Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dreamfoil Creations Robinson R22 for X-Plane Released

Dreamfoil Creations has released the long-awaited Robinson R22 for X-Plane. Details and purchase at the Store.

-Accurate Flight Dynamics (Tested by Real Pilots)
-Real Procedures - Realistic Autorotation
-Main Rotor inertia correctly done - Rotor stall simulated
-Low-G Mast Bumping - Accurate Manifold Pressure
-Balance/CG simulation
-Governor and Correlator fully simulated - Carb Ice simulation
-First to fully simulate Circuit Breakers
-Removable Copilot/Passenger controls
-Cyclic/Collective frictions - Realistic systems interaction
-Rotor Brake and Clutch simulation
-Blade Flex / Coning - Ground Handling Wheels
-Removable Doors - High quality 3D model for interior and exterior
-Instruments Reflections - Detailed 3D Main Rotor / Tail Rotor
-High quality 3D Pilot and weight representation.
-High definition textures
-Flexible landing skids with correct friction
-Low rpm resonance vibrations - Skids splitting with impact
-Mixture Guard - Windscreen Wool
-Compass and Climb vibrations
-Controls stability sliders for beginners
-Custom Camera views
-Cowl Doors for inspection/panel lights testing
-Hobbsmeter to count your total flight time (per livery/repaint)
-Config saving - Night lighting textures
-Interactive checklist accessible from cockpit 

Includes the unique DreamEngine Plugin for best sound experience
-High quality sounds - 3D Positional sound simulation
-Doppler Effect
-Environment Frequency Attenuation by distance
-HeadPhone simulation (High Frequencies Attenuation)
-Blade Slap simulation - Transmission sound
-Skids ground friction sound - Strobe light sound

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