Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flight Replicas Messerschmitt Bf-109K for FSX Released

Flight Replicas has released the long-awaited Messerschmitt Bf-109K for FSX. Details and purchase at the Product Page.

Aircraft Features:
- Highly refined flight dynamics: can and must be flown 'by the book';
- Realistic inertial starter sequence;
- Working weapons system, including accurate rate of fire and number of rounds;
- Accurate blue tracer rounds;
- Folding Revi 16B has collimated gunsight;
- Eight different researched paint schemes;
- Accurate and challenging ground-handling characteristics;
- Photo luminescent gauges;
- UV cockpit lighting;
- Droppable Drop Tank, that removes weight and fuel from the aircraft.cfg for realistic performance change;
- Visual in-cockpit fuel flow check for drop tank;
- Fuel can be dumped when necessary;
- Working MW emergency boost system, to bring horsepower up to 2000 hp;
- Working oxygen breather gauge;
- Canopy can be jettisoned;
- Working emergency gear extention;
- Wing slats that function automatically depending on airspeed and AoA;
- Wing slats are audible, as per real aircraft;
- Authentic Bf-109 sounds;
- 29 page Manual with detailed info about both real and FSX operations;
- Tested in multiplayer;
- Cockpit familiarization via authentic illustrations - you learn as the real pilots learned about their Bf-109K-4's.

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