Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Box Simulation - Airbus Xtreme Prologue - Released

Black Box Simulation has released the long-awaited Airbus Xtreme Prologue for FSX. Details at the Product Page.

Model Features:
- Advanced 3dsMax modelling
- CFM & IAE V2500 Engines
- Exterior model contains in excess of 150 thousand polygons
- Over 200 Custom animations
- Custom “smooth running” Engine Fan animations + 3d Fan Blades
- Ram Air Turbine
- Pressurisation Vents
- Pop out Landing lights
- Full 3d cockpit visible through windows
- Highly detailed landing gear and gear bays
- Front and rear Pax doors + cargo doors
- 3d Windows with reflective + specular refractive glass
- Reverse thrust system
- 3d animated and sequenced Flaps/Slats/Speedbrakes
Virtual Cockpit Features:
- Virtual Cockpit contains in excess of 160 thousand polygons
- Every feature of the 2D Panel is reflected in the VC
- Animated Pull out tables, Sunblinds, Jumpseat & Armrests ++
- All knobs dials and switches faithfully reproduced in animated 3d
- Captain, First Officer and Jumpseat positions available
- Rear overhead section with Breakers and reading Lights
- Separate flood and integral lighting + test switches for warnings
- Fully textured & Bump mapped parts include seat fabric and carpets
- 3d modelled Standby Gauges
- Reflective glass in all gauges and windows (reflects cockpit environment)
- Highly detailed Side sticks with "skinned" boot
- Highly detailed Thrust levers with “Automatic” detents via keyboard or stick
Panel Features:
- Custom Fly By Wire System
- Custom Autopilot and Auto Thrust systems
- Switchable Multifunction CRT display screens, PFD, ND, ECAM1 & ECAM2
- Programmable MCDU and FCU with Managed CLB and DECENT + Constraints
- Uses Navigraph Navdata with Sids & Stars
- Flightplans can use constraints, step climb, holds and Alternate destinations
- Autopilot with Managed, VSI, FPA, Heading, Track and Nav modes
- Autothrust with easy to use Preset detents for Managed and Spd modes
- Full Cat I, II AND III Auto land features
- FBW Envelope protection, anti stall, pitch, roll and g-load limiting
- One click Popups on all MFD’s
- IFR and VFR Panels for CAPT & FO in both normal and widescreen
- Fully featured pedestal
- Overhead panel
- Separate Integral and flood lighting
- Accurate font used on MFD’s FCU, MCDU and ECAMS
- Sub pixel GDI rendering for ultra smooth operation and excellent frame rates
- Fully featured Engine FADEC with individual assignable throttle axis’

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