Saturday, August 20, 2011

FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane 25% Off Sale

The FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane is 25% off at Sale ends August 21st 2011.

Another Vidan Design - Herning Lufthavn (EKHG) Preview Picture

Vidan Design has posted another preview picture from the upcoming Herning Lufthavn (EKHG) for FSX.

P.I.S. Kingdom of Tonga - 3 Domestic Airport Extensions

Pacific Islands Simulation has announced the upcoming Kingdom of Tonga - 3 Domestic Airport Extensions for FSX.

A2A Simulations "Captain of the Ship" Update Released

A2A Simulations has updated the Accu-Sim "Captain of the Ship" Boeing 377 for FSX. Details Here

Freeware Bell 206B III JetRanger TV News Expansion and Update

Freeware Bell 206B III JetRanger TV News expansion and update for FS2004 from Owen Hewitt and George A. Arana.

Friday, August 19, 2011

X-Plane Flight School - X-IFR 5 - Holding Patterns

X-Plane Flight School has added the lesson X-IFR 5 - Holding Patterns in the Forums.

New Dornier Do 328 Turboprop Project for X-Plane Pictures

New preview pictures have emerged from the freeware Dornier Do 328 Turboprop project for X-Plane.

Take On Helicopters - Community Preview Build 83836

Take On Helicopters Community Preview build 83836 is available. Note: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is required.

New OpenVFR Philippines Screenshots

OpenVFR has posted new screenshots from the OpenVFR Philippines scenery for FSX.

Eaglesoft Development Group Summer Savings Sale

Eaglesoft Development Group is offering 10% off with use of the Summer Saving Sale Coupon. Expires Aug 31st 2011.

Skysoft Simulation Hefei Luogang Intl. Airport (ZSOF) Preview

Skysoft Simulation has posted another preview screenshot from Hefei Luogang Intl. Airport (ZSOF) for FS2004.

Eiresim London Luton (EGGW) Version 1.2 Available

Eiresim has updated London Luton (EGGW) for FS2004 to version 1.2. Details in the Eiresim Forums.

Changes in Version 1.2:
Afcad adjusted in a number of places
Clutter moved in a number of places to avoid collisions with aircraft
Installer updated to correctly allow installation of clutter

Aerosoft Corfu X (LGKR) Runway Texture Previews

New runway texture previews from Aerosoft Corfu X (LGKR) for FSX has been posted.

Aerosoft PZL-104 Wilga Project Announced

Aerosoft has posted an announcement and preview pictures from the upcoming PZL-104 Wilga for FSX.

Aerosoft Catalina and F-16 20% Off Weekend Sale

Aerosoft is offering 20% off on the PBY Catalina and F-16 Fighting Falcon for FSX. This Weekend Only.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take On Helicopters GC 2011 Screenshots

Bohemia Interactive has released new screenshots of Take On Helicopters from GC 2011.

FlightGear Version 2.4.0 Released

Open source flight simulator FlightGear version 2.4.0 has been released. Details at the FlightGear Website.

Unofficial Orbx Bowerman Airport (KHQM) Promo Video

Alexander Ther has created an unofficial promo video to the upcoming freeware Orbx Bowerman Airport (KHQM) for FSX.

New Orbx Freeware Bowerman Airport (KHQM) Beta Previews

New beta previews have been posted from the upcoming freeware Orbx Bowerman Airport (KHQM) for FSX.

Angle of Attack Vatsim Fly-In Announced

Angle of Attack has announced their next Vatsim fly-in scheduled on Saturday, August 20th 2011 at 1900Z.

Eiresim London Luton (EGGW) Version 1.1 Available

Eiresim has updated London Luton (EGGW) for FS2004 to version 1.1. Details in the Eiresim Forums.

Fixed underpass issue
Added ramp extensions in cargo area
Updated afcad

More Baja Sim - La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) Previews

Baja Sim has posted more terminal previews from La Paz, Baja California Sur (MMLP) for FSX and FS2004.

New Aerosoft Antarctica X Preview Pictures

New preview pictures from the upcoming Antarctica X for FSX by Aerosoft have been posted in the AS Forums.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More RealScenery Northern California for X-Plane Screenshots

RealScenery has posted more screenshots from the upcoming Northern California photo-scenery for X-Plane.

IXEG Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane Electrical System WIP Video

The International X-Plane Engineering Group (IXEG) has posted another WIP Video from the Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane.

Freeware International Space Station (ISS) Version 2 for X-Plane

The freeware International Space Station (ISS) for X-Plane version 2 is now available to download at

Take On Helicopters GC 2011 Trailer

Bohemia Interactive has posted the Take On Helicopters GC 2011 Trailer on YouTube.

VertigoStudios Grumman TBF Avenger Now at SimMarket

The VertigoStudios Grumman TBF Avenger for FSX is now also available at SimMarket.

As with every Vertigo Studios aircraft, it is gorgeously constructed, inside and out.
2 x models included, TBF 3 and Tarpon MkIII
Designed and built by the book.
Comes complete with a comprehensive PDF manual.
3D ‘Sound Cone’ Technology with an amazing sound set, engineered using authentic Pratt & Whitney.
DirectX 10 compatible models complete with virtual cockpit self-shadowing.
Systems and Tru3D gauges for ultimate realism taken beyond what’s available by default.
Tru3D Instrumentation for the ultimate smooth flying experience.
Customised high-resolution materials give the most realistic appearance to the aeroplane, whilst being optimised for great performance!
6 historically accurate and detailed paint schemes (Digital Download Only)
An additional 20 historically detailed paint schemes (Retail Box Only)
Fuel delivery system is accurately simulated.
Default GPS.
3d operable radio.
Sound Design by Sonic Solutions featuring interior and exterior start, shut-down, wing folding, gear, flaps, canopy, wheel roll, crashes, tire touches, interior rattles, occasional sputters and back fires at certain RPM’s all in 16 bit/48k mastered for maximum dynamic range and quality.
Realistic canopy operation and animation.
Fully operable weapons pack with multiple munitions, including guns, torpedo, bombs and rockets!
Light bloom on glass and shiny materials.
Exciting custom-made effects.

New Carenado Cessna C337 Skymaster Previews

Carenado has posted the latest previews from the soon to be released Cessna C337 Skymaster for FSX.

QualityWings BAe146/Avro RJ Night Lighting Preview Video

QualityWings has posted a night lighting preview video from the upcoming BAe146/Avro RJ for FSX and FS2004.

Orbx Freeware High River Regional Airport (CEN4) Previews

Orbx has posted the first preview pictures from the upcoming freeware High River Regional Airport (CEN4) for FSX.

Enigma Simulations 737-300 Southwest Livery Preview

Enigma Simulations has posted several previews of the Southwest Airlines 'Canyon Blue' Boeing 737-300 for FSX.

Airport Design Editor (ADE) Version 1.50 Now Available

ScruffyDuck Software has updated the freeware Airport Design Editor (ADE) for FSX and FS2004 to version 1.50.

New and updated features include
- ProKey features include Custom Hiding objects, ADE responds to key presses in FS, Load last saved project and improvements to Move Airport
- List third party libraries used. This is currently a basic feature to list the libraries for objects used in your project
- Beacons and Effects can now be placed
- New List for helper shapes and many lists now support multiple selection and delete
- Improved multiple selection in the main display including 'rubber band'
- Most objects can now be copied and pasted
- Undo/Redo extended to support actions with vertices
- Select and drag a taxi link rather than dragging its end nodes
Fixes include
- Improvements to the handling of background images that should help the performance issues found in the past
- Stopping the display drift that can be exhibited when ADE is connected to FSX and the display Locked to the user aircraft
- Problem of dialog buttons being lost where users used dpi settings greated than 96.

Freeware Ionian Islands Photo Scenery for FSX

Angelo Tassoglou has released his freeware Ionian Islands photo scenery for FSX. Download at AVSIM.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

X-Plane 10 - The Future of Precomputation

Ben Supnik has posted another article: The Future of Precomputation at the X-Plane Dev Blog.

Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) TacPack Sneak Peek

Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) has posted a sneak peek from the upcoming TacPack for FSX.

SimFlight3D Classic Trainer Bundle for FSX and FS2004

The SimFlight3D Classic Trainer Bundle 1958 Cessna C172 and 1947 Cessna C140 for FSX and FS2004.

Working, highly detailed virtual cockpit (with custom upgraded panel for IFR)
Doors, windows and engine compartment open (for oil check)
Full 2D and 3D panels -- (day and night)
High resolution, photo - realistic textures (interior/exterior),
Optimized for smooth frame rate
Realistic shadows, lighting and reflection mapping
Includes checklist and performance information
Available in 4 paint schemes
Real manual flaps handle
Click chart for map screen/mike button for ATC window
Animated key chain and retractable landing light (C140 only)

Supression Flight - 3D Contrails for FSX and FS2004

The Supression Flight 3D Contrails for FSX and FS2004 are now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Automatic Installer(You Just Need to run it to get it working!)
New Amazing 3D Contrails
Compatible with 3rd party aircrafts
No FPS Impact!

FSGuyane Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (SOOM) for FSX

FSGuyane Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni Airport (SOOM) for FSX is now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Lionheart Creations Pasped W-1 Skylark Version 1.1 Released

Lionheart Creations has updated the Pasped W-1 Skylark for FSX to Version 1.1.

Changes in Version 1.1:
* Addition of Kneebox Switch Cubby popup screen
* Addition of Fuel Selector Popup
* Prop disc redone
* Anomolly flaw in lower windscreen frame (bend) corrected
* Thickness of windscreen plexi in front
* Addition of Auto Pilot system installed, basic operation, Alt. Lock, Heading Lock.
* Corrected Specular issues on Wings, Tail, Canopy FSX materials

Zurich X Live Version 2.0 Status Update

The Development Team for Zurich X Live has posted this status update on the upcoming version 2.0 update.

Godzone Real New Zealand Collection for FS2004 34% Off Sale

Godzone Virtual Flight is offering 34% off on the Real New Zealand collection for FS2004. This Month Only

First Beta Pictures from Orbx Skagit Regional Airport (KBVS)

Orbx has posted the first preview pictures from the upcoming Skagit Regional Airport (KBVS) for FSX.

More Orbx FTX New Zealand South Texture Previews

Orbx has posted more texture previews from the upcoming FTX New Zealand South for FSX.

FSDreamTeam Los Angeles (KLAX) Preview Videos

FSDreamTeam has posted two test videos from the upcoming Los Angeles (KLAX) for FSX and FS2004.
FSDT KLAX Video One at YouTube    -   FSDT KLAX Video Two at YouTube

Eiresim London Luton (EGGW) for FS2004 Released

Eiresim has released London Luton Airport (EGGW) for FS2004 (FSX version to follow within 2-3 weeks).

Scenery Features
• High quality 20cm/pixel aerial imagery throughout
• Highly detailed virtual replica of the airport
• Both animated and static ground vehicles including animated vehicles on apron
• Impressive frame rates
• Photo realistic day and night textures
• Realistic runway and taxiway lighting and lighting on all external and internal roads where appropriate
• 3-D Approach lights
• 3-D Papi lights
• 3-D Runway hold short lights
• Realistic Navigation aids
• Realistic Ground Markings throughout
• Extensive manual with information about the airport
• Afcad included

AivlaSoft Electronic Flight Bag Version 1.31 SP4

AivlaSoft has updated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to version 1.31 SP4. More information at the AivlaSoft Website.

Version 1.3.1 SP4 Changes:
FIXED: Airport cannot be selected as a "direct-to" waypoint
FIXED: (Online/IVAO) Not showing all ATC online
FIXED: Wrong decision height on briefing bar for non precision approaches
IMPRV: Partially improved depiction of procedures