Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mil Helicopters Mi-2 for X-Plane 9 & X-Plane 10 Released

The Mil Helicopters Mi-2 for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10 is now available to purchase at the Store.

Accurate Flight Model:
- Developed according to the technical documentation and flight manual of the Mi-2
- Accurate flight model tested and approved by real helicopter pilots
Custom systems:
- Operational logic of systems and devices (using sasl)
- Full custom system
- Custom sounds
- Custom failures. Failures may occur as a result of the pilot’s actions either during engine start/stop procedures

Detailed 3D model - Extensive Docs:
- Fully functional virtual cockpit
- All controls are animated
- Load Manager
- A detailed manual in English. (and Russian for purists)
- For X-Plane 9 and 10

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