Saturday, March 24, 2012

MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle for FSX - Now at SimMarket

The recently released MilViz F-15E Strike Eagle for FSX is now also available to purchase at SimMarket.

Features Include:
- Realistic startup and shutdowns
- Quick start (two clicks, wait for spool up and you're off)
- Realistic weapons, radar and targeting procedures
- Realistice weapons release and hits with destruction of targets and all that entails
- Realistic systems and avionics
- High quality VC using normal and specular maps
- High quality external model using normal and specular maps
- 11 HD different liveries created by Gunnar Meeren
- High resolution paint kit
- Highly detailed Pilots Operating Handbook: includes all performance charts and figures.
If you choose to, you can fly by the numbers, or fly as casual as you wish!
- High quality sound set recorded from a real F-15E.
- Extremely realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects.
- Flight dynamics tested and tuned by a real pilots. The aircraft flies just like its real world counterpart!
- Aircraft features an exterior model manager that enables you to load different weapons and fuel tanks.
Weight distribution and fuel will be added or subtracted as you add or remove items.
- Many different weapons including but not limited too, Aim-9's, Amraam's, CBU-87's, Mk 82's and GBU-12's
- All weapons can be fired and or dropped
- All weapons and tanks can be jettisioned
- Weapons add drag and weight to your plane
- Ability to hide the stick in 3D VC enabling the pilot to access certain switches normally obscured from view by the yoke.
- Multiplayer capable so you can fight and shoot each other down
- Operating hook
- AI pack with enhanced airbases!

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