Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sim-Wings Fairbanks Intl. Airport (PAFA) for FSX Released

Aerososft has released the Sim-Wings Fairbanks International Airport (PAFA) scenery for FSX. Product Page - SimMarket

Scenery Features:
- Fairbanks International Airport (PAFA) with all buildings including the new passenger Terminal 3D- approach lights
- Accurate representation of the real Airport using more than 1000 photos taken at site when building the 3D models.
- FSX and FS2004 (FS2004 will be released later, free for Fairbanks X FSX customer and vice versa. Note: FS2004 version may vary in features)
- Aerial picture for the airport ground with detail layers.
- Near surroundings of the airport with aerial picture, landclasses, autogen and edited roads, lakes, rivers to perfectly blend to the default terrain.
- Main RWY 20R/02L, GA paved RWY 20L/02R, Lake for Float Planes, Winter Ski Strip (SKI02/SKI20)
- Realistic ground markings
- Custom RWY approach lights on poles, Rwy lights, PAPIs, wigwags and beacons, directional center taxiway light, (only visible from front, as in reality)
- AES Lite with driving cars and utility cars airside and at the surroundings areas
- Animated Alaska Railroad cargo train passing the RWY 02L approach. Locos are shunting on tracks at the destination to drive back with the wagons
- Seasonal textures for summer and snowy winter (perfect blend at all seasons)
- Automatic seasonal change corresponding to FSX seasonal changes
- Superb volumetric pre-rendered night light textures for lights and shadows at ground and buildings
- Hundreds of light poles and electricity/phone poles
- Static DC 6 aircraft serving as spare-part donators
- Static float and GA planes at airport´s GA side
- Custom AFCAD files
- AES compatible

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