Monday, July 30, 2012

Team SDB - USS Enterprise X for FSX Released

Team SDB has released the USS Enterprise X aircraft carrier for FSX. Now available to purchase at FlightSim Pilot Shop.

Carrier Features:
- Two configurations representing an early 1980s cruise (1982-1983) and a late 1980s cruise (1989-1990) 
  with unique carrier - details and carrier/aircraft textures for each.
- Empty deck versions of both early 80s and late 80s
- Full FSX Acceleration carrier operations compatibility
- Optional advanced FLOLS system with settable glide slope and audible LSO
- Optional Advanced launch trigger and realistic launch speed tailored to individual aircraft
- Aircraft servicing vehicles, fire trucks, and deck crew figures with animated "shooter"
- Night operations lighting including sequenced flashing centerline "rabbit" lights
- New and updated static aircraft on deck (A-7 Corsair II, A-6 Intruder, F-14 Tomcat, S-3 Viking, and SH-3 Sea King)
- Sea King plane guard helicopter flying alongside (courtesy of Michael Davies)
- "Adams" Class guided missile destroyer escort (courtesy of Earl Watkins)
- Framerates are vastly improved for FSX
- 16 moving carrier tracks (eight locations for each "era") plus a bonus Yankee Station location with the empty 80s carrier.
- Flight files for easy carrier locating

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