38.75 / $45.95
NOW ONLY: £15 / €19 / $22

A320 Jetliner (for FSX)
Download was: £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45
Boxed was: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £10 / €13 / $15

767-200/300 Series
Download for FSX and Download for FS2004 
Were: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £15 / €19 / $22

Concorde Professional (for FS2004)

Download & Boxed with PAL DVD 
Was: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £12 / €15 / $19

777 Professional (for FS2004)
Download & Boxed 
Was: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £10 / €13 / $15

707 Professional (for FS2004)
 Was: £15.30 / €19.35 / $22.45
NOW ONLY: £10 / €13 / $15

757 Captain (for FSX & FS2004)
Was: £30.60 / €38.75 / $45.95
NOW ONLY: £20 / €25 / $30

First Vidan Design - Herning Lufthavn (EKHG) Previews

Vidan Design has posted the first preview images from Danish Airfields X Herning Lufthavn (EKHG) for FSX.

Take On Helicopters - Community Preview Build 83244

Take On Helicopters Community Preview build 83244 is available. Note: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is required.

TropicalSim Ponta Delgada (LPPD) Released

TropicalSim has released Ponta Delgada João Paulo II Airport (LPPD) for FSX and FS2004.

Highly detailed Ponta Delgada Airport / LPPD
Photoscenery surrounding the airport area with night lighting and full autogen
3-Arc terrain mesh
Coastline remade for the whole island
Custom landclass and roads
FS9 version compatible with default and add-on FS9 scenery
FSX version compatible with default and add-on FSX scenery
Compatible with add-on AI traffic
Usage of FS9 SDK for the FS9 version for best performance
Usage of FSX SDK for the FSX version for best performance
Animated traffic using custom models for FS9, animated traffic using stock FSX vehicles for FSX

Golden Age Simulations Lockheed Model 12 for FS2004 Released

Golden Age Simulations has released the Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior for FS2004.
"On June 26 1939 the prototype Model 12 flew for the first time and in doing so became in icon of the Golden Age of Aviation. Lockheed built a total of 130 Model 12’s ending production in 1941. 75 years later Golden Age Simulations releases the Model 12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004."

Faithfully Represented Lockheed Model 12A and C-40 models designed from actual blueprints 
and factory flight manual authored by C.L. Johnson, himself!
Accurate soundfile for the Pratt and Whitney R -985 Wasp “SB” Junior
Accurate Flight Dynamics based on actual factory specifications
Feathering and non-feathering propeller characteristics based on aircraft and propeller type
(7 ) L12A liveries including the famous TWA Research, Casablanca, and movie “Amelia” aircraft as well as other historic general aviation schemes
Simulated fuel dumping capability (Requires FSX SP2 Installed)
Dedicated panels for the Lockheed 12A & C-40
Emissive Gauge lighting
Fully animated VC and Exterior Model
Animated Pilot Figure
Paint Kit
Extensive Flight Manual
Unique Interiors and much more!

New IRIS Simulations - Pitts Special 'Prometheus' Images

IRIS Simulations has posted new preview images from the airshow series Pitts Special 'Prometheus' for FSX.

Sim Skunk Works Lockheed F-104S Starfighter 3.0.2 Update

Sim Skunk Works has updated the Lockheed F-104S Starfighter for FSX to version 3.0.2.

FSX & FS2004 Navaids Update 1108 by Hervé Sors

Hervé Sors has released Navaids Update 1108 for FSX and FS2004 on his website. Flight Simulator Navaids Page

Baja Sim - La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) - First Pictures

Baja Sim has revealed their latest project under development, La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) for FSX and FS2004.

More Aerosoft Corfu X (LGKR) Preview Pictures

Aerosoft has posted two new preview pictures from the upcoming Corfu X (LGKR) for FSX.

Aerosoft 20% Off BeNeLux Weekend Sale

Aerosoft is holding a BeNeLux Weekend Sale with 20% off all scenery in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Van's Aircraft RV-7 Beta for FSX Released

Bay Tower Studio has released the Van's Aircraft RV-7 Beta for FSX. Details in the Bay Tower Forums.

Exceptionally precise model
Straightforward repaint procedure for custom paint designs
Accurate materials, shadows, and ambient lighting
Meticulously depicted detail including accurate rivets, fasteners, brackets, etc
Precise texture projections max detail, min distortion, and opt performance
Meticulous normal tuning defines pleasing and accurate shading and specular highlights
Economically modeled for performance…every pixel every vertex working for effect
Options for great performance on low spec PC’s
Feels like the real thing!

SkyDemon VFR Flight Planner Version 2.2 Released

SkyDemon VFR Flight Planner has been updated to version 2.2. More information at the SkyDemon Website.

ESC Sceneries Design - Cities of Italy X - Volume 1

ESC Sceneries Design has released the Cities of Italy X Vol.1 photo scenery for FSX. Details at SimMarket.

HD 1m/pix LOD16 Aerial Coverage for the cities, Bologna,Modena and Parma
30m / LOD10 Mesh for the Area
DAY and Night Textures (Summer only)
Full adaptation for the Bologna International Airport / LIPE
Smooth Blending with Default Scenery
Lakes blended for FSX Water
Light Autogen* (over 10000 custom placed trees + few houses) and reduced filesize for the best performance and fast loading times
Easy and fast Installer

FSBreak 95: PMDG 737NGX Preview and VATSIM Event Prep

FSBreak episode 95: PMDG 737NGX Preview and VATSIM Event Preparation. FSBreak Website

Orbx FTX North America (PNW, PFJ, NRM, CRM) Map Files

Holger Sandmann has posted KMZ map files for all Orbx FTX North America (PNW, PFJ, NRM, CRM) sceneries.

FSDT Zurich Airport (LSZH) Version 2.0 Now Available

FSDreamTeam (FSDT) has released version 2.0 of Zurich Airport (LSZH) for FSX and FS2004.
"The update is free for anyone, and can be installed by simply downloading the new Zurich installer on the "Products" page. There's no upgrade patch, since almost all files have been changed, and there wasn't any significant size saving by doing a patch. It's suggested you uninstall the current version first, of course activation won't be affected at all. The next update will feature the new Terminal B, and will be released before the new Terminal will be operative in the real airport."

The update offers the following enhancements:
- Better night textures, see the screenshots in the above thread for comparison with the previous 1.5.2 version
- Almost all textures reworked even at day, with more pleasing colors, better specular mapping and bump mapping
- Increased LOD and visibility ranges for many objects, this will allow the scenery to work better with wider zoom settings.
- Fixed autogen exclusion around the airport
- ParkMe and YouControl. The previous version safegates (made with FS8 technology) have been replaced with the native FSX models 

  from ParkMe/GSX, this will allow for better visuals, interaction and performances too.
- YouControl menu, with the ability to control the aperture of the sunshades on the main Central Terminal
- Better AFCAD with more airlines assignments and crosswind runways.
- Lots of other minor fixes

Orbx Essendon Airport (YMEN) Pre-Pay Special

Orbx is offering a 15% off pre-pay special on Essendon Airport (YMEN) for FSX.

New Orbx Fall City Airport (1WA6) Preview Pictures

Orbx has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming Fall City Airport (1WA6) for FSX.

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1108

Navigraph NAVData AIRAC Cycle 1108 is now available for purchase at Navigraph or SimMarket.

Aerosoft Keflavik X (BIKF) for FSX and FS2004 Released

Aerosoft has released Keflavik X (BIKF) for FSX and FS2004. Details at the Aerosoft Webshop or SimMarket.

Absolutely new created scenery for FSX and FS2004
Detailed display of the airport and surrounding, incl. prominent objects
Photorealistic ground textures based on an aerial image (0,5m/pxl)
All buildings and airport institutions
Photo real textures on buildings, vehicles etc.
Original NAV aids (ILS,VOR/DME,NDB,ATIS)
Complete taxi- and runway signs
Astonishing night textures
Individual adaption for all seasons
Weather and snow effects (e.g. snow capped roofs on buildings in winter)
AI compatible
Compatible to Airport Enhancement Services (from AES-Version 2.13)
Superb frame rates
Including FSX- and FS2004- version
Compatible to Iceland X (FSX-Version)
20% discount on Iceland X (*)
Manual in English and German plus Charts

New Beijing Scenery 2008 (ZBAA) Preview Pictures

New preview pictures from Beijing Scenery 2008 (ZBAA) have been posted in the FSDeveloper Forums.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P-51D Mustang Cadillac of the Skies Part 3 Promo Video

Warbirdsim has posted a promotional video from the P-51D Mustang Cadillac of the Skies Part 3 for FSX.

ERS Bell 206B JetRanger III for FSX Preview Video

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has posted a preview video from the Bell 206B JetRanger III for FSX.

PMDG 737NGX Pricing and Liveries

Robert S. Randazzo from PMDG has released details on the pricing and liveries of the 737NGX for FSX.

PMDG 737NGX Base Package: $69.99* ETA: On/Before 04AUG11 Contains the 737-800/800WL, 737-900/900WL
PMDG 737NGX 6700 Package: $24.99 ETA: 4-8 weeks after base Contains the 737-600, 737-700/700WL
PMDG 737NGX ER Package: TBA ETA: 4-8 weeks after 6700 Contains the all 737ER variants.
PMDG 737NGX BBJ Package: TBA ETA: TBA Subject to interest Contains BBJ/BBJ2 variants.
PMDG 737NGX Mil Package: TBA ETA: TBA Subject to interest Contains the P-8 and "Wedgetail" variants.

Angle of Attack PMDG 737NGX Systems Depth Preview Video

Nick from Angle of Attack is previewing the systems depth of the PMDG 737NGX for FSX.

Aerosoft - German Airfields 11 Südbayern Released

Aerosoft has released German Airfields 11 Südbayern (Southern Bavaria) for FSX at the Aerosoft Webshop and SimMarket.

12 highly detailed airfields:
Bad Woerishofen (EDNH)
Donauwoerth-Genderkingen (EDMQ)
Eggenfelden (EDME)
Guenzburg-Donauried (EDMG)
Jesenwang (EDMJ)
Kempten-Durach (EDMK)
Kirchdorf/Inn (EDNK)
Landshut (EDML)
Regional Airport Memmingen - Allgauu Airport (EDJA)
Schwabmuenchen (EDNS)
Vilshofen (EDMV)
Glider field Unterwoessen
Photo real ground textures including seasons
Landing signals depending on wind directions
Night textures
Snow and ice modeling on the buildings during winter
AI generated traffic for General Aviation and for Traffic Patterns
Customized landclasses for a more realistic surrounding
Update of the library German Airfields 9 (Northern Bavaria)
A lot of new programming features have been included and hidden in German Airfields 11:
Landing T´s according to wind direction, animated windsocks etc.
Various sound effects at hangars, trees and seating areas
Parasols open or closed depending on day time

Freeware Kalocsa (LHKA) and Szeged (LHUD) for FS2004

Szabo Tamas has released his freeware Kalocsa (LHKA) and Szeged (LHUD) VFR sceneries for FS2004.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RealScenery NORCAL for X-Plane Ocean Texture Pictures

RealScenery has posted ocean texture pictures from the Northern California scenery for X-Plane.

New MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle Screenshots

New preview screenshots from the MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle for FSX have been posted at Sim-Outhouse.

Onet Valley - Yangon Intl. Airport (VYYY) Released

Onet Valley has released Yangon Intl. Airport (VYYY) for FS2004. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Fully GMAX model detail texture and gound polygon
Main terminal and concourses
Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse.
Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights
Custom Gmax ground texture
Extremely detailed taxiways and runways.

New LLH Créations Annecy Meythet Airport (LFLP) Previews

LLH Créations has posted new preview pictures from the upcoming Annecy Meythet Airport (LFLP) for FSX.

Orbx Diamond Point (2WA1) and Olympic Field (WA45) Released

Orbx has released the long-awaited Diamond Point Airport (2WA1) and Olympic Field (WA45) for FSX.

Product Features:
Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel
Fully custom modeled airport and houses
FSX gmax poly runway, aprons and lights
Beautiful coastal location
Includes PeopleFlow animated characters
Atmospheric night lighting at airport & village
Dense vegetation options for amazing realism
TextureFlow optimised and excellent FPS
Includes custom GA AI Traffic movements
Includes FREE bonus WA45 Olympic Field
Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
Made by the YHBA/1S2/3W5/KORS team!

Orbx FTX Pacific Northwest PNW.004 Patch Released

Orbx has released patch version PNW.004 to FTX Pacific Northwest for FSX.

New and enhanced content provided in SP4:

* all Coast Guard listed US (1780) and Canadian (766) marine navigation lights with custom buoys and towers, as well as appropriate night light effects
* four new ground texture classes: “regular suburban” (e.g., Langley BC), “sawmill” (e.g., Hoquiam WA), “oil refinery” (e.g., Anacortes WA), and “dry forest and rock” (e.g., southern Vancouver Island)
* extensive landclass updates to the Vancouver, BC, area and at several other locations
* about 100 additional road bridges, primarily in BC's Lower Mainland and western Washington State
* road/railroad/shoreline/landclass and airport updates as well as enhanced terrain mesh (LIDAR) coverage at locations of upcoming add-on airports: northeastern Olympic Peninsula and Indian Island (2WA1, 0S9), Anacortes-Burlington corridor (74S, KBVS), and Fall City (1WA6). Neil and I also worked on the Bowerman (KHQM) area, which will be enhanced for the Prepar3D demo: http://www.orbxsyste...ar3d-installer/
* further tweaks to urban road types and associated vector autogen to help with frame rates
Edits and bug fixes in SP4:
* flattened mesh bulge on Hwy 16 between WN13 and 4WA
* fixed road traffic vectors at KPDX
* adjusted lake elevation near KSEA
* adjusted water elevation issues at Campbell River CAE3 seaplane base
* seaplane base start position issues at CBC3 and CAW5
* fixed Seattle SPB missing objects issue
* fixed incorrect runway lights at WN07 and 78WA
* added Nanaimo (CYCD) runway extension
* fixed seasons file issues at Pemberton BC, Long Beach WA, and several alpine lakes
* added PNW airport elevation adjustment backup file set to \ORBX\Scripts\\OFF folder