Thursday, June 21, 2012

STMA TrackerXP Version 1.17 Available

Shade Tree Micro Aviation has released version 1.17 of the Tracker XP headtracking software for X-Plane 9 & 10.

- TrackerXP will automatically detect the CameraID for Windows in most cases.
- A new view with realistic "out the window" parallax effects. Great for small GA aircraft and heli's.
- Arrow keys move POV in all TrackerXP views.
- Assigned 'w' key to reset POV to startup position.
- Custom commands to access all X-Plane V9 and V10 view functions.
- Turn the Zoom OFF, if desired, from the TXP Preferences Menu.
- Run TrackerXP "wide open" with a Null Zone of 0.
- Many performance enhancements.

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