Friday, July 20, 2012

SkyDesigners French Airbase 118 'Colonel Rozanoff' for FSX

SkyDesigners has released French Airbase 118 'Colonel Rozanoff' for FSX. Now available to purchase at SimMarket.

Scenery Features:
- Photoreal ground textures, adjusted to fit perfectly with the default Fsx ground.
- Static Airplanes with photoreal textures and with accurate squadrons markings and built number !
- 3d Lighting spots, taxiway signs.
- Specific aprons and taxiways, Realistical AFCAD, based on actual MIAC maps.
- Hand placed Vegetation autogen
- Ground services vehicles
- Custom and accurate Buildings, with night textures, photorealistically textured.
- Accurate representation of the several airbase zones such as scramble zones, base entry, Squadrons zones. Live the airbase as you were there !
- Dozens of custom objects such as radars, ground personel, ground vehicles, firefighters, bringing the scenery's immersion to it's highest level.
- FPS Friendly developped scenery.

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