Saturday, June 25, 2011

FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane Version 1.1 Released

FlyJSim has released update version 1.1 to the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane. FlyJSim Website

Change log for the version 1.1
· Updated Vmo Cue and Vstall Cue graphics.
· Changed aileron deflection time limit to zero. Did this because they are not hydraulically controlled.
· Reversed the action on the pitch_mode autopilot wheel. Down is up and up is down now.
· Updated colors of the Artificial Horizon.
· Updated the VSI tape graphic.
· Changed the way the TUNE knob works. Now works with 4 commands, which work similar to how the 3d panel TUNE knobs would work. No more Scrolling up or down.
· Added ADF1 and ADF2 to the ARCDU.
· Added MFD1 & 2SelectorKnob Functionality for NAV,SYS, DOORS, and ENG.
· Adjusted Fuel Tank center position.
· Adjusted Fuel transfer switch logic
· Added logic for fuel imbalance annunciation. When fuel in each tank differs by 600lbs, all fuel annuns turn yellow.
· Fixed hash marks on altitude tap.
· Updated el_horizon-3.png
· Fixed issues with “Hot and High” takeoffs.
· Added logic for engine failures.
· Added de-rated takeoff power options. Buttons for this are on the Engine Control Panel.
· Added Max Takeoff Power (MTOP) button to allow for max takeoff power, which gives you 106% TRQ.
· Added the option to change the change the Baro setting between IN and HPA, you can do this by clicking next to the Baro setting on the PFD.
· Changed the RadAlt Indicator. The box only shows up when at or under 2500ft Rad Alt like it should.
· Fixed the Alt Select Bug and indicator, they now change to yellow when closing in onto your preselected altitude as they should. Along with this you now will see Alt*.
· Added in code to stop the screens from displays dark when switching to theQ400 from another add-on. This normally left you in the dark wondering where the light switches were, but not anymore.
· Engine intake switches will only turn the inlet heater on now if there is hydraulic pressure, on top of normal 15°C rule.
· Added RMI to the PFD as well as associated DME. You can switch between VOR ADF and FMS on two needles using the panel under the FMC.
· Added Weight and Balance Manager as a popup with many settings.
· Added door animation which can be toggled from the DOORs MFD screen.
· APU now uses fuel when turned on, drawing from the left tank.
· Adjusted the roll effect from P-factor and Torque by adding roll stability.
· Separated the High and low rez into two different folders. This allows you to save about ¾ the file size.

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