Friday, March 23, 2012

Twentynine Palms Phenick Field for FSX and FS2004 Released

Twentynine Palms has released Phenick Field for FSX and FS2004. More information at the Product Page.

- realistic vegetation (volumetric grass, complex trees)
- high resolution textures
- baked textures on many objects - custom shadows
- groundpolygon with detail added
- animations (car traffic, mechanic, animated hangar doors)
- ambient sound environment (fly-bys, forest + airport ambient, radio)
- animated flag and windsocks (indicate wind heading and velocity)
- optimal texture blending
- seasonal textures (spring + summer, fall, winter)
- a lot of details to discover (custom objects - ladders, barrels, pallets)
- highly detailed static aircrafts
- the famous „fly-through barn" takes care of the adrenaline rush!
- a program called "Phenick Field Manager" that allows you to match the scenerie's level of detail perfectly to your system's performance.
- The package includes an installation program and a zip-file.

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