Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MD Helicopters MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane Released

Dawson Design has released the MD Helicopters MD-902 Explorer for X-Plane. Now available at the Store.

Feature List:
- Dynamic menu
-- Choose you weight, views, doors, panels, etc ..
- Three different variants:
-- Police & Law enforcement
-- HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service)
-- VIP Transport
- Different custom cabin interiors for each variant
- Police variant with exterior mission equipment.
- 20 different liveries available - Paint-kit to create your own liveries
- Detailed interior and exterior 3D models
- Many custom systems
- Custom 2D control panel
- Animated 3D rotor head, with rotor blade coning during flight.
- Animated thruster cone and vertical stabilizers
- Animated doors throughout! Animated landing gear
- Night lighting textures
- Cockpit manipulators used throughout
- Realistic startup sequence following factory checklist
- Add and remove 3D Pilots and flight crew, each affecting total weight.
- Fully animated radios and Garmin GPS
- 10 custom viewpoints
- Realistic engine and rotor sounds
- Detailed functional circuit breaker panel
- Pop-up Radio, Garmin GPS and transponder panels.
- Category A takeoff-timer
- 5 page pop-up in-cockpit checklist

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