Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aviation Multimedia Studios (AVS) Cancun 2012 for FSX Released

Aviation Multimedia Studios (AVS) has released the Cancún International Airport (MMUN) scenery for FSX.

Scenery Features:
- An incredible and fantastic Cancún representation with all surrounding areas. Totally re-designed since FS9 version.
- High resolution aerial and re-digitalized photoreal textures. On the airport and ground textures over all Cancún Area.
- Extremely detailed airport.
- Full Native FSX Materials
- Ground Specular, RAIN EFFECTS and Bumps Textures.
- Ground Traffic animations on the airport, freeways, hotel zone and City.
- Moving and coupling JETWAYS
- 3D Grass
- 3D Surrounding jungle
- Custom Autogen
- Specular Effect on the Buildings
- Fully operational Aircraft Bridge.
- Excellent optimization for best performance
- Smooth and detailed taxiways, lines and appron areas.
- Stunnings and the best Night effects.
- A whole representation of Hotel Zone.
- 3D Surrounding areas with a re-worked shore, Cancún city and ISLA MUJERES Airport and Island.
- A lot of airport vehicles animations.
- And thousands and thousands of details.

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