Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Preview Renders from the DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane

SoulMade Simulations has posted more preview renders from the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane.

More Beriev Be-200 for X-Plane Preview Screenshots

Ramzzess has posted more preview screenshots from the Beriev Be-200 project for X-Plane.

ERS Bell 206B JetRanger III for FSX Preview Video

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has posted a short preview video from the soon to be released Bell 206B JetRanger III for FSX.

AeroSim Boeing 777-300 Expansion Released

AeroSim has released the Boeing 777-300 expansion to their Boeing 777-200 Base Package for FSX. AeroSim Website

- Navigation in FMS works with the Flightplan generated by FSX flight planner.
  (FSX NAV system is basically used, so that the FSX frame rate is not jeopardized.)
- Auto-Land is capable. (Power and Pitch controls for FLARE is automatically done)
- Functional VNAV (Climb/Descent management vs. aircraft weight)
- TOC/TOD display on Navigation Display (see Note 1)
- Fully animated Gears, Flaps, etc.
- Ground Service Equipments on the apron.
- Altitude callouts on final, GPWS
- Aircraft was modelled in detail, after having carefully considered the frame rate issue
- SLG (Semi-Levered Gear) systems are animated.
  (Note 1. TOC/TOD display needs some modification of the Flightplan data)

More IRIS Classic Freeware Aircraft Available

IRIS Flight Simulation Software has added more aircraft to the freeware classic range of products. IRIS Website

FSBreak Episode 100 Now Available

FSBreak episode 100 with Eric McClintock, Nick Collett, Chris Palmer and Brendan Farmer is now available.

More X-Plane 10 Landscape Previews

Laminar Research has posted more landscape previews from the upcoming X-Plane 10 flight simulator.

Freeware Duxford Aerodrome (EGSU) for FSX and FS2004

The Airfield Construction Group has released the freeware IWM Duxford Aerodrome (EGSU) for FSX and FS2004.
Download at AVSIM  -  Download at

Freeware Murmansk Airport (ULMM) V1.02 for FS2004

The freeware Murmansk Airport (ULMM) version 1.02 for FS2004 is now available to download at AVSIMrus.

Friday, November 4, 2011

More Virtual Cockpit Previews from the MD-902 for X-Plane

Aubrey has posted more virtual cockpit preview screenshots from the soon to be released MD-902 for X-Plane.

Freeware Trieste Airport (LIPQ) V2.1 for X-Plane

The freeware Trieste Airport (LIPQ) version 2.1 for X-Plane is now available to download at

Taxi2Gate Mérida-Rejón Intl. Airport (MMMD) for FS2004 Released

Taxi2Gate has released Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport (MMMD) for FS2004. Available at SimMarket.

- Carefully detailed 3d objects
- Full detail Buildings
- Realistic Ground Markings
- Numerous static objects
- Fencing
- Realistic ground textures
- Night ilumination
- 3D Grass

Another McPhat Studios PMDG 737 NGX HDT Comparison

McPhat Studios has posted another comparison from the upcoming PMDG 737 NGX High Definition Textures.

MilViz North American F-86 Sabre Cockpit Renders

MilViz has posted the first virtual cockpit renders from the upcoming North American F-86 Sabre.

SimWare - 50% Discount on all Nemeth Designs Products

SimWare is currently offering 50% discounts on all Nemeth Designs products for FSX and FS2004. SimWare Store

New Orbx Goheen Airport (W52) Preview Screenshots

Orbx has posted new preview screenshots from the upcoming Goheen Airport (W52) for FSX.

Another Drzewiecki Design Kraków Balice 2011 (EPKK) Preview

Drzewiecki Design has posted another preview picture from the upcoming Kraków Balice 2011 (EPKK) scenery.

autotower for FS2004 Version 2.4.0 Released

Christoph Langguth has updated autotower for FS2004 to version 2.4.0. autotower Website
" The logic for determining the available sceneries has been completely rewritten. Now, an arbitrary number of sceneries is supported, and the order in which they are considered should exactly mimic FS9's behavior. Previous versions supported a maximum of 999 layers, and may have gotten the ordering wrong under certain (unusual) conditions. This version also fixes a glitch accidentally introduced with version 2.3.0, where a debug message would be unconditionally displayed if the tower settings for TNCM were changed using autower.ini."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Flight Lockheed Constellation for FSX at Half-Price

Just Flight is offering a 50% discount on the Lockheed Constellation Professional for FSX. Valid until Nov 8th 2011

Were: £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65
NOW ONLY: £10 / €12.50 / $15
EXPANSION PACKS (Pack A / Pack B / Pack C)
Were £8.15 / €10.15 / $12.25
NOW ONLY £4 / €5 / $6

VRS F/A-18E Superbug Version Beta

Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) has released update version beta of the F/A-18E Superbug for testing.

Freeware São José dos Campos Airport (SBSJ) for FSX Available

The freeware São José dos Campos Airport (SBSJ) for FSX is now available to download at Terra Brasilis.

ArezOne-Aviation Beechcraft A36 Bonanza SoundSet Released

ArezOne-Aviation Soundstudios has released the Beechcraft A36 Bonanza SoundSet for FSX.

Digital Combat Simulation (DCS) Black Shark 2 Released

Digital Combat Simulation (DCS) has released the updated Kamov Ka-50 simulator Black Shark 2.

Improvements include:
• Updated Mission Editor with many new features
• New air, land, and sea AI units at incredible levels of detail
• Improved AI for a smarter, more realistic behavior
• Expanded map area to the east to include Tbilisi and location of the 2008 Georgian War
• Dynamic weather with variable weather fronts, winds, and precipitation
• Improved graphics effects like HDR
• Improved low level terrain graphics like grass, bushes, tree shadows and high resolution textures provide
   a better sense of speed when hugging the Earth
• New campaign based on a follow-on to the 2008 Georgian War
• Network compatibility with "DCS: A-10C Warthog"
• Dynamic shadows in cockpit
• Improved 3D model of Ka-50 cockpit
• Fast mission generator to easily and quickly generate missions
• Takeoff and landings from pitching and rolling ships according to wind speed and direction
• Radio messages from all other friendly flights helps makes the battlefield come to life
• Improved FARP textures

A Few More X-Plane 10 Preview Screenshots

Laminar Research has posted a few more preview screenshots from the upcoming X-Plane 10 flight simulator.

FSrealWX for FSX and FS2004 - New Update Available

The freeware weather add-on FSrealWX for FSX and FS2004 has been updated to version 1.01.1291. RS-Transline

- (Main) url
- (DWC) log to Console
- (DWC) check Wind
- (NewWeather) Visibility when fog was reported
- (WX-Finder) ICAO seach field
- (MENU) Wiki
- Debug Console

More Denel AH-2 Rooivalk Previews

More preview pictures have been posted from the Denel AH-2 Rooivalk project for FS2004.

New Aviasim Leicestershire Aeroclub (EGBG) Screenshots

Aviasim has posted new preview screenshots from the upcoming Leicestershire Aeroclub (EGBG) for FS2004.

Freeware San Pedro de Atacama (SCPE) for FSX Released

The freeware Twentynine Palms San Pedro de Atacama (SCPE) scenery is now also available for FSX.

- high resolution textures
- baked textures on many objects
- realistic vegetation
- large ground polygon with detail added
- animations (car traffic, reading man)

General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark for FSX - Development Update

Another development update has been posted from the upcoming General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark for FSX.

CaptainSim Boeing 757 Version 4.6 for FSX Available

CaptainSim has updated the Boeing 757 for FSX to version 4.6. More details at the CaptainSim Website.

- Improved pressurization system
- ILS approach rolling fix
- Real weather crosswind autoland fix
- High altitude rocking fix
- VECTOR legs drawing fix
- Descend instead of climbing VNAV fix
- 2D panel TCAS test fix
- VC night lighting improved
- Older versions of route (.rt files) support
- Improved flight saving and loading

More Carenado Piper P46T Malibu Preview Screenshots

Carenado has posted more preview screenshots from the upcoming Piper P46T Malibu for FSX.

More Aerosoft Antarctica X Preview Screenshots

More preview screenshots have been posted from the upcoming Aerosoft Antarctica X scenery for FSX.

Aerosoft PZL-104 Wilga for FSX Released

Aerosoft has released the long-awaited PZL-104 Wilga for FSX. Now available at the Aerosoft Shop and SimMarket.

- Easy on framerate
- Six different version (Russian/Polish/German/US versions included)
- Many special animations
- High definition Virtual Cockpit
- Many systems made with special modules to avoid FSX limitations
- Highly realistic flight model, tested by actual Wilga pilots
- Sound set created from real recordings (including all cockpit sounds)
- Extensive manual
- Easy to use installer

Freeware Montmagny Airport (CSE5) for FSX

Pierre Gallant and Jean-Pierre Fillion have released the freeware Montmagny Airport (CSE5) for FSX at AVSIM.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Let L-410 Turbolet for X-Plane Preview Screenshots

Two more preview screenshots have been posted from the upcoming Let L-410 Turbolet for X-Plane.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover 75% Discount at Just Flight

Just Flight is offering the download version of IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover at 75% off. This Weekend Only

Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Beta for FSX

The freeware Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Beta for FSX is now available to download at the PT Website.

First KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee In-Sim Previews

KC Flight Shop has posted the first in-sim previews from the upcoming Republic RC-3 Seabee for FSX.

IRIS Pro Series Silence Twister Version 1.5 Available

IRIS Flight Simulation Software has updated the Pro Series Silence Twister for FSX to version 1.5. Download Update

Version 1.50 changelog:
- Reduced texture file size on external textures to combat FSX program crashes due to lack of system memory.
- Added cockpit light to aircraft for better instrument panel visibility during a wider variety of lighting conditions.

Eaglesoft Development Group - Thanksgiving Savings

Eaglesoft Development Group is offering 10% off with use of the Thanksgiving Savings Coupon. Expires Nov 30th 2011.

New Enigma Simulations 737-300 FSX Preview Picture

Enigma Simulations has posted another preview picture from the upcoming Boeing 737-300 for FSX.

Baja Sim - La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) FS2004 Previews

Baja Sim has posted more preview pictures from the upcoming La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) scenery for FS2004.

Computer Pilot - November/December 2011 - Free Download

Computer Pilot - Volume 15 Issue 6 -November/December 2011 is now available as free PDF download.

Aerosoft Antarctica X - McMurdo Sneak Peek

Another preview picture has been posted from the upcoming Aerosoft Antarctica X scenery for FSX.

New Vancouver Intl. Airport (CYVR) Preview Pictures

Jonathan Gabbert has posted new preview pictures from his freeware Vancouver Intl. Airport (CYVR) for FS2004.

Freeware Krems Langenlois Airport (LOAG) for FSX

Robert Graf has released the freeware Krems Langenlois Airport (LOAG) for VFR Airfields Austria X in FSX.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Virtavia Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook Released

Virtavia has released the Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook for FSX. Now Available to purchase at SimMarket.

- THREE model variations with detailed hi-res texture sets
- native FSX model
- 26 -page PDF illustrated user manual in .pdf format
- 2-engine control with FSX Acceleration (optional Aircraft.cfg included)
- authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
- hi-res gauges with many custom system functions and switches
- rear cabin area included in VC
- separate gauge/cabin night lighting in VC
- animated side entry door and 3-position rear ramp assembly
- togglable realistic pilot figures
- additional very realistic animated soldier figures in US version
- high quality TSS soundset included
- researched and authentic flight dynamics
- multiple internal and external viewpoints
- note - no 2D panel provided