Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flight Replicas Super Cub Ultra for FSX - Now at SimMarket

The recently released Flight Replicas Piper PA-18 Super Cub Ultra for FSX is now also available at SimMarket.

- Flight Dynamics written and tested by real Super Cub pilot (and 767 Captain);
- Includes custom sounds;
- Highly accurate VCs;
- Wind sounds when doors and/or sliding windows open;
- Lower door, keychain react to dynamic forces;
- Audible overstressing of the airframe;
- 35" wheels;
- Water-skimming ability, for fun plus assisted ultra-short-off-airport landings;
- "Brake-stand" take-offs;
- AOSS low-rebound gear suspension;
- Vortex generators and other high-lift accessories;
- Removable fuel/baggage pod and strut-mounted rifle;
- Fully clickable and workable cockpits overall;
- Three different variations (standard, cargo and passenger);
- Five different textures;
- Bump and specular mapping;
- Animated pilots, including over rough terrain;
- Full flight operations manual, accurate and derived from the original;
- Paint kit
- Squared wings with increased wing and control surface area;
- Droop aileron system;
- Precise flight dynamics;
- Camping, pre-heating and storage equipment.

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