Sunday, April 1, 2012

Orbx Libraries 120328 and FTX PNW Patch 005 Released

Orbx has released FTX North America PNW Patch 005 and updated the ORBX Libraries to version 120328.

PNW Patch 005 Changelog:
- new custom models for high-tension powerline pylons (active across all ORBX North America regions)
- updated road and railroad network in various locations and placed additional 3D bridges
- restored missing default FSX models of the Delta Airport Inn and marina east of CYVR
- many minor adjustments to ensure compatibility with FSAddon's VancouverPlus v3
- updated rooftop texture file to deal with "flat gables" on industrial buildings outside of ORBX regions
- new enhancements and corrections at many PNW airports including systematic replacement of "boxy" static planes
- moved S16 Copalis State landing zone to its correct location north of the river inlet
- removed duplicate KCVO taxiway signs
- adjusted misaligned ILS at CYVR
- raised sunken water section near Point Roberts: N48.955° W123.082°
- fixed Columbia River water elevation issues north and east of KTTD

ORBX Libraries 120328 Chagelog:
- Added new PF2 libraries
- Added new aircraft statics
- Other minor updates

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