Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pacific Islands Simulation - Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) - Released

Pacific Islands Simulation has released Puerto Vallarta International Airport (MMPR) for FSX. Now available at SimMarket.

- Accurate airport terminal buildings;
- Specific photoreal coverage of Banderas Bay/Valley area including Old Town Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta (Nayarit district).
- Custom runway and ground/apron textured polygons, and appropriate markings;
- Custom vegetation, 3D grass, and objects;
- Custom 38m mesh for the Banderas Bay/Valley terrain surroundings.
- Landmark Puerto Valarta hotels/resorts along nearly 30 miles of white sandy coastline
- Complete hand textured coloration of land and waterclass typical of Jalisco State;
- Exceptional textured night lighting and effects;
- 15/30cm/pixel photoreal texture;
- Framerate-friendly (including full autogen enhancements for framerate fluidity using SDK annotator).
- Radio navigation enhanced for instrument approaches (ILS/DME and VOR);
- MyTrafficX compatible for real-world schedules and airline liveries that frequent Puerto Vallarta.

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