Tuesday, May 29, 2012

REX Essential for FSX and Prepar3D Released

REX Game Studios has released the free REX Essential upgrade to Real Environment Xtreme for FSX and P3D.

REX Essential Features:
- Newly-engineered, industrial strength weather engine with integrated real-world winds and temperatures aloft
- Random weather generator
- Weather Cubed Technology with server-side functionality, takes the processing duties off of the host computer
- Built-In FlightAware flight planning within the new REX Flight Center.
- REX Edge Technology allows community integration such as sharing texture and flight plans with other REX users around the world.
- Accelerated texture installation process. Added ability to reduce install time with a click of a button.
- New Environment Sounds! REX Essential now includes true environment and weather-related audio.
- Hi-definition, ultra-realistic 3D clouds and realistic rendering of cirrus clouds as seen in the real world
- Sky color environments, including smoothing horizon transition & visibility smoothing for dawn, day, dusk & night textures
- Convincingly real water environments with tropical reef simulation
- Airport environments
- Multiple variations of sun, lens flare & lightning bolt algorithms, which creates a visually stunning array of lightning situations
- Fully integrated to select sky, cloud, water, airport, and effect themes based upon weather situation, season, 
  and other synoptic, mesoscale, and micro weather conditions
- Enhanced Cloud Simulation to give a more 3D volumetric feel to cloud structures and the atmosphere
- Lighting environments
- 3d cloud & water resolution options for performance preference
- Flexibility to work in tandem with other vendor weather & texture packages
- User-friendly intuitive and visually pleasing interface

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