Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aerosoft - US Cities X Detroit Released

Aerosoft has released the latest product in the US Cities X series, Detroit for FSX. Product Page - SimMarket

- Aerial image coverage with up to 20cm/pix resolution (see attached Google Earth file)
- Bonus: Harsens Island with the complete river delta of the St. Clair River!
- More than 1,050 major buildings included
- 121,897 (!) autogen objects placed realistically
- Highly detailed and customized mesh terrain
- Ambassador Bridge crossing the river into Canada
- 5 heliports in good detail
- Major airports in and around the city as well as the islands are covered with new high res ground images 
  with customized mesh terrain (no new building structures added):
- Sound effects like downtown- and highway traffic and animated gulls
- Animated ship traffic along the river
- Traffic on most major roads
- And another small bonus: Ford Field, which was one of the busiest airports in the early days of aviation and is now a test track for cars
- Low price, very good value for money

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