Saturday, June 16, 2012

Microsoft Flight - Upcoming Title Update Release Notes

The Microsoft Flight Team has posted the release notes for the upcoming update to Microsoft Flight.

New hardware-related functionality:
- Added support for TrackIR
- Added support for axis-based brake control devices
- Added settings specific to Intel Ivy Bridge graphics hardware
New Hangar Marketplace UI:
- Added details page for Marketplace items
- Improved user experience for downloading multiple pieces of DLC
- Added locked/unlocked livery sorting
Map improvements:
- Added globe icon to Main Menu for region selection
- Adjusted map displays for areas with high airport concentration
- Added region-based filtering for Aerocaches
Improved error reporting:
- Added features which allow for more robust error reports from end users
New UI Features:
- Added “Glance” command; when R key is pressed and held, allows player to look toward the closest Point of Interest Marker
New Environment Features and Improvements:
- Added two new weather themes: Heavy Weather and Mixed Weather
- Added new in-cloud effects
- Adjusted coloration of clouds at higher densities to be more realistic
- Adjusted cloud randomization
Bug Fixes:
- Reduced load times across the board
- Adjusted “Skip to Waypoint” feature: players no longer spawn inside intervening terrain pieces
- Fixed issues with double-byte languages (Korean, Japanese & Chinese):
-- Fixed issue causing in-cockpit tooltips to display incorrectly
-- Fixed issue preventing planes from appearing in Hangar after selecting a job from the Job Board
- Fixed graphics issues:
-- Fixed issues in fog layer and cirrus cloud rendering
-- Adjusted reflections to be more realistic (no more giant plane reflections)
-- Fixed vegetation flickering issues
-- Fixed banyan tree rendering
-- Fixed crash that occurred for some users when changing graphics settings during cut scenes
-- Improved in-flight terrain textures for users with Vertical Sync enabled
- Addressed multiple Games for Windows – LIVE related issues which can cause Microsoft Flight to crash
- Addressed multiple issues causing Windows Vista users to experience a crash after completing a mission or challenge
- Fixed multiplayer issues:
-- Reduced bandwidth consumed during multiplayer sessions
-- Fixed error experienced by final users to join multiplayer sessions
-- Fixed multiple crashes that occur during multiplayer sessions
-- Reduced choppiness in rendering other users’ planes during multiplayer

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