Thursday, May 31, 2012

Orbx Monroe Firstair Field (W16) for FSX Released

Orbx has released the Monroe Firstair Field (W16) scenery in the PNW region. Details and purchase at the Product Page.

Scenery Features:
- Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel
- Fully custom modeled airport and houses
- FSX gmax poly runway, aprons and lights
- Custom animated train and racing cars!
- Custom modeled static aircraft
- Contributions by FS legend Bob Berstein!
- Dense vegetation options for amazing realism
- TextureFlow optimised and great FPS
- Includes custom GA AI Traffic movements
- Includes amazing new PeopleFlow 2!
- Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
- By the YHBA/1S2/3W5/KORS/S43 team!

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