Monday, August 27, 2012

UrbanMAXX Extreme Version 2 3D for X-Plane 10 Released

Maxx XP has released UrbanMAXX Extreme Version 2 3D for X-Plane 10. Details and Purchase

New Features:
- Addition of normal maps for a more 3D look.
- Mip Mapping toned down to get rid of those large areas of gray.
- Vastly improved night lighting which was developed to blend better with X-Plane 10 default lights.
- Cleaned up coding for better performance.
- Higher resolution textures for more detail.
- Major update of textures.

Key Features:
- Global urban coverage.
- Advanced texture techniques help the textures blend better.
- LIT textures which show urban lighting at night.
- Advanced texture compression for better framerates.
- Regional textures separated by temperate zones.
- A complete overhaul of original UrbanMAXX textures for added realism.
- Fast and easy installation, just drop the “UrbanMAXX_Extreme” folder into your “Custom Scenery” folder and you are ready to fly.

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