Sunday, June 17, 2012

REX Game Studios SimAir - More Details Revealed

REX Game Studios has revealed more details from the upcoming SimAir massive multi-player online simulation.

SimAir Features:
- Compete against other users in a massive multi-player experience.
- Run your SIM CARRIER as a single-user or as a team.
- Compete as an international / domestic / regional carrier or push others out to dominate as a local bush pilot.
- Purchase aircraft, compete for gates, pursue virtual passengers, or hire virtual or real SIM PILOTS to fly your routes.
- Face challenges and make decisions that actual carriers experience in the real world.
- Get hired by an actual person to fly routes for their SIM CARRIER.
- Log flight hours and earn respect with other SIM CARRIERS.
- Experience real-life delays when preparing for your flight, which will affect your earnings depending on the decisions you make.