Saturday, June 16, 2012

CaptainSim Boeing 777-200 Base Pack V0.3 Beta Available

CaptainSim has updated the experimental Boeing 777-200 Base Pack for FSX to version 0.3 beta. Details Here

- F/O seat up-down fwd-bwd animation added
- Both pilots' seats leftside up-down control handle fix
- Standby compass night lighting added
- Right tank fuel consumption fix
- Control wheels smooth movement on autopilot added
- Throttles smooth movement on A/T added
- "Hard Lock" - "Unlock" tooltips fix
- Spoilers lever animation when plane is on ground fix
- No turn during pushback fix
- Engine EEC switches default position fix
- ADIRU switch default position fix
- Spoilers logics improved
- Flaperons drop with Hydraulic OFF added
- Elevator drop with Hydraulic OFF added
- Flight Manual Part II short version released.

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