Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EasyNavs Version 2.31 for FSX and FS2004

Hervé Sors has released EasyNavs version 2.31 for FSX and FS2004 on his website. Flight Simulator Navaids Page
"EasyNavs FS9/FSX is an utility that can extract VOR and NDB data from any FS9 and FSX BGL file (with associated Scenery objects), edit and save them (via a dedicated database manager) and rebuild an updated XML file that can be compiled with the BGLComp Microsoft compiler. This utility will allow an update of all default FS Navaids files (FS9 and FSX), including associated scenery objects and recalculation of updated magnetic variation. Direct navaid changes inside BGL files and ILS inspection are also provided."

Changes in Version 2.31: 
Adds a magnetic variation rounding option (nearest degree) so as to better fit calculated data with published ones (usually rounded to 1°) BGL Magnetic Variation Corrector version 1.01 - Also includes magnetic variation rounding option

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