Sunday, February 26, 2012

BD-100 Challenger 300 for X-Plane - Beta Patch V1.6.2

Ddenn Design has released patch version 1.6.2 beta to the Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300 for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10.

- TrackIR position in external preflight and camera modes
- Minor speedbrake fix
- Speedbrake axis now works
- Flight model in v10. Thank you very much Ian for your help!
- Standby compass patch included
- Fixed autodialing speed and VVI into autopilot with FLC and VVI modes (new feature in xp10.04.b3)
- All fixes from cumulative patch are included
- Added more drag
- Landing and taxi lights
- Wrong trim indication
- Locked brakes in some situations
- Engines reverse (it was problem with hydraulic system)
- Now all inscriptions have hi-res textures independent of x-planes texture resolution setting
- Clickzones in Preflight Checks mode
- Cameras in Preflight Checks mode and Cameras menu
- Engine exhaust positions
- Locked brakes after preflight procedures

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