Thursday, December 8, 2011

CLS Airbus A330 Expansion Pack Released

Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) has released the Airbus A330 Expansion Pack for FSX and FS2004.

- two different A330F models (RR and PW engines) with individual panels and 6 repaints overall
- 5 different updated A330-200 models (which differ in the windows arrangement) with individual panels, 
  3 GE variants, 1 PW variant and 1 RR variant with 6 repaints overall
- new A330-MRTT RAF model
- reworked soundpacks for RR, GE and PW engines
- additional cockpit sounds
- reworked cockpit instruments with new ND and ECAM features
- reworked cockpit night lighting
- new 3D landing and taxi lights
- new beacon light effects
- new reverser spray effect

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