Monday, July 30, 2012

LHSimulations Győr-Pér Intl. Airport (LHPR) for FSX Released

The LHSimulations Győr-Pér International Airport (LHPR) scenery is now also available for FSX. LHSimulation Webshop

Scenery Features:
- High resolution photo background covering 40km2
- Seasonal textures
- Custom runways created with gmax
- Volumetric 3D grass
- Highly detailed 3D objects
- Accuracy to the last detail, the real thing looks exactly like this
- High resolution textures
- Animations
- Custom runway edge and approach lights
- Intensive use of LOD`s (Level of detail) for best performance
- CityGlow effect (the lights coming from the cities illuminates the dust in the air during night)
FSX Special Features:
- Drawcall batching were used where possible and make sense for best performance
- Bump textures on main buildings
- Reflection textures

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