Friday, February 24, 2012

A2A Simulations 'Accu-Feel' for FSX Released

A2A Simulations has released the 'Accu-Feel' core FSX aircraft enhancement.  A2A Online Store - SimMarket

- Built for the world's most popular flight simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
- Simple, safe non-destructive installation leaves all of your aircraft directories untouched (aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg, etc. are not changed)
- Works with almost all FSX aircraft. Tested with both default and over forty 3rd party aircraft.
- Easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows for easy (and fun) customization of any aircraft
- Saves aircraft automatically
- Built using the Accu-Sim sound system, which is the most powerful sound system available
- Ground physics for both on and off pavement for both tricycle and tail dragger airframes bucks your airplane around
- Dynamic tire screeching and rub sounds tied into the physics of each tire, which makes every landing not just feel different, but sound different.
- Runway / pavement seams send dynamic jolts through your airframe that you can both feel and hear
- Physics-driven sound system
- Cabin sounds from an old classic planes (bag of bolts) to the more modern, stronger pressurized tube liners, both on the ground and in the air
- Dynamic wind gives a strong sense of how your aircraft is flying, giving feel to everything from a glider to a commercial airliner
- Fuselage drag rumble is dynamically created, recreating the dropping of flaps, gear, or high pressures developed when approaching an airframe's Vne
- Stall buffet and sounds creep in before the airplane stalls, giving you better feel and control of the aircraft while flying “on the edge”
- Brake squeals and vibrations
- Open cockpit experience, which allows you to hear the suction of the wind, deep wind, propeller, or turbojet whine when opening a canopy or door

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