Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Default FSX Beechcraft Baron 58 Damage Mod Released

Ismail Hakki Guzel has released his damage modifications to the Default FSX Beechcraft Baron 58. Available at AVSIM.

Features includes:
- Engine-1 and Engine-2 wear and damage (with fire and sound effect)
- Engine Oil use, adding oil for each engine
- Propeller wear with sound effect for each propeller
- Flaps and Flaps Motor Wear and damage
- Landing Gear and Landing Gear Motor Wear/Damage with sound effect
- Wheel Brake Right and Wheel Brake Left Damage with sound effect
- Flight controls wear and Damage (Aileron,Elevator,Rudder) with sound effect
- If you make High G's, Elevator can be broken.
- AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) Servos Wear and Damage with sound effect
- CowlFlaps-1 and CowlFlaps-2 damage
- Overspeed (if you fly faster than 195 knots you hear then airframe stress sound effect)
- Pitot overheat (if you use pitot heat too long on ground)
- All Damage situations will be logged and saved.

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