Friday, September 23, 2011

EADT x737 for X-Plane Version 4.3 Update

The European Aircraft Developer Team (EADT) has released update 4.3 to the x737 for X-Plane. EADT Website

Modification, fixes and new features:
1. Flight model
Improved flight performance.
Perfect trim control now
Flight path vector (birdie) available on both pfd's
2. New features
Lots of new datarefs for home cockpit builders
Seat bets chime now with original 737NG sound
3. Bugfixes
Autopilot precision improved in LNAV (severly improved) and APP
4. Liveries
A number of new liveries added most of them were distributed through the .org, we have bundled a number of them 

with the friendly permission of the authors. Many thanks to all livery painters!

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