Monday, April 2, 2012

Microsoft Flight - First Update Patch Available

The Microsoft Flight Team has released the the first update patch for Microsoft Flight. Read the announcement here.

XP Grinder Achievement Fixed
- All users who have reached the 500,000 XP required will be awarded this achievement upon next log-in after update.
- Additional achievements now awarding properly if user is Level 20 rather than upon the following log-in.
Control and Gameplay Updates
- Decreased the amount of trim with each button press on controllers and joysticks; it should be much easier to fine tune glide slope and flight path.
- Improved the ability to make small adjustments in flight with joystick and Xbox Controllers through non-linear mapping.
- Multiplayer host changing weather will no longer affect other users in missions that have specific weather settings.
- Crashing the aircraft while in the cinematic camera no longer causes random effects.
Stability Fixes
- Crash when using ALT+TAB during sign-in.
- Crash when signing in during intro video.
- Game became unresponsive if network connectivity lost.
- Crash when changing GFWL presence info.
UI Fixes
- P-51 name now shows properly in German.
- Aircraft and Region description text now show in the installed language of the game regardless of LIVE - profile language settings.
- Name of different aircraft variations now displays properly.
- In-game DLC offer information downloads and appears much faster.
- Added appropriate ratings for CERO and GRB.
Graphics and Settings
- Game will now better adjust and set the default graphic settings on high-end PCs.
- Users can now override settings in Flight.cfg by setting Custom=1 under section [Configuration].

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