Monday, February 6, 2012

Virtavia - More Freeware AlphaSim Aircraft Released

Virtavia has released several older AlphaSim titles as freeware. Available to download at the Virtavia Freeware Site.

- Avro Vulcan (FS9)
- CF-105 Arrow (new) (FS9, FSX)
- Ju87D Stuka - includes Ju87 G-1 Tankbuster (FS02, CFS2, FS9)
- LUN Ekranoplan (FS9, FSX)
- Westland Lynx AH7 - includes AH9, HAS3 and HMA8, sounds (FS02, FS9)
- Westland Lysander - includes Mk1, Mk3A, TT3, sounds (FS02, FS9)
- MiG-23 (FS9)

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